May 21, 2015

[YOUTUBE]: Gatsby Natural Bleach & Color - Aqua Silver with Purple Ombre Using Fudge Paintbox

Dyed my hair using GATSBY NATURAL BLEACH & COLOR in AQUA SILVER back in April. Yes yes, I am super delayed at sharing out the video. I even posted a picture of me with my microphone (filming voiceovers) and posted it on my Instagram, but somehow, everyone thought I was recording myself singing. HAHAHA! What a troll I did not set out to be.

But anywho, I finally got around to finishing up the edits for the video and it's finally LIVE!! I did not mention in the beginning of the video that I was also gonna be dyeing my hair PURPLISH PINK using FUDGE PAINTBOX's Colors because that was a super impromptu decision of mine. I was dyeing my hair with the Gatsby in the toilet and I spotted I still had some FUDGE PAINTBOX's colors left (back when I was into crazy hair colors) and so I decided to use them up to dye the rest of my hair, hence the omission in the beginning of the video. It is also just a super slight tinge of purple within my hair because my hair isn't bleached at the time of dyeing.

Things used in this video:

Gatsby Natural Bleach & Color - Aqua Silver

 Fudge PaintBox - Purple Haze

  Fudge PaintBox - Pink Moon
  Fudge PaintBox - Whiter Shade of Pale

Do read up on my previous entries where I blogged about my crazy hair-escapades with these amazing colored dyes by Fudge Paintbox.

Here's the BEFORE:

And here's the video :D

Some AFTER pictures :) 


I would have to say that the color turned out extremely ashy, which was exactly what I was hoping for! I bought the color AQUA SILVER mainly because of its bluish undertone to the color, and I knew it would tone down my brassy hair, but did not expect it to be even more ashy than I had hoped for, which is SUPER AWESOME :D 

There was no need for me to bleach my hair. Mainly because, my hair has been super experimented on countless of times, so colors tend to go on more easily on my hair. But it's also because, within the GATSBY hair dye formula, there is already a NATURAL BLEACHING INGREDIENT that would help to naturally lighten your hair! Awesome! Get lighter hair without the bleaching

The hair dye worked even on my BLACK roots! It did not turn out as ashy as the bottom (because my regrowth is considered virgin hair), but the overall effect is still amazing. I love it! 

I would definitely recommend this to anybody that would wish to lighten your hair naturally and those that would want to achieve an ashy toned hair colour

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