August 23, 2014

[SPONSORED]: NIVEA In-Shower Whitening Conditioner

So if you haven't already seen my instagram post about this awesome hassle-free in-shower MOISTURIZER then, well means you're obviously missing out on alot of good stuff! (ie my pictures on instagram LOL! ) So here, you go, MY INSTAGRAM 

Do follow me on my instagram as I update there regularly and frequently too! And I do almost always have awesome things to share with you. Like this amazingggg Nivea In-Shower Whitening Conditioner that I was sent by (thank you!). It's basically a moisturizer for lazy people!

I don't know about you, but if you're anything like me, I am super super super lazy when it comes to applying body lotion all over my body, and like right after I come out of the shower. It's like the moment I come out, I already have all these facial products that I gotta apply on my face, and also hair products for my hair, and to take more time to apply lotion on my body? Ain't nobody got time for that! I just wanna jump into bed and sleeeepp after a loong loong dayyy..

So yes, I will say that I have severelyyy neglected the skin on my body, literally. It's like dryyy and flakyyyy and to the point where sometimes it's itcthy. Ewwww digusting!

But Nivea has oh-so-brilliantly come up with this amayzing product to save the skins of us lazy people lol! dramatic man..  It's a moisturizer that is to be used whilst you shower, AFTER your body gel/wash. It is a rinse-off formula that promises smoother, softer, whiter, more moisturized skin as you use it regularly in the shower.

So before I get all wordy and lengthy on this post, let there be some pictures in this post :)

Received 2 samples of the Nivea In-Shower Whitening Conditioner from

How to use? Really really simple and pretty self-explanatory. 

You get in the shower. Turn the shower ON. Wash your body with body soap/gel. Slap on the NIVEA In-Shower Whitening Conditioner. Rinse it off. Turn off shower. Dry with towel. DONE! (LOL!) Of course include in your shampoo/conditioner/facial as required. haha! 

Yes, very simple! 

My Rating? 4/5
I must admit that these two sachets isn't really enough for me to tell you for sure that this will make your skin whiter, but I can clearly see the difference it has made on my dry skin. Upon using just these two sachets whilst in the shower for 2days, I can notice that my skin feels more moisturized and less tight/flaky. My skin is still dry, but only because of the years and years of neglect on them. This has definitely persuaded me enough into buying a bottle home to try for longer. I rate this 4 out of 5 because of the sheer convenience and ease of it and plus its moisturizing benefits :) 

The Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner ranges from different benefits mainly:
  • Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner (Whitening), formulated for dull skin. 250ml and retails for SGD10.90
  • Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner (Normal), formulated for normal skin. 250ml (SGD7.90) / 400ml (SGD10.90)
  • Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner (Intensive), formulated for dry skin. 250ml (SGD7.90) / 400ml (SGD10.90)
The Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner range is available at NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage, FairPrice Xtra, GIANT, Watsons and Guardians Pharmacy islandwide (Singapore)! 

"I Love Nivea In-Shower Whitening Skin Conditioner Because (my) Skin Is Smoother & Softer" 

Now, if you'd like to try this out first before heading down to your nearest store to purchase a bottle, you can redeem free samples from the as well! Really simple and easy to redeem too! (haha if only everything in life was that simple!)

How to redeem?

Step 1: Sign up at for FREE
Step 2: Click on FREE SAMPLES tab
Step 3: Redeem NIVEA In-Shower Whitening Skin Conditioner & check-out for FREE 
Step 4: FREE Delivery to your mailbox within 3 days! 

(click on image to be directed to the redeem samples page)

Not only that, quote "NIVEAgift" upon checking-out and you stand a chance to win a pair of GV movie vouchers or an exclusive beauty kit worth $20! Offer ends 24th August 2014! 

What are you waiting for?? Go GO GO :D

To smoother and softer skin, Nivea is the way to go! :D

Have a lovely weekend! 

August 17, 2014

[BEAUTY]: Win Benefit Hamper Worth RM1,500!

WIN a Benefit Hamper worth RM,1500!!!

How to win?

  1. Snap and UPLOAD a picture of your EYELINER LOOK using "They're Real Push-Up Liner on your Instagram 
  2. TAG & FOLLOW @benefitcosmeticsmy and hashtag #MyRealLiner. 
That's it! So simpleeee!! 


