August 23, 2014

[SPONSORED]: NIVEA In-Shower Whitening Conditioner

So if you haven't already seen my instagram post about this awesome hassle-free in-shower MOISTURIZER then, well means you're obviously missing out on alot of good stuff! (ie my pictures on instagram LOL! ) So here, you go, MY INSTAGRAM 

Do follow me on my instagram as I update there regularly and frequently too! And I do almost always have awesome things to share with you. Like this amazingggg Nivea In-Shower Whitening Conditioner that I was sent by (thank you!). It's basically a moisturizer for lazy people!

I don't know about you, but if you're anything like me, I am super super super lazy when it comes to applying body lotion all over my body, and like right after I come out of the shower. It's like the moment I come out, I already have all these facial products that I gotta apply on my face, and also hair products for my hair, and to take more time to apply lotion on my body? Ain't nobody got time for that! I just wanna jump into bed and sleeeepp after a loong loong dayyy..

So yes, I will say that I have severelyyy neglected the skin on my body, literally. It's like dryyy and flakyyyy and to the point where sometimes it's itcthy. Ewwww digusting!

But Nivea has oh-so-brilliantly come up with this amayzing product to save the skins of us lazy people lol! dramatic man..  It's a moisturizer that is to be used whilst you shower, AFTER your body gel/wash. It is a rinse-off formula that promises smoother, softer, whiter, more moisturized skin as you use it regularly in the shower.

So before I get all wordy and lengthy on this post, let there be some pictures in this post :)

Received 2 samples of the Nivea In-Shower Whitening Conditioner from

How to use? Really really simple and pretty self-explanatory. 

You get in the shower. Turn the shower ON. Wash your body with body soap/gel. Slap on the NIVEA In-Shower Whitening Conditioner. Rinse it off. Turn off shower. Dry with towel. DONE! (LOL!) Of course include in your shampoo/conditioner/facial as required. haha! 

Yes, very simple! 

My Rating? 4/5
I must admit that these two sachets isn't really enough for me to tell you for sure that this will make your skin whiter, but I can clearly see the difference it has made on my dry skin. Upon using just these two sachets whilst in the shower for 2days, I can notice that my skin feels more moisturized and less tight/flaky. My skin is still dry, but only because of the years and years of neglect on them. This has definitely persuaded me enough into buying a bottle home to try for longer. I rate this 4 out of 5 because of the sheer convenience and ease of it and plus its moisturizing benefits :) 

The Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner ranges from different benefits mainly:
  • Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner (Whitening), formulated for dull skin. 250ml and retails for SGD10.90
  • Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner (Normal), formulated for normal skin. 250ml (SGD7.90) / 400ml (SGD10.90)
  • Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner (Intensive), formulated for dry skin. 250ml (SGD7.90) / 400ml (SGD10.90)
The Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner range is available at NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage, FairPrice Xtra, GIANT, Watsons and Guardians Pharmacy islandwide (Singapore)! 

"I Love Nivea In-Shower Whitening Skin Conditioner Because (my) Skin Is Smoother & Softer" 

Now, if you'd like to try this out first before heading down to your nearest store to purchase a bottle, you can redeem free samples from the as well! Really simple and easy to redeem too! (haha if only everything in life was that simple!)

How to redeem?

Step 1: Sign up at for FREE
Step 2: Click on FREE SAMPLES tab
Step 3: Redeem NIVEA In-Shower Whitening Skin Conditioner & check-out for FREE 
Step 4: FREE Delivery to your mailbox within 3 days! 

(click on image to be directed to the redeem samples page)

Not only that, quote "NIVEAgift" upon checking-out and you stand a chance to win a pair of GV movie vouchers or an exclusive beauty kit worth $20! Offer ends 24th August 2014! 

What are you waiting for?? Go GO GO :D

To smoother and softer skin, Nivea is the way to go! :D

Have a lovely weekend!