March 11, 2015

[EVENT]: Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation 4 (CNOS4)

I cannot believe just how fast time flies. It felt like only yesterday when I had the honour of being crowned the winner for CNOS3. And snap just like that, a year has gone by and it is now time for me to pass it on to a new winner for Cineleisure’s Next OnlineSensation 4! I am super excited for this years contestants, not only has the Grand Prize money been increased, you also get to interact with awesome judges this year! Just like how I joined to meet my favourite, BongQiuQiu, now you get to meet the infamous Blogging Queen, XiaXue!! I have always wanted to meet XiaXue in person and I finally can now!! I am super stoked to be able to meet her and the super funny Don Richmond and the gorgeous Jayne Tham (wife of The Muttons’s, Vernon A).

Contestants will have the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents, and most importantly, their potential to become a good online personality! There will be challenges, as in all previous seasons, in the following categories:

·      Fashion
·      Food and Entrepreneurship
·      Video and Virality
·      Red Carpet Ready

Not enticing enough? Check out this year’s Awards and Prizes!

If you are still floating about on your decision to join or not, I highly encourage you to join! If you are looking for a platform or a way to gain experience, gain sound blogging knowledge, get to know a tonne of friends, and to get exposure, joining CNOS4 is definitely the way to go. Not only did I make a lot of friends, I really had a very, very good time throughout the competition. The challenges I had gone through make me rethink my blogging game and also made me learn more on photography and content.

Here is a quick recap on my experience in CNOS3, or you can read full detailed posts of my challenges and about the finals, HERE.

Briefing Day: The day I met BongQiuQiu!! I was absolutely starstruck! I absolutely love her! :D

Challenge 1: Video Challenge
Teammates: Clinton and Joey
I had so much fun brainstorming and filming this video with them! The memories and laughter will forever remain with me. I actually dyed my hair black for this video. Lol! Talk about sacrifice. Haha!

We did not win this challenge, but it doesn’t matter. I had tonnes of fun :D

Challenge 2: The Food Challenge
Teammates: Emily and MichelleA

Cooking pancakes has never been so much fun! Our pro Chef made it look so easy but it’s easier said than done. Haha, thankfully, I was the camera/video man, the daunting task of cooking was left to Emily :D

And this is where I met MissTamChiak!! :D

I am very, very thankful that we WON this challenge :D We put in a lot of hours into our blogging and video and it paid off! Awesome editing done by MichelleA. She has her own YouTube channel as well. DO check it out! Read more about this challenge here.

Teammates: Tse Lyn and Joan

I am really grateful that we got paired together in this challenge. We really took out a lot of our time to plan and execute this challenge because it was for a cause that we all really cared for. All proceeds from our charity sale will go towards funding the SPCA. So yes, we really wanted to raise as much money as we could for them, not so much to win, but for the animals! And it is because of this that I still remain close friends with these lovely girls :D We called ourselves WonderWow! Haha

And we WON this challenge as well! We managed to collect the highest amount of sales and we couldn’t be happier! We really put in so much effort and love to thank all of our lovely sponsors that helped us out as well! Read more details here.

 Here, each contestant was required to come up with their own unique hashtag where they’d encourage their followers to post up selfies using the hashtags. Mine was #MISSMCAWESOME hahah! You can still find that tag now on instagram. LOL nostalgic moments.

This was basically us walking down the Red Carpet, showing your utmost confidence and your fiercest walk. LOL!

Everyone dressed up to the nines for the Finals :D It was just really amazing to have come so far with all of them. We were all just really happy and having an awesome time!

And, the moment that I got called up as the winner for CNOS3 was the definitely the highlight of my year 2014. I was just so happy and shocked and just really thankful and grateful for being their CNOS3 winner!

Read more about The Finals. I have soo many people to thank, for all the support and encouragment and definitely my friends and family who took the time out to support me at the finals. I was just so touched and forever grateful! Watch the video of the moment they called out my name, thanks so much to Kimberly for filming it for me :)

And here are the video highlights from The Finals!

Life after CNOS3

I would say that from winning this, and having a Larger-Than-Life-Sized poster right in front of Cineleisure’s entrance, it has opened many doors and opportunities for me.

I chopped off my hair right after the competition. LOL

Being a new blogger into Singapore, it has definitely broadened my Singapore reach and I am slowly but steadily gaining more followers by the day. Thanks to the posters around the Mall and right smack at the Entrance, I was approached by a few TV/Film producers inviting me for auditions, but due to work commitments at that time, I had to turn them down. I did, however manage to get on the Lian He Zhao Bao Newspaper, under the POPCORN section. LOL!

And from that newspaper clipping, it landed me into a stint in the Channel U Talk Show “Let’s Talk Season5” and I appeared in their First Episode, where the topic was on youths searching for fame. LOL! I was just really embarrassed by my atrocious mandarin and the fact that I could still be considered a youth. HAHA! They actually got my age all wrong, I was turning 24 when it was filming but they said I was 20! HAHAHA. Guess I look young :D

You can find the video here:

From there, I have also picked up on my YouTube channel as well. Having a bunch of sponsors and endorsements, some are paid some are non-paid, and you get invited to a tonne of events. I would say, if it weren’t for CNOS3, I definitely wouldn’t have had that much exposure into the blogging scene in Singapore having only been back from Melbourne after graduating.

So, I hope by sharing my experience with you and how it is for me post-CNOS, it has somehow encouraged you to take that leap of faith, that step into the large social media game and join CNOS4!

JOIN NOW by submitting:

A video of “3 Unique Reasons Why I’m Cineleisure’s Next Online Sensation” by 15TH MARCH 2015!

So hurry up and get them videos in!

Good Luck! And I look forward to meeting all of you at the Briefing Session on 21st March 2015 :P