November 20, 2014

[REVIEW] Liese Bubble Hair Colour in Raspberry Brown

HELLOOOO! :D I hoped you've watched my latest video on my new hair color and how I got it. If not, please do watch it now! LOL! 

Here are a few pictures of my "before" hair colour. Really yellow, brassy and a whole lotta black regrowth! Couldn't stand the roots and I just haaddd to dye it! I didn't have enough time to head down to the salon either to dye my hair, so what was my next best alternative? D.I.Y Hair Colour

So, even back when I was still studying in Melbourne, I have always preferred to DIY my own hair colour. And have had multiple crazy episodes of crazy coloured hair

And one of my favourite brands for hair dyes would definitely have to be LIESE BUBBLE HAIR COLOUR! It is just soooo easy to use and the results are really good as well! The colour is very true to what is shown on the box, and it has always given me a good perfect non-patchy hair colour! It also covers up the greys really good. So yes, I have nothing but love love love for this product!

I have tried almost every single colour that they have in their series, but this time, I'm trying a new hair colour, RASPBERRY BROWN!

So below are pictures showing my new hair color under different lightings. I absolutely love the slight tinge of purple within my hair, and the fact that it's darker, but not that dark!

Wore this whole black ensemble to a wedding luncheon. And I cannot believe how beautiful the scenery was! Still really shocked that JB could have such a beautiful place. LOL.

Thank you so much for reading and watching my videos :) 
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Lastly, I am heading off for a family trip in a couple of hours!! And I am super excited!!!
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