April 20, 2014

[CNOS3]: The FINALS!!!

After weeks of Challenges, Blogging, Vlogging, Tweeting and Instagramming, it has all come to an end! All our hard work over these past 4weeks has finally come to an end!! And, if you're a follower on my INSTAGRAM (if you aren't you should definitely follow me there, you're sooo missing out LOL! )

I WON #CNOS3!! I am the CHAMPION for Cathay Cineleisure Next Online Sensation V3.0!! I cannot believe it!! I am super super super super super super thankful and shocked and happy and excited and most of all grateful for everybody's support and encouragement!!! Before I get onto the extremely long thank yous, let's start from the begining of the day shall we :)

Woke up super early to get ready. And as I came back to my Jb Home, I had to leave extra early to avoid the jam back into Singapore for the finals. Talk about dedication! Haha.

Got my hair prepped, makeup done, and packed all my makeup essentials for touch-ups. Brought my clothes to change as well for the finals. Didn't want to be walking around the mall so early in the day with like killer heels now do we? haha! 

Mommy dearest took the above pictures for me! She was to be my photographer for the day, till my brother, Kenny, arrived haha. So she was testing out her photog skills, and I must say, quite a natural ya?! haha. Whilst waiting for the event to start. We arrived super early fyi, the event was to start at 4pm, but the contestants were told to arrive at 2pm, we arrived at 12plus. haha! So earlyyyy.. 

But good also, cuz me and momsy had time to eat our delicious lunch and also I had time to calm myself down as I was already feeling super nervous! 

Then came to almost 2pm, started to see more and more of the other contestants arriving and getting their makeup done. 

Luxola SG generously sponsored each contestant with a super duper awesome goodie bag! (pictures of it at the bottom). Thank you Luxola! 

Selfie with the other contestants! 

Then it came time for our "BeadStreet Shopping" challenge. TBH, I don't really know which challenge is this categorised under, all I know is that we were given at SGD15 voucher to spend at BeadStreet to complete our look. 

So I headed to change and put on my killer heels (sooo tiring to walk in killer heels I swear!) 

As an official task/job as a social media influencer, (aka openly-vain-social-media-user) #selfies, #selfies everywhereee) LOL

Vivian and me :) 

We also had the privilege of the official Cathay Cineleisure photographer following us, whilst snapping shots of us shopping. Haha felt kinda cool, almost felt like a model/celebrity/someone fairly important to constantly getting her pictures taken. hahaha! I anyhow say one la, it just makes you feel important! haha

(official photographs, credits: Cathay Lifestyle)

A picture with (almost) all the #CNOS3 contestants :) 
All so pretty and glamorous looking that day!

Selfie with Donn (#CNOS2 1st Runner Up)
It was a pleasure having to meet and know you :D

Selfie with Joey
Looking super sweet and demure in her floral print maxi! Couldn't have asked for a better
teammate for Challenge 1 :D Glad we worked together! 

Selfie with my mommy~
My NO.1 Supporter/Fan! Love herrrr max! 

The organisers kindly provided this photoprinting booth for EVERYONE and ANYONE just as long as they hashtagged their photos with #CNOS3! Just hashtag and voila, your picture is printed out on a polaroid looking thingy. So cool right?! See my picture there?! hahaha super cool! 

(official photographs, credits: Cathay Lifestyle)
Tse Lyn, Joan and me
These are my two awesomest babes!!! Love them to bits, they were super fun to work with for Challenge 3 and I'm so proud we did our best for the SPCA Charity Sale and I must say, everything paid off! :D It was an honor to have been able to work with you two gorgeous ladies! 
And no, I was not advertising my polaroid of me and my mom! LOL! I was just holding it and this picture was taken by the photog from a different angle and hence looked like I was sorta advertising my polaroid of me and my mom. hahaha! 

So once all the contestants were done with their hair and makeup, the event started! And you wanna know what's the FINAL CHALLENGE of the competition, I guess it's not called The Red Carpet Event for nothing. 

You guessed it (if you even did guess la), the Final Challenge was to be a CATWALK FACEOFF! hahaha not that serious la. It wasn't really a faceoff. 

Every contestant had to strut their stuff down the red carpet and stop at few station points to pose. You can be as CRAZY / EXTRAVAGANT / LOUD / OTT (Over The Top) as you'd like! As long as you show your true confidence, and your not-afraid attitude to the judges, basically to make the judges like your walk la. Then you will win! 

I was super super super nervous about this round because I'm walking in killer heels, the worst thing to happen that I didn't want to happen was me tripping or falling over. WTH la! Damn paiseh can?! It's like soooo many people watching you and then you just trip and fall? hahaha super embarrassing man!

So anyway, here are the official photogs from the Final Challenge. Mind you, I was walking super fast and I didn't even know it. HAHAH! Until my friend sent me a recording of how fast I was actually walking. Shall upload that video soon..one day..maybe..maybe not..

haha super unglam!!!

