July 26, 2014

[BEAUTY]: Tokyo Luxey - Japanese Products At Your Doorstep

Always fascinated with how pretty Japanese people always look?! Like how they always have flawless faces, perfect features and absolutely gorgeous hair? Well, not many people can be as genetically blessed as them and so, we depend on their cosmetics or skincare products to hopefully be able to even come close to their level of beauty. 

Then, comes the next problem (not being Japanese already huge problem), in order to get those exotic, and authentic Japanese products, we physically have to FLY all the way to Japan to get them. Air ticket plus accommodation already so ex, how to afford the products there? Right? (I'm speaking about myself ah, if you're super rich and can afford that then haha lucky you la, you go Japan buy your products and sun bian buy for me k? haha) 

But, NOW we are super lucky to have a website that sells products SOLELY FROM JAPAN! Everything about it is so Japanese, the creators of this awesome site are Japanese, their products are from Japan, and they'll even be shipped from Japan. So authentic!! haha

Introducing TOKYO LUXEY!! 

TOKYO LUXEY is an online shop that sells all products from Japan, big brands like Fairydrops, Cosme, Make It & Co, Evangelist, Dollywink etc.

I know, some of these brands are already selling instores in Singapore, but at what price? At Tokyo Luxey you can purchase their Tokyo Luxey Gift Box filled with these Japanese Cosmetics at a fraction of the cost.

For example, get the whole box of Japanese beauty goodies worth USD300 for only USD32!! Good value for money or what? Obviously you will not be buying the full sized products, but it will be of jumbo-sized samples, perfect for testing out the product and for travelling.

We had an official meet-up with the people from Tokyo Luxey last week and it was a super fun and funny dinner. Mostly due to the fact that I met a couple of bloggers there that were extremely funny and interesting!! So thankful I got to know them.

Thank you to Chie and Hiromi from Tokyo Luxey for being so friendly and nice and really really generous! They brought a bunch of interesting japanese products for us to test out.

They gave a very informative session on each product, right down to its ingredients, the benefits and how it's to be used, whether alone or together with other products to have a combined effect. It was really informative. Although half of the time I was distracted by super funny Janice (blogger from janiqueel.com) hahha. Thank you for bringing so much laughter! 

The lovely venus was at P.S CAFE just below Dempsey Hill. I got a bit lost as the taxi driver didn't know where the place was and I had to direct him via my phone's GPS. But yea, haha I managed to find the place in the end. 

Not only did we get to test out the products, we were each served a plate of super delicious pasta! Really delicious I ate it all :D I was also super starving by then, haha came straight form work. Super tired and hungry, but very worth it that I went. No regrets at all :D 

Now, for the picture spamming and the introduction of my super cool and awesome new friends :D 

From Top Left (Clockwise): Felicia, Janice, Zelene, and Fenny
(Click away for their instagrams) 

Us with the absolutely gorgeous Chie! :D

Remember how I said that they are super generous?? They gave us a whole bunch of goodies for us to bring home!! So nice of them! Just look at the stuff they got us :D 

I cannot wait to try them all out! :D Unfortunately, the face products that were given to me, were too dark for my skin. I am considering to give them away to my lucky readers, trying to see the response if people would want them? Haha, if there are enough responses I will do a giveaway, along with other things :D 

So let me know if I should do a giveaway :) 

The below are the two things that I will be giving away:

The famous Evangelist BB CREAM 

And this famous Cosme 24H Powder Foundation! 

These two products are one of the best selling products in Japan. They're famed for its coverage and mattifying and long-lasting wear. If only they were in my shade, I would be soooo happy!! But it's ok, instead of letting it rot in my cupboard, why not give it to someone else that can use this happily :D 

Let me know if you'd be keen for a giveaway? 

Till next time, 
Byeee :D

Thank you Tokyo Luxey!!