April 30, 2014

[CNOS3]: NetsSG Yono Flashpay!

You Only Need One! - YONO Flashpay by @NetsSG

Last weekend, the #CNOS3 bloggers were kindly invited down to drive traffic towards the YONO Flashpay booth at the Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. It was super fun cuz we get to do everything we love in that one day, SHOP, EAT, GOSSIP and of course not forgetting, taking tonnes of SELFIES!

let me take a selfieee...

With the other bloggers! Regine, Damien, Noelle, Akemi, ShuFeng and Smexy!
I really am thankful for all their friendships! :D To many more outings together!!

So what really is this YONO Flashpay card that's got all of the bloggers and youngsters raving on and on about?? It's basically your one and only card you'll ever need! Hence the name, YOU ONLY NEED ONE! Because with this, you literally really only need ONE!!

You want to shop and pay? YONOFlashpay

You want to eat and pay? YONO Flashpay

You want to travel and pay? YONO Flashpay

You want to buy concert tickets and pay? YONO Flashpay!!

EVERYTHING la also you can use this same ONE card to make easy and FAST payments! Anywhere you see the "NETS FLASHPAY" sign on the register/shop/restaurant, anywhereee, this card is accepted! Just tap and flash away~

#Throwback to the SPCA Charity Sale for CNOS3 Challenge 3.
Miss those competition days! Tonnes of experiences to learn and remember :D 

So other than the convenience of just having ONE card to pay for everything, by using this card you even get to enjoy the benefits of it! Wanna know what you're getting everytime you use this card?

Click on the picture to be redirected to the YONO Flashpay website for further details :D

Soooo good deals!! Still not enticing enough for you to go down to SCAPE Level4 counter to collect your very own card? WAHHH then I got another good deal for you. Spend with NETS YONO Flashpay and WIN A TRIP FOR 2!!!

Click on the picture to be redirected to the YONO Flashpay website for further details :D

Soooo good offers!! Soooo many benefits!!! What are you still waiting for??? Go and FOLLOW @NETSSG AND @GETMEOUTOFSG for more details. 

By following @NETSSG you also stand a chance to win SGD40 SISTIC VOUCHERS! Think of all the concerts you ever wanted to go to! You get like $40 OFF leh!!! So exciting hor?! BigBang, YG Family I heard are all coming down!! BEST TIME TO USE THE SISTIC VOUCHERS!!!!! 

Joan and I loving our cards!! 

So, what are you waiting for?? Missed out the roadshow last weekend? DONT FRET! 
You can always just 
  • head on down to *SCAPE Level 4 customer service to redeem your very own YONO card *subject to availability*
  • IF NOT, there's gonna be another roadshow event in May where you can get to redeem your own YONO Flashpay card :D 

Good things are meant to be shared and so, you're welcome :D haha!

The cards really very pretty and trendy looking. haha I like la!! :D 

Till next time!