April 28, 2014

[SPECIAL]: Interview Feature on LXEDIT.COM

First I was on the NEWSPAPER and now, I'm featured on an ONLINE ARTICLE! I am super stoked and happy and excited :D One of the perks of winning the CNOS3 competition is to win an online editorial feature with the one and only LUXOLA.COM!! And on top of that, I also win a SGD300 shopping voucher to shop on the site!!

If you do not know of LUXOLA.COM, you are definitely and clearly missing out! It's your ONE-STOP BEAUTY shop destination to go to! Shop easily and conveniently from multiple famous brands right at your fingertips!

My online feature with LUXOLA.COM was on their blogsite LXEDIT.COM! The moment you enter into the site, you can see me!! :D If you went in on the day the article was released, my article snapshot would've been the huge one in the centre. haha!

But for now, it's still featured at the side bars :D

Click on my picture!!! and go read the article! It's a super detailed view into when I started blogging, why I started blogging and my beauty tips and tricks :D

So, here you go, my Online Interview with Luxola :D

I am really happy that they kept all that I wrote in my interview response without cutting out on any detail :D I love how the editor decided to keep my own personal style of my answers in the interview as well, sounds so like me :D It is, in fact, the exact response I gave them! haha! Proud and really still feeling like everything's not real! (surreal) I don't know what else to say, just that I am super thankful and grateful (I know I say this alot, but it is true!! I really do feel all that!)

Thank you LUXOLA.COM! I shall be using my SGD300 voucher soon! :D Shoppingggg!