May 11, 2014

[YouTube]: Mother's Day Makeover


I am super super super happy that I finally get to celebrate Mother's Day with my mother this year! All these years being away from home, I have really missed a lot of important dates. Of course, your love shouldn't only be shown like only on these certain dates, but if you're gonna say things like should show equal love everyday and not just only on these dates, like to show exceptionally more love on the date that your bullshitting yourself cuz WHO DOESN'T LIKE to be pampered extremely and feel more special knowing that it is an important day?? You know what I'm driving at??

Anyway, before I get off topic, I finally persuaded my mommy to feature in my video haha! I've always wanted to give my mommy a makeover, not that she needs it cuz she's gorgeous as she is!!, but there is one thing I really do not like on my mommy…. her eyebrows!

HAHAHA, I know it sounds bad that I'm dissing my mom's makeup, but you know it's just personal preference and I really really wanna know how she looks like with thick korean-like eyebrows! hahaha So yes, I persuaded her and she even agreed to have it all on VIDEO :D 

Just to give a bit of a background, here is how my mom normally looks like in her normal-style of makeup: 

circa 2011
HOLY SHIIETT I didn't know I look sooo much younger (and fatter) back then. OMG!

SO anyway, yes, my momsy draws her eyebrows very thinly, and she wears tinted specs haha so cool and retro right? lol! 

Yes, so watch the video and you will see what's the outcome haha! 

Just to let you know, I based the makeover to EXACTLY the same makeup routine as ME!

So whatever I've done in the video to my mom, is exactly how I do it on myself. LOL! 

Watch, favourite and like away :) 

Headed out for dinner last night to celebrate Mother's Day with the whole family and grandma :D Too bad, we didn't get to take a family group shot and also cuz they wanna be private so, haha just pictures of food

Came back home and my siblings and I surprised mommy with our Mother's day present :D 

Shared by the 4 of us! Including my sister who's all the way in Canberra and couldn't be here to celebrate with us :( I miss my sister...

But anyway, I finally get to use my own hard earned money to chip in for the present! I am super willing to share for this. No matter how much, if I could give all I would also! My mommy deserves the very best! I promise the next one I will work harder and get even better! :D You and daddy are my motivation! :D 

heehee^^ My brother bringing in Vicky for a "photobomb" LOL

I seriously should've recorded her reaction whilst unboxing her presents. I was soo happy that she was happy :D The first thing she said was "Thank you!!" but the next thing was "WHY SPEND SO MUCH?!!" LOL What a motherly thing to say. Parents are always afraid that we never have enough money to eat hahaha and then see us spending on them, they feel guilty. OMG WHY FEEL GUILTY?!!! YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING!!! Because you have given us even MORE than everything!! 

Mommy and me :) 

Then, I felt that wasn't enough! So the next morning, which is TODAY! I decided to give my mother another surprise. heehee^^ I went out with my brother to buy breakfast at our local breakfast place for my mom and dad. 

I actually Vlogged this down but it hasn't been edited yet haha so, stay tuned for that

(been feeling more inclined to making more videos recently, good thing or bad thing? lol I don't know)

And after breakfast, I went up and brought down my next surprise for my mommy :) 

I just want to take this opportunity to immortalize this on the web, that I am truly thankful and grateful to being born into such a loving family and with 2amazing people as my parents and 3other awesome people for my siblings. 

I have no other words to describe my joy, other than the words, blessed and fortunate, to have my family with me. Going through everything with me. Especially my mommmy!! :') 

Whatever I went through, I never went through it alone. I always had her and my sister there for me. Through my darkest days of my breakup, she was there, helping me to get back and stand on my own two feet. Through my highest days, she was also there. Haha, wherever I am la, she'll be there, supporting me and encouraging me.

TO the strongest and most loving person I am blessed to know, I LOVE YOU MOMMYYY! 

May 6, 2014

[CNOS3]: Cathay Motion Picture Awards 2014

Cathay Motion Picture Awards 2014
The competition that ALL film-making aspirers should join!!

What's a better opportunity to shine and showcase your talent, your skills, your stories, your movies, than having it played and shown to the people on the BIG SCREEN

The TOP 4 entries will be shown on the BIG SCREEN at ALL Cathay Cineplexes for 8weeks in 2015!!! 

PLUS! The WINNER OF THE BEST MOTION PICTURE AWARD will win SGD15,000 CASH!! Cashhh ah! Not 15,000 worth of prizes, you get INSTANT SGD15,000 Cash!!! 

