April 29, 2015

[TRAVEL]: Travel To The U.S 6! Hollywood; Universal Studios Hollywood

Day 9: Hollywood & Universal Studios Hollywood

Nothing much to say about this, but, "I'm in HOLLYWOOD BABEHHH!" hahaha, i walked the streets where Pretty Woman was filmed, where the soundtrack repeatedly played in my head every single day when I was a little kid. I watched Julia Roberts in her amazingly gorgeous outfits, and her amazing ability to swipe that magical card with no limit. Screw those bitches that didn't want to serve her in the beginning. ok, i digress from the point. But yes, Rodeo Drive babeh! hahaha

Actually, to be completelyb honest, I didn't even get to walk on Rodeo Drive :( This shot was taken on the bus as we drove past Rodeo Drive T_T Shopping on this luxury street wasn't part of our itinerary. We were on a tour that catered to very small children, so today's highlight wasn't shopping, it was yet another fun-filled day at the amusement park. This time, it was Universal Studios Hollywood. Not that I'm complaining, cuz I absolutely love amusement parks, but I really really wanted to walk the streets where Pretty Woman was filmed :( Maybe next time! 

So our first stop of the day, the TCL Chinese Theatre located right on the infamous HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME! Cannot imagine I walked (this one i really did) the same path/sidewalk that some of my most favourite actors did! So surreal to think that they were there, at that exact same spot, at a certain time before. lol. 

All along the Walk Of Fame, not only do you see tonnes of tourists, but also tonnes of locals dressed in notable characters walking up and down the street, encouraging you to take photos with them. Do note, they will CHARGE you for every photo you take with them. I have no issues in paying money, but do go for the ones that atleast seem to put in more effort. Like this IronMan guy, his suit was spot on! Even had the voice of Tony Stark! You just haadd to give it to him. Alot of effort! He was also really obliging into allowing more shots for the price of one shot. We paid him USD10 for about 5-6 shots. I think he deserved it. That suit alone would've cost a bomb I would imagine. 

Walked the Walk Of Fame and saw many many stars! Haha, just their stars with their name on it. Then came to the TCL Chinese Theatre and I spotted my favouritest movie franchise I grew up with: HARRY POTTER! (actually, I love LOTR too, but I couldn't find their handprint or maybe there were just tooooo many tourists all over the place, I couldn't find anything to be honest)

stupid tourist lady, cannot tell I'm trying to take a picture?!

Yup, her foot's still gloriously photobombing my shot

STILL DONT WANNA MOVE?! You can actually see she's just standing there with her friend staring at me taking the picture =.= Since you obviously can see that your friggin humongous shadows are blocking my face and in my picture, fking move la! such inconsiderate people! I cant!! Photographer = my sister.

After spending about only 20minutes to snap photos here and there, we were off to Universal Studios Hollywood! And again, just like Disneyland (read my previous entry) there was A LOT OF PEOPLE! People mountain, people see lol! 

Universal Studios: Studio Tour

This is a MUST-RIDE! The queue for this is super long, but it is definitely well worth the queuing time. If I am not wrong, this is the only place that has the Universal Studios Studio Tour. It takes you through the various movie/series sets. It's roughly a 15-20minute ride where you sit on open-aired trailers and even your own "tour guide" explaining everything as your ride through the studio. 

Here are several sets that I managed to get a clear shot of. 







The Simpsons Ride

Whilst waiting for the queue, Bart and Lisa came out to say hi to us patient queuers. I say patient, because we queued for this 7-minute ride for almost 2hours! There isn't any fast passes for this so yeh, we just have to wait. It isn't a roller-coaster ride or anything. It's more to a 3D sorta ride. Probably something like the Transformers 3D Ride, but just cuter because you're in friggin Springfield where all your lovable Simpsons' characters are all roaming along with you on the ride. haha! Love it!

Bought a Minion Bottle to store my awesome root beer, can't remember how much it was, but found out actually I could've gotten it from the Universal Studios Singapore too =.= Thought it would be US exclusive since they have the Minion's ride. But, what the heck haha it's super cute.

Right after purchasing the bottle, I spotted the minions! And they were in Chrismas gear!! SO FRIGGIN CUTE!! I wanted to see Bob, but it's ok, I'll settle for Kevin and Stuart (I think those are their names). They kept pointing towards my Minion-bottle and motioned that I was drinking (killing) them HAHAHA I can't put it down in words, but it was just hilarious.

I actually look super color-coordinated with them. haha! 

Just beautiful, simply breathtaking when nightfall came and the whole park was lit up with the beautiful lights. We were pretty much super tired from all the walking and queuing, but we couldn't leave without taking the:

Jurassic Park Ride

The Jurassic Park Ride is the FIRST EVER ride to be built after the release of Jurassic Park. I would say, this is the birthplace of all Jurassic Park Rides everywhere else. It is the Godfather of Jurassic Park Rides. LOL ok, not that dramatic, but it really is the origins of the ride. The drop at the end is FANTASTIC! hahaha it's the best! We didn't get like soaking wet cuz we had on our ponchos, but it was a really very very steep drop, I could feel my ass flying off the seat haha! 

Loots from the Parks. 

DAY 10: LAX Airport

FINAL day, and flying back to Singapore with a stopover in Narita Airport, Japan. We headed off to the airport after breakfast and arrived way earlier than our departure time, to give us time to explore the famous airport and to do some last minute shopping, if any. 

In Tokyo airport. Goodbye lovely America :( 

And, that marks the end of my 10-day US Trip. Really one of the funnest family trips we've ever taken together. First time, us 4 actually got to sit together on a ride with my parents. haha! I cannot thank our lovely tour guide, Veron, for taking such good care of us all and looking out for us. 

Can't believe I still remember almost all the details, eventhough this trip happened in 2013. haha! next trip to blog about: JAPAN! 

Till next time,
Take care :)