June 29, 2014

[BEAUTY] Benefit's "They're Real" Push-Up Liner

Is basically a revolutionary innovation by Benefit, and I am super proud and honoured to be one of the first few bloggers to be able to test this product out before it was even launched in Malaysia on the 27th June. That's right, means IT'S OUT AND AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE NOW!

I highly urge and recommend everyone to give this eyeliner a try. More details (and a tonne of camwhoring pictures) below, so please please read on :) 

I'd like to say a HUGEEE THANK YOU to Paige who very kindly presented this opportunity for me to work with Benefit Malaysia (I am based in Singapore, but am also a Malaysian so, I get the best of both worlds? hahaha). 

A little bit more on this revolutionary product before I bombard you with endless of camwhoring shots. 

Benefit is very well-known for their phenomenally popular They're Real! Mascara since three years ago, with one being sold every 10 seconds! *Awesome stuff*! So with that, they have now debuted with yet another Powerful product - They're Real! Push-Up Liner

The Benefit "They're Real!" Push-Up Liner is the FIRST EVER lash-hugging gel liner in a pen! 

You know how gel-liners are famed for having a matte finish, long-wearing, waterproof, smudgeproof but the biggest problem is that, it always comes in a tub with a separate brush? I mean for me, it always tends to get a little messy with the excess of the product still being on the brush, then the product just gets everywhere! And if one day you rush out of your house and you forgot to close the cover back onto the tub, upon returning home, you find your product all dried up? (well that happened to me :'( )

So, rant over, the point is, now you can get ALL the benefits of a gel-liner easily in a pen! 

So much goodness in a pen?! So impossible, and yet it's true! 

Few weeks ago, I received these lovely items from the very generous team from Benefit Malaysia (pretty sure it's all Paige's hardwork to push them into sending me these items hahah thank you!!)

What about this liner that makes it soooo revolutionary and lash-huggingly irresistable?? It all comes down to the design of the tip of the liner! "The design of the AccuFlexTM tip is the perfect balance of flexibility" allowing for a super smooth line that is easily achievable even by the most novice of users!

  • Soft-Angled Tip: Draws easy lines, guides across the curve of the eyelid and gives you maximum control from every angle (as stated in the picture above :D)
  • Flat, Wide Guard: This is why it is described as a "lash-hugging" pen. This feature gently pushes your lashes aside so the product gets to as close to the lashline as possible. Amazing!
  • Wide Base: Pretty self-explanatory, it allows for a more stable application. 
So does it live up to what it has claimed? I shall put this to the test!

I used this liner to create a DRAMATIC CAT-EYE LOOK with a Winged-edge and the total Inner-Eye liner look. 

But first, #lemmetakeaselfie (eyeliner-less *gasppp* the horror!)

(I must apologize, I did not realize how heavily high my "soft-skin" mode was set on to on my camera. My face isn't thaaat smooth and blurry lol!)

And this is the result! :D 

I filmed a tutorial for this so, keep a look out for that! (No, I will not forget to upload this time! Have faith in me! haha :D)

Major vain selfies all the way to the end. You have been warned. Thank you. 

I tell you, I got super tired halfway through all these shots I decided to be quirky and weird instead of trying to glam it up for the cameras lol! You have no idea how tiring it is to constantly pose for your selfies. It may seem like it's a super easy thing to do, but I tell you, it's not! Super tiring can?!

Why hello there? Why is my laptop so strategically placed in this shot where my beautifully customized laptop skin can be clearly seen spelling out my website missmcmuffin.com

Well I don't know, maybe I feel like showing it off since no one knows of my beautifully customized laptop skin that I so creatively designed myself? 

LOL! Now this laughter is real haha! I was laughing to myself at how I was gonna arrange these sequential photos for this blogpost and hahaha I really did it. LOL!

All jokes aside, how did I find it? 

  • The pen glides on smoothly
  • The formula is consistent
  • The finish is really truly matte, which I totallly love!
  • The colour is really really true black! And not like greyish like others I've tried.
  • I get to draw really really close to my lashline
  • It is smudgeproof and long-wearing! (You will get to see what I mean when I say smudgeproof in my video that will follow up very soon)
All in all, I give this pen liner a 4/5! I can find almost no fault for this, but took away one point because well, it would seem biased if I gave it a 5! hahaha I would, but I will settle with 4 :D

You can find out more information on this amazing liner over at Benefit Malaysia's Official Facebook Page

And don't worry me fellow Singapore readers, They're Real! Push-Up Liner is available WORLDWIDE! So you can still head out and get this awesome gel liner pen, or head over to Benefit Singapore's Official Facebook Page for more details :D 

Did I mention how generous Benefit Malaysia was? I did? Well, remember a few days back I ran an INSTAGRAM RE-GRAM CONTEST on my INSTAGRAM

Well, I've chosen the winner!!! 

So sorry for the delay but I do appreciate everyone that took part in the contest and thank you soooo much for such awesome interests in the product even before I did a review on it. 


(who also happens to be my friend hahah! You lucky lucky girl!)

Thank you very very much to Benefit Malaysia for giving me this opportunity and utmost thanks to all who participated in the contest. And a super HUGE THANK YOU to the lovely Paige for making all this happen :D 

Happy week ahead peeps :)