What more right?? hahaha I also want to join if only I had the skills of film-making or if someone would wanna make me their actress in their film?? *anybody anybody??* hahaha, one can always dreammm :D 

Literally ANYONE CAN JOIN! Whether or not you have filmmaking background, no matter your age, EVERYBODY CAN JOIN!

SO yes, if you've always been thinking of having your movies/videos shown to the public, to gain more exposure for your creativity then DO NOT HESITATE ANY FURTHER!!! 

Here are the important details that you HAVE TO TAKE NOTE OF:

  • Call for entries: Now till 14th May 2014

  • Competition Period: 17th May to 20th May 2014 

  • Awards Night and Prize Presentation: 18th July 2014
  • Ok, so now you know the important dates. What's the next important thing? CONTEST DETAILS!!

    HOW long are you actually allowed to create the shortfil for? What theme? When and how to register?
    I got that covered for you. And it's really important too so PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY!!
    1. Duration: In conjunction with Cathay Organization's 79th anniversary this year, participants are given 79 hours to produce a 79-seconds long short film.
    2. Theme: Will be revealed on the BRIEFING DAY (17TH MAY)
    3. Time: The 79 hours will start from the 17TH MAY 12PM - 21ST MAY 7PM
    4. Online Registration: Closes on the 14th May
    5. Walk-in Registration: 17th May from 8am - 9am
    OR Phone: (65) 6736 7210

    With all the important information out of the way, let's get to some fun facts about this competition and how it all began. Trust me, it's interesting k. I already read it all and summarized for you haha! 

    Cathay Motion Picture Awards has been running for 2years now, started in 2012. And each year, the participants are getting better and better. It's been such a successful event, inspiring and showcasing our local talents that it has become Cathay Organization's annual signature event!! 

    This competition has also recorded the LARGEST CASH PRIZE for a short-film competition in Singapore. SGD 15,000!!! That's reaaaly a shitload of money to validate your creativity and it will definitely help you in realizing your dreams!!

    And not just the winner of the competition that would be revelling in all these cash, the other runner-ups too! Here are the prizes for the Winners of CMPA 2014:

    Best Motion Picture: 
    - $15,000 in cash
    - Exclusive Cathay VIP card worth more than $4,000 for each member of the team 
    - Screening of motion picture in all Cathay Cineplexes for 8 weeks 

    1st Runner up: 
    - $8,000 in cash 
    - Exclusive Cathay VIP card worth more than $4,000 for each member of the team 
    - Screening of motion picture in all Cathay Cineplexes for 8 weeks

    2nd Runner up: 
    - $5,000 in cash 
    - Exclusive Cathay VIP card worth more than $4,000 for each member of the team 
    - Screening of motion picture in all Cathay Cineplexes for 8 weeks 

    Viewers’ Choice: 
    - Exclusive Cathay VIP card worth more than $4,000 for each member of the team
    - Screening of motion picture in all Cathay Cineplexes for 8 weeks 

    Seee, everybody can stand a chance to win! No matter which position you come in, you'd still get to have your film featured in ALL CATHAY CINEPLEXES FOR 8 WEEKS!! Everybody is a winner!

    Talk about how much good cred can be added onto your portfolio, awesome experience and exposure too! REALLY don't know where else you can find such a good opportunity la! I don't think I need to say more, you should be super excited and interested to join right??

    And to give a bit more insight into the competition, head on over to Cathay Motion Picture Awards Highlights of 2013 where you can gauge the excitement and experience all participants and guests had.

    You can even view ALL VIDEOS from the 2013 Finalists

    I personally love the Viewer's Choice 2013's film; about a child who never really gets to take a break and play. Watch the video and you can really feel the strong emotions in this video. Really good!

    Right in the feels :'( 

    But, of course it doesn't always have to be super sappy and sad or a tear-jerking kinda video. Like this one below, it's super funny! hahah I loveee it and I actually find it really relatable since, haha I'm always late loll :D 

    100% Relatable lol!

    Or if you're more into like action/sci-fi/CGI kinda video, check out this one too, it's really out-of-the-box I would say. Haha! Would never have thought of this.. I guess that's why it won the Best Motion Picture 2012 Award. Good Job guys! Well deserved :) 

    Ayamm man!!! haha

    So what are you waiting for?!! 

    GOOD LUCK :) 

    p/s: I also wasn't kidding about the being an actress in you films part. LOL! Find me ahhh :D