(taken by my mom)

(official photog)
Hahaha what a pose! LOL!
I seriously had NO IDEA what to do man!! I didn't want to go all out because I am too afraid to do so, and I also wasn't very used to walking like catwalk-style. So in the end, I just went and be myself. haha! I walked confidently (with references from ANTM hahahahah) and the ending pose was just me thinking (there's this huge CNOS sign at the back, make it look like I"m advertising the brand). and TADAH!! My ending pose. hahahah! 

Heehee^^ QiuQiu looks very happy and pleased with my walk. hahaha! I'm guessing the pose paid off? LOL! Did I mention she is the most awesomest famous person I've ever met?!!! So super friendly and nice and she's genuinely nice! Not like fake nice just so you will like her more. She's already so famous, she doesn't even need to purposely make you like her lor, but no, she's still sooo genuinely nice! HOW CAN SHE BE SOOO NICE AND LOVEABLE?!!! I wish her even moreeee popularity and fame!!! SOmeone sooo loveable should be loved EVERYWHERE!! 

After all the contestants have strutted their stuff, it was time for the judges to tabulate the scores. And so there were a couple of performances from the contestants to entertain the crowd.

Unbeknownst to me, my friends Kimberly and HuiKheng had actually came down all the way to support me!!! They told me they couldn't make it but in the end they did!!! I was soooo happy and grateful!!! Like, I was panning around the audience and I saw this sign "MICHELLE C" and I just looked past, because there was another girl named Michelle in the competition and I thought it was for her. But then, she was MichelleA, I WAS MICHELLE C!!! 

And I turned back to take a better look and OMG! IT WAS MY FRIENDS!!!! Ultimate loveeeeee :D 

Sooooo glad you guys came donw!!! Really super super super appreciate all the loveee :D 

After all the performances, the scores were out! 

Let me give a brief explanation as to how the scores/winners are decided. 
  1. Each challenge (challenge 1,2,3) you work with your teams and score a certain point for that challenge with your team. 
  2. All members of that team will get the same marks. 
  3. Then you have another task for the exact same challenge whereby you have to blog about the challenge, and this is scored INDIVIDUALLY
  4. All scores are added up and, voila you'd get the eventual winner of the competition! 

So first up, the winners for the Red Carpet Challenge of the day. They had three winners (in no particular order) ShiXin, Clinton and....

ME!! hahaha! 

Thank you judges for giving me high scores! I'm sure it was my ending pose that swayed you.. right? right? LOL!! Seriously THANK YOU!! 

Then came Challange 2 - NomNom Challenge (click for the post on this challenge)

We had the utmost honor of winning Challenge 2!!! Our team, Emily, MichelleA and ME!!!
We had super alot of fun during this challenge and I am super proud that we won!!! Our pancakes may not be the best, but the friendship and bond we had must've shown through our video and blogs because, thats why we won!! CONGRATZ TEAM!!!

Us with the judge for the challenge, MissTamChiak

And after that, it was the prize giving for Challenge 3 - SPCA Charity Sale 
and the winner goes to....
TseLyn, Joan and ME!!!
LIKE OMG!! I didn't know they would be giving us another prize for winning this challenge.
but no way am I complaining! I loved going up the stage! Hahaha and what more, we get to have a validation of winning the challenge! We worked super hard and it all paid off! 

Do check out Cathay Lifestyle Official FB Page for ALL THE PHOTOS taken that day! 

Once all the Winners of the Challenges had been given out, it was time to present the TOP 4 FINALISTS of the year!! 

Starting off with the: 


Super cute and pretty girl!!! She will make one hella hot overnight sensation!! Congrats girl! 


THE MOST DESERVING WINNER OF ALL!! We are all soooo proud of you Damien! You so deserved this and we look forward to more awesome food pictures from you!! Your pictures always always make me hungry!!! CONGRATZZZ!!


OMG this girl, where do I start?! She sings, composes, writes music AND she's gorgeous and pretty and blogs and omg does everything la! She has the loveliest voice I've ever heard! Totally blew everyone away! CONGRATULATIONZZZ!! 



(I'll let the pictures do the talking)

THANK YOU!!! I am sooooo super stoked and happy and thankful!!!!! I cannot express myself any better besides putting everything in LARGE fonts and excessive use of the '!!!'

You can even hear my friends shouting in the video. At one point, she even said "Luckily not only we shouting otherwise very embarassing" (haha direct translation from Chinese what she said) HAHAHAH! THANK YOU SO MUCH GIRLS!! I know must've been super embarassing for you guys! Only 3 of you and you all shouted sooo loudly for me!!! I am soooo touched!!!! 

The official photographer managed to capture their excitement and happiness! Haha this is seriously pure happiness and I really couldn't ask for better friends!! 

