September 1, 2014

[CNOS3] All-Babes Cineleisure Dance Battle 2014

ALL-BABES CINELEISURE DANCE (ABCD) BATTLE 2014 at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

Back for it's FOURTH SEASON, Singapore's ONLY ALL-FEMALE Dance Battle of versatility, where hard work, passion and commitment of the dancers are recognised and celebrated for! 

Watch the highlights and see what went down last year! Super exciting right?! 
I wish I could dance as good or as fluid as them! If only I continued to dance when I still could. LOL! Now I'm too fat and too lazy to dance kinda sad really. Haha! back in primary school, I was a pretty active kid. Participating in all the dance numbers for the school concert, I even choreographed a number of performances for my school..but, as I entered high school, I became really really dull and boring LOL! JOAN YOU SHOULD JOIN!!!

You can join as a GROUP or a SOLO contestant.

If the video doesn't entice you enough to join, take a look at the awesome awesome prizes you'd win from the event!

  • Champion: $7,900 Cash + A LARGER THAN LIFE poster of your group within Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
  • 1st Runner-Up: $3,500 Cash
  • 2nd Runner-Up: $2,000 Cash
  • Champion: $1,500 Cash + A LARGER THAN LIFE poster within Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
  • 1st Runner-Up: $1,000 Cash
Not only do the winners get prizes, ALL FINALISTS will receive:
  • FOUR free workshops with Andre Fuentes and Aimee Lee Lucas
  • $79 each (excluding winners)
Not only that! You'll be performing in front of 3 super esteemed dancers, your 3 final judges, including Andre Fuentes. Who are the other 2 judges? Ellen Kim and Brian Puspos!! Dancing for such esteemed dancers! It's a lifetime opportunity! Not only do you get to work with them, you'll actually be given feedback and guidance on your performance! Such an amazing opportunity, even if you don't make it to the finals! 

What are you waiting for!! OPEN AUDITIONS are held on the 6TH SEPTEMBER, SATURDAY!! 

To find out how you can register, or for more information, please check out their official website at:

You could be like them!!
Hurry up and register!!

Good luck :D