November 10, 2014

[REVIEW]: SANA Honeyshca Cleansing Gel

Today, I will be reviewing the Honeyshca Cleansing Gel by SANA. I was kindly sent these products by and I can't express just how thankful I am to receive these. They sent me the Honeyshca Cleansing Gel, S$28.90 (which I will be reviewing here) and Honeyshca All-In-One Gel, S$33.90 (which I have yet to use long enough to see the benefits).

What's the selling point of this Honeyshca Cleansing Gel? As the name and packaging presents a large clue for the product, the revolutionary ingredient that can be found in all Honeyshca products are these: ROSE HONEY and FRESH ROYAL JELLY

Benefits from these ingredients? MOISTURIZING!!

Rose Honey
  • Honey that has been extracted from roses
  • It is super moisturizing and ensures long-lasting moist skin
  • Read that as, super moisturizing ingredient

Fresh Royal Jelly
  • Fresh Royal Jelly is known as the special food that only queen bees get to eat (lucky bee)
  • And it is also known over the years as an important must-have for beautiful skin.

So what does the Cleansing Gel do? Not only does it cleanse the skin, it also acts as a Makeup Remover and a Massage Gel. This product is a 3-IN-1 CLEANSING GEL. Talk about saving time! 

I got this product at the most awesomest timing ever. I was to go travelling for about two weeks, and you know how annoying it is to sacrifice so much of your clothes weight just so you could bring along your tonne of skincare products? No? Maybe that's just me.... But I honestly felt this product was a life saver! I didn't have to bring a facial cleanser AND a make-up remover, I only had to bring this one: Honeyshca Cleansing Gel :D 

How to use? Well, it's really simple. It is as easy as just washing your face like how you would with a normal facial cleanser :) No need for different products, no more the need for double cleansing. Just one product to do the trick :) 

See my picture-demonstration below. 

Before Selfie shot. I have on my BB Cream, Blusher and Contouring as usual. 

I squeeze out the product onto my fingers and instantly I'm hit with the amazing smell of HONEY! It really smells soooo goood, I was almost tempted to taste it (not recommended). That amount really is all you need. The gel-like consistency is perfect as it helps reduce any risk of damaging your skin, it is super gentle for the skin. 

But if the gel-like consistency is worrying you, "How is that gonna cleanse my face?" "It's sooo thick!" No worries! The gel-like texture will gently melt into a lightweight texture, almost oil-like, to remove any impurities, sebum and of course, lifting off all the makeup on your skin. 

Once applied and massaged, the gel texture gently melts into a lighter texture as shown in this picture and the subsequent pictures. It is really lightweight and feels moisturizing and nourishing as well. Doesn't tug on the skin and just feels really gentle on the skin.

Once you've massaged the product all over your face (I've only done on one half of my face) you can then rinse it off. It is super easy to rinse off as well. The moment it comes into contact with water, the lightweight texture almost immediately becomes foamy, and becomes a Foaming Cleanser. Such amazing! LOL!

So, yes. This is me with half my face washed off. 

DISCLAIMER: I did not wash off my eye-makeup as I still am against the idea of using facial washes to wash off my eye makeup. I have a phobia and lol will always stick to my own eye-makeup remover where I know no product or residue will get in my eye. But, if you're okay with washing off your eye-makeup with like oils or facial cleansers, this product will do just that as well! I have tried washing off my eyeliner (that I drew on my hand) and it worked perfectly! So yes, this product can  and is gentle enough to be used to wash off your eye makeup! 

To show you how well the make-up is cleansed off the face, here I am using a cotton pad drenched in Biore Micellar Water (which is what I normally use to wipe off my make up) to see if there has been any leftover makeup residue. And the result is amazing! See below picture! 

Absolutely CLEAN! :D

I am absolutely loving this product and I brought it with me on my travels to Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur :D Now, I will also bring it with me to my next travel. Will not reveal where yet, but I have bought an action cam to record my trip, so I can bring you along with me too :D Am soooo excited!!! 

Now, if you want to try this product before getting it, do head on over to the to redeem samples for this product. Once you try it you will believe in the amazingness of the cleanser! 
If you're already sold on this product, after reading my review :), you can purchase this at selected SASA Outlets, and all John Little and BHG Stores

So good, even my dog wants to eat it lol! 

Thank you for reading :) Remember to head on over to the where you get to redeem samples of this amazing product and alot of other products as well! Till next time, byeee.