June 24, 2014

[FASHION] JRunway - Latest Trends from Japan In Singapore

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First of all, I am super super super honoured to be amongst one of JRunway's fashion bloggers :D Totally honoured and privileged and super excited!! I'm like on the friggin' same page as other famous bloggers like Triciagosingtian, Cheeserland and my fav BongQiuQiu!!

(Click the image to be re-directed to their official website)

Get the latest trends and fashion tips from Japan, from us :D It's all on their website JRUNWAY.COM

And the reason for this post? (besides me bragging about me being up there with the A-list bloggers LOL!) They are launching their OFFICIAL ONLINE SHOP very very very SOOON!!!

Sign up now to receive the latest news, promotions, updates on when and how you too can buy and wear absolutely gorgeous, trendy clothes all the way from Japan! 


No longer do you have to personally fly yourself all the way to Japan to embrace their fashion. Now you can get it all at the convenience of your own home! How friggin' awesome is that? 

Here are just some of the few Japanese Fashion Labels that JRunway carries:

And many many others. Check out their whole list of brands they carry HERE

I had the most amazing privilege to be chosen for this, have I mentioned that already? I have? Well, I'm still gonna say it anyway because I really am super thankful and grateful for this opportunity. My utmost thanks goes out to my absolutely lovely babe KIYORA!!! Do check her out @xkiyora and her BLOG. THANK YOU KIYORA!!! 

I was sponsored with an outfit of choice, and the moment I knew I could choose from whichever brand I wanted, I immediately knew which brand I would go for. EMODA FTW!!

I am super in loveee with the brand EMODA, I especially loveeee the gorgeous Japanese Model/Fashion Designer/Entrepreneur/Mom Matsumoto Ena!!

God!! she is sooo gorgeous!!
Maybe I shouldn't put her picture in this post, spoil market for my
other photos that follows on in this post  T_T 

So yes, I ran straight to EMODA and chose quite a few outfits to try and I must really apologize to Kiyora for taking so long! She was sooo patient and nice the whole time. Giving me opinions on my outfits, how to pair it and the rest of the team there were super friendly as well! 

I headed down to the JRunway Store down at Plaza Singapura Level 1. Super convenient location, just get off at Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station and you're there! :D 

So after about 40mins (or maybe more T_T sorry Kiyora!) I chose this set paired with a super cute lilac coloured socks! 

(unfortunately, I left my socks back in Singapore over the weekend as I went back to my home in JB..Will find another time to take and OOTD with my socks on haha!)

my adorable little brown fluff tryna get my attention whilst i was taking my OOTD LOL!

The following are all pretty similar poses, but as you can already tell, I particularly like to only take my photos from the right side (as in my right angle, as in the direction right) lol! So yes, enjoy the photo spam! Photo credits to my super talented momsy for taking all these shots for me! I must say, she is improving very fast :D GOod job momsy! 

Hat || H&M
Necklace || EMODA (bought this in Japan)
High-Neck Striped Cropped Shirt || EMODA (JRunway)
High-Waisted Denim Skater Skirt || EMODA (JRunway)

Vicky: hrmm, what is my human doing?!

Vicky: oh mai gerd, what now?!

Vicky: =.=

And lastly, a super unglam and candid shot. hahaha! I just had to upload this cuz what's going on in this picture is super funny! My adorable brown fluff was trying to get my attention whilst I was taking my OOTDs, and so I decided to pick her up to include her as well into the shots. But as the shots went on, she got restless and I was gonna put her back down. Then her fur got caught on my necklace LOL! And she started struggling, hence my face looking very worried cuz I didn't want to like yank all her hair out you know?! 

Haha but all is well, all is good. I manage to free her from my necklace with no fur lost! *Yayy success* 

But yes, back to topic. Please do check out JRunway be it their Online Shop or their Physical Store at Plaza Singapura:
  • Store Address: 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura, #01-54, Singapore 238839
    Tel: +65-63377546
There is really no other place more stocked full of popular Japanese fashion brands than JRunway. CONFIRM! Go and sign up now on their Online Shop to receive that $5 e-coupon

And lastly, thank you so much once again Kiyora for everything!! I super love my outfit and not to mention how comfortable they really are! I loveeee EMODA's stuff and the next thing I'm gonna aim to get, their SHOES!! :D 

Thanks for reading :) 
Happy midweek!