June 23, 2014

[EVENTS] Summer Indulgence

I am an ultimate fail as a blogger :( I am not on time with my posts and I am deeply sorry to my sponsors for that! It's just that after work, all I wanna do when I get back home is just sleep or lie down and "update" myself with what's going on on instagram. I am very very much more updated there so..

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So this event, I was graciously invited by The White Space to attend the unveiling of their new summer products. As it was all summer-themed, the venue was at Sentosa Singapore, Coastes Singapore.

I have super few pictures of this place because my camera sucked :( So bear with me on this post.

Lovely lovely customized "welcome" cards to all the invited bloggers

I have no idea why they chose that photo but, haha I liked the personalization :D Makes you feel special :) Simple things in life that makes you happy. haha! 

So as I mentioned that this happened super long ago, I still had my LONG HAIR!! I would say this is about 1month+ back. I have almost forgotten what happened that day. All I remember was my camera dying on me and not being able to take as many photos as I would've liked. 

So the remaining few, are all that I could manage to capture of the wonderful and beautiful event. The venue was very very well decorated to the summer-theme. I liked it very much! It was still too hot la :( 

With the gorgeous bunch :) Aud, Evalee, and Desiree
Always a delight to meet them at events! Makes me feel like a part of a community :D

SO what were the products that they were unveiling to us??


Whitening Jelly Essence - Aqualabel

I am using this EVERY MORNING now! It literally replaces my toner, moisturiser and essence! IT'S AN ALL IN ONE PRODUCT! Which I absolutely loveeee since you know every morning I have to rush for work, and slapping on a tonne of products on your face can take up alot of time. So with this, all I gotta do, is put this on and then sunscreen and I can move on to my makeup routine. 

This whitening jelly essence by Aqualabel leaves your skin feeling fresh like literally you feel a cooling sensation on your face. Not the tingling-face-sensitive-pain kinda feeling, but the cooling-just-splashed-water-on-your-face kinda feeling. haha! In other words, I absolutely LOVE this product! It really cuts my skincare routine in the morning down by 3/4! 

Head Spa Sparkling Serum - Tsubaki

This is seriously a REVOLUTIONARY product! It's a hair serum for your scalp. It promotes blood circulation for a healthy and moisturised scalp ( I'm guessing you can read my picture above yes? lol!)
But you know what's the most revolutionary part? It actually produces a CRACKLING, POPPING SOUND when you use it!! NO KIDDING!!

The sound of it really resembles that of you frying an egg. hahaha! NO EXAGERATIONS!

The way to use this is to spray it onto your scalp, and immediately using your palm/fingers to press it down onto your scalp. And immediately you can hear the crackling sound. This sound kinda signifies the serum being absorbed into your scalp. After about 5seconds, the sound stops. What it leaves you with is a super cooling sensation. Really very refreshing! 

I use this EVERY NIGHT and I love it! It makes me feel super refreshed, and clean and just feel good cause you actually feel like you've done something good for your scalp. And then I head off to my beauty sleep. haha :) 

Mineral Essence UV SPF 50 PA++++ - Senka

This is the sunscreen I am using every morning! I LOVE THIS SUNSCREEN TO DEATH! In fact I love all of Senka's sunscreens. To me, they produce one of the best sunscreens, like, ever! It does not leave my skin feeling greasy or sticky, and yet it still gives me that very much needed protection from the dreaded sun! Especially so now that I am walking alot under the sun :( But this baby protects my face! So yeayy to that!

All the above mentioned products are already available now in all major Watsons. Guardian and basically everywhere la now. haha! Hurry on down and purchase them now! I tell you, you will LOVEEE ALL the products I just mentioned above. I am a convert for the Sparkling Serum

Thank you, The White Space, for inviting me to all these lovely events!! I am sorry for the delayed entry on it :( THANK YOU!

Thanks for reading :)

Didn't feel like you got to feel the entire event with me? (due to my severe lack in pictures :( ) 
Don't fret! There's a highlights video kindly uploaded by the Official Tsubaki Singapore Facebook Page

Click the link below for the Video :D