Until then, they'll be a weekly winner and you will get to be featured on Benefit's Instagram! Talk about exposure for your ig account :D 

Just ensure that your Instagram profile is set to PUBLIC otherwise Benefit won't be able to view your gorgeous looks. All photos will be featured on their website:

This contest is open to ALL RESIDENTS IN MALAYSIA
So hurry up and join! Also, this is open to BOTH females and males! :D 
So guys, if you want to win this hamper for your girlfriend, mom, sister or whoever, JOIN THE CONTEST NOW TOO!! 

Don't know how to draw a perfect cateye? Well, you're in luck :P
Watch my latest eyeliner tutorial featuring Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner up on my YouTube Channel now! Or just click on the video below. haha! Embedded for your convenience :)

Good Luck!!! 

August 16, 2014

[MICH TALKS]: Motivational Talk To Myself

I must admit that I am indeed super late and delayed in A LOT of beauty posts or events post, up to the point where I actually feel lazy or tired and don't even know where to start. Which I find pretty sad, cuz the main reason why I even started blogging years ago was because it was part of my hobby, my favourite past time where I would sit down to pen down my daily life, regardless of how boring it was. But now, when my life is seemingly and apparently more "happening" than before, I find myself blogging less frequent. Oh the irony...

I keep giving myself excuses to my lack of blogging, that it all boils down to the fact that I'm just too tired to blog after work. But am I really? Well yes, sometimes I am super super tired from work, which is seriously taking a toll on my skin as well (i'll get to that later), but sometimes I can find myself super lazy to blog, but then there I go actively scrolling through my instagram feed and envying other people's lives. Envying how they're so famous through their blog and wondering why am I not enjoying that same fame? You know why famous bloggers are famous? Because they are HARDWORKING! Simplest answer ever!

I shall insert a rather chio picture of myself (I think quite chio la) just to make this entry a little less wordy..haha!

You will never get anything if you do not work hard for it! Unless you're really daring and you go "leak out" like your sex tape or something (actually even that is hard work cuz you have to film and all). Or like you start up a blogger war with other famous bloggers, or just stir up some shit rumor and rant about it all over social media (and be an annoying person), but that's beside the point.


Since I have started trying out blogging professionally, I should start being more hardworking and start taking my blog more seriously! If I want to have a life like the famous bloggers (freebies everywhere and still get paid for it) I must work hard! But in that process, I must NEVER lose my own identity. I must still be grounded and always stick to my roots (not my hair color, cuz I will always change that!). Sounds like tough work, but NO pain NO gain!

I have been presented with opportunities in life, it's time I started leveraging on them and taking full action on my path to success. LOL I always tell my friends and colleagues that one day I will be famous blogger and you'll see me everywhere. And I WILL be that one day! Well, technically I'm already all over Cathay Cineleisure Orchard :D (LOL such a show off!)

So yes, press on Michelle! Be thankful and grateful for the opportunities you have been given and start being a diligent blogger again! "Find something you love to do and you will never find it a chore", to me, that is BLOGGING.


August 3, 2014

[YOUTUBE]: Winged-Cat-Eye Look Using Benefit's "They're Real" Push-Up Liner

New Make-up Tutorial is up :D

Been putting this off for a few weeks now. Filmed this so long ago but never had the time to sit down and edit it. Working life and my sheer laziness has caused me to be super backdated on my posts :(

Anyway, I created this Winged-Cat-Eye look with Benefit's "They're Real" Push-up Liner. And I must say, the application was soo smooth and easy, the product just glides on your skin. Gel-liners are always a good product to use, but we always get the same problem:

Misplacing of the brush, or forgetting to close back the cap and causing the product to dry out.

However, with Benefit's "They're Real" Push-Up Liner, you will get the benefits of a gel-liner without all the problems you get with conventional gel liners.

Shall not talk further, read more in my previous entry on my thoughts on Benefit's "They're Real" Push-Up Liner

Hope you enjoyed the video and thank you so much for watching!!

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Did I mention I do song covers? Haha!

Watch my first song cover I did on my ukulele.

Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood

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Have a happy week ahead!
Take care!