April 23, 2014


As the title says, 

(is it IN the newspaper or ON the newspaper?LOL!)

Super thankful and grateful for the opportunity to be featured in LianHe ZaoBao! It was a total surprise! A week after winning CNOS3, the PR team from Cathay Organization contacted me saying that LianHeZaoBao (LHZB) is interested to do an interview with me! 

I was like, OMG WITH ME?!! ME?!! ON THE NEWSPAPER?!! Super happy and excited!!

But, the next thing that ran through my mind was, 

Haha, luckily the reporter was super nice (he's also from JB haha! What a coincidence!) he interviewed me in English and translated the entire interview into Chinese for the article! Talk about talent and smarts! haha Thank you YuXin

You got MOST of what I said correct haha! Except the most important part, which was about how and why I called myself Missmcmuffin (click to find out why). It's NOT because I was called a Muffin Face, hahaha it's cuz I had a Muffin Top, which is equally just as bad hahaha! 

But other than that, he got most of it right.. haha!

Somemore, my picture SUPER HUGE!!! HALF PAGE FULL COLOUR!! 

But then, why lah choose that photo :( I look like I have extremely freakishly long arms! HAHAHA The photographer took soooo many nicer looking photos, but the editor decided to choose this one, I guess it fits the theme cuz I'm always taking selfies of myself.. oh well, haha my face is still on the newspaper! 


Without further ado, I present to you, MY NEWSPAPER FEATURE!! 

You can even read the article online! Haha talk about technology!! 

Click HERE

Oh!! And just as the article states how my mom is my NO.1 Fan, my mother drove all the way into Singapore JUUUSSTTT to get the newspaper to bring home!!! *gandonggggg* She even took a recording of herself reading out the news and sent it to me so I could understand! HAHAHA 
Cause I can't read chinese, my mom read the whole thing out to me :') I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MOMMMMSYYY!! Thank youuu! 

And of course, here are a few selfies taken with the reporter and the lovely girls from Cathay, Christine and Yvonne! Thanks girls for being so awesome and patient! And of course thank you to Cathay Cineleisure for the opportunity and SPH for taking an interest in me to want to interview me! I am very very very very honoured and priviliged! THANK YOU!!!

Thank you to all my friends that bought the paper just because I was in it! Thank you for taking picture of the article and sending it to me! Thank you Christine and Skye for scanning the article and sending it to me! Thank you!!!!



Here are the actual selfies I was taking of myself whilst the photographer was taking pictures of me taking a selfie haha

I'm guessing, this is the photo that is on the article. haha!