November 20, 2014

Rejuvenating Spa Session at Masego: The Safari Spa

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I was very kindly invited by Masego: The Safari Spa for a body treat. They were very kind to extend the offer to my awesome momsy as well :D Thank you so much Shawn for hooking me up with Shu Juan and thanks for all the awesome service and preparation and also being able to accommodate so quickly to our schedules! I apologize that it had to be so rushed. 

Masego: The Safari Spa
SAFRA Jurong 333 Boon Lay Way
Level 3, Singapore
+65 6790 1661 

As the name suggests, this spa boasts a super safari-themed interior. Everything is just so in touch with nature it really made my mom and I feel like we were somewhere in the wild, lol but definitely not as hot as how it would have been outside. The whole place is air-conditioned which is a HUGE plus for me. I loveeee that it's so cooling, despite feeling like you're outdoors. You know what I mean? 

Upon entering, this is what you will see. The reception area and waiting area where an attendant will attend to you almost immediately upon entering the doors. The display shows really tribal decorations and a few of their body oils that they use for the various treatments that they offer. Please check out their website for a full list of what they offer :)

Like I've said, the whole spa is themed around the wild, jungle, safari-like, so instead of rooms, you get tents! How unique and cool is that? They have about 10-15 huge tents (I didn't really count all of them, I was too engrossed in getting a good shot lol). 

Kerrie served my mom and I with some warm water upon greeting us and a form for us to fill in. It's just for them to know if you have any allergies or health problems that they should know of. Once that was done, we were introduced to our masseurs of the day :D I had Kinki and momsy had Stella, both Malaysians! HAHAHA what a conincidence! Or was it? LOL.

We were given our robes and disposable underwear to change into. 


  1. NEVER wear expensive jewellery to any spas/massage places. Lost items are not the responsibility of the facility. It is best to keep all expensive and valuable items at home.
  2. Wear comfortable clothing that's easy to change in and out of. This saves alot of time in the changing room. 
  3. Always remember to tie your hair up (if you have long hair) to prevent your hair getting soaked with the oils/treatments that would be applied to your body during your session. Or in this situation, they provided us with shower caps, which my adorable mom is sporting on her head. LOL!
Once we got changed, we were greeted by our masseurs outside the toilets and to our own private tent/room :) 

The tent that we had was the COUPLE ROOM. So couples, if you're worried you'd be in separate rooms do not fret, just inform them upon booking that you wish to be in the same room, and upon availability, you will be slotted into the couple room :) 

The massage that I had was the:
1 x 90-min Mandi Lulur Body Massage
What exactly is it? Let the description from the experts inform you:
"Mandi Lulur is one of the favourite traditional beauty remedies originated from the royalties in Java as a prenuptial ceremony. Essential ingredients like turmeric, sandalwood, rice and milk powder, lemon and yoghurt are used as natural exfoliant and have whitening, detoxifying and clarifying properties for the body. They are au-natural and is recommended for even sensitive skin type. Therapy is followed by a pampering 60-min full body massage." (Masego Spa) 

To me, this was the perfect scrub because I've been having super dry skin lately till it's actually flaking. EEwww! Disgusting I know. But this was super good. I could feel the exfoliating effects and I honestly must say, my whole body felt really SMOOTH and SOFT after the session :) The body massage was awesome too! Although slightly too hard at the start (I have very low tolerance to pain), I told Kinki, my masseur, to go lighter and she did and it was soooo comfortable after that! 

The massage that my Mom had was the:
1 x 90-min Cappu Detox Body Massage
What it actually is?:
"Cappu Detox Spa Therapy includes a 60-min full body massage with a 30-min invigorating Arabica coffee spa polish. Coffee is widely known for its effectiveness to break down cellulite and reduce the unsightly “orange peel” effect. This unique treatment uses pure Arabica coffee beans as spa polish base to slough away dead skin cells and detoxify the body for overall wellness." (Masego Spa)

In the opinions from my mom, this coffee scrub was just right for her! She loves coffee and the treatment smelt like coffee and that was good. My mom enjoyed the scrub and the body massage. She fell asleep during her massage session. I must let you know that this is the first time my mom has had a body massage, or even, her first spa visit! My mom has never learnt to relax and just go for body massages. But I guess it is also because she's like me, our tolerance levels to pain are rather low, so if we can avoid, we will avoid as we can. LOL. But she told me, she really did enjoy her first spa session and said if she has the time, she will definitely go again in the future! 

So, once your session or treatment is up, you are then guided to the toilets once again for you to shower and change back into your own clothes. Towels are provided so you don't have to bring your own. Took a few selfies before I headed off for the shower. 

It's super awesome that they have HOT water too! I hateeee it if I was forced to have a shower under cold running water, unless it was absolutely beneficial to the treatment, otherwise NO I will not shower in cold water thank you. SO yes, sooo happy with their shower!

After the shower and back into my own clothes :) 
As I said, safari-themed, they had murals of animals all over their walls.

The next most awesomest thing? They served us with HOT GINGER TEA and HOT DESSERT for us to rejuvenate ourselves after the treatment. And it wasn't like some shit-tasting shit. It was real legit! It tasted goood! Especially the ginger tea! On weekends, they even make their own red-bean soup to be served to their clients :D How awesome is that?

A happy momsy and I :D 

Thank you so much, Masego Spa, for giving both me and my mom such an amazing opportunity to enjoy such an awesome and relaxing treatment! Truly thankful for all your patience and help in getting us the best service ever! Thank you!! :D

So, head on down to the Masego Spa Website for your treatment now! Call them and book now! 

Thank you!