The moment I got off stage, I RANNN to find my mom and brother! Which OMG hahah it's a super funny story. Because my mom and brother got really confused with the winning titles, and they thought the Overnight Sensation was the CHAMPION of the competition since it was called Cineleisure Next Online Sensation. So when my brother arrived and saw that I didn't win the Overnight Sensation, he went to my mom (who was sitting down at the food court area) and this is the actualy conversation that took place:

Kenny: Haihz...no..she didn't win..Oh well, always next time.
Mom: You sure?!! Still got so many other trophies, confirm got atleast one right?!
Kenny: Haihz, nope.. Those are the souvenirs for the judges..
Mom: Cannot beeee...
(meanwhile in the background, SooWei shouts)
SooWei: and the winner is..... MICHELLE CHENGGG!!!
Kenny + Mom: OMG!!!
(Kenny runs to the stage to snap pictures of me)

HAHAHAH! And yes, that is why when I was up there giving my Thank You speech, I couldn't find my mother anywhere, because she was sitting at the foodcourt waiting and thinking I didn't win. lol!!

I was really gonna cry when I was giving my thoughts on winning up on stage that I stopped halfway through and really couldn't continue. Didn't wanna cry on stage la please, super embarassing! hahah!

Ran to find my mom immediately after I won and she gave me a kiss on the cheek to congratulate me!! SHe was sooo happy too! And I felt super super happy that I made her happy and my family proud! :D

Me with my momsy! You can actually see my eyes are still tearing. haha! 

Thank you sooo much Kimberly, Hui Kheng and Adrian!!!!

Photo with the winners! Host SooWei and my favourite blogger/judge BongQiuQIu!!!
(Hahaha and silly Chris photobombing at the back) 

After winning, it was kinda chaotic, there were sooo many things to get done! Signing the contracts/agreements from winning the challenges and prizes, taking tonnes and tonnes and tonnes of photos! They even did an interview with me on winning! Super nervous to be infront of the camera but otherwise I was super happy! I really couldn't contain my happiness and hence kept smiling all the way...

I'm sure I look super fat and stupid in the video! But it's all me! hahah


With the #CNOS3 group and the organizers, host, judges and past year winners! 

With Skye, Chris, Damien, Noelle and ShuFeng
Thank you so much Skye and Chris! You guys really helped us all alot! And whenever the contestants had any troubles or difficulties, you would always be there to help us! Super thankful to you guys! You all did and awesome job!!! Couldn't have asked for a better managing team :D 


Have I said this too many times that I absolutely love her?!!! 

The gorgeous gorgeous 2nd Runner Up from the previous CNOS batch!!! 
Very pretty and super thin! Haihz, love her body and her hair and everything lah! 

Stupid camera why so blur!!!
With the super awesome host SooWei!
She was really sweet and kind, like she came down after the ceremony telling me I didn't need to cry and that I deserved it! Haiyo, even more make me want to cry hahah! So touched and super grateful :')

Skye and SooWei

Damien, TseLyn and Joan

My #TEAMWONDERWOW girls! Love them!
Yoga+gym+dance+karaoke sessions soon please! hahaha 

Now comes the awfully long THANK YOUS to all the people I wanna thank, so if you think it's not gonna be interesting to you then please scroll down. haha.

(in no particular order)

Thank you CLINTON!! For telling me about this competition and pulling me in to join together with you! I thank you for encouraging me and helping me along the way! Super thankful that we became friends after meeting at events! hahaha CONGRATULATIONS on winning the CATWALK challenge too!! Making all male contestants proud! Thank you! And I wish you all the best in your future, be it your school/relationship/life, you are an awesome person and deserve the best! :D HAVE CONFIDENCE to love again!

Thank you to alll the friends I've made during this CNOS3 journey! Without all of your friendship, I would never have found the happiness and joy in participating in all the challenges and events! It has been an honor and privilige to have been able to work with you and to bond with you. Thank you!! 

Thank you to all the shop owners that have helped us and gave us further discounts for our purchases during the SPCA CHARITY SALE. Not to mention the sponsors that helped out #TEAMWONDERWOW for the SPCA CHARITY SALE! Couldn't have done it without your help! 

Thank you to all the judges/mentors of the competition! BongQiuQiu, MissTamChiak and SheilaMandy! Thank you for all the guidance and help and advice and encouragement! It was truly a super starstruck moment when I finally get to meet BongQiuQiu in real life!!! I have been an avid fan of hers from BudgetBarbie and her blog and OMG! SUPER HAPPY AND EXCITED when I got to know that she'll be our judge and I actually get to really talk to her and take photos with her!!! Super glad and happy!! 

And of course, THANK YOU CATHAY CINELEISURE for organizing this event and NETS YONOFLASHPAY for sponsoring this event! THANK YOU LUXOLASG for also collaborating on this event! Giving us bloggers such wonderful things! Super thankful and grateful!! I couldn't have asked for a better competition to join!!! 

And finally, a HUGE THANK YOU TO MY FAMILY! MY MOM! MY BROTHER! I love you all super super much! My mom, that has been with me all the way, supporting me, encouraging me, giving me ideas on how to pose, super love her! My brother, that amidst his busy schedule, braved the jam into Singapore just so he could be there to support me too! I really couldn't have asked for a more loving and caring family! I love my family and I THANK YOU GOD for blessing me with them! I am super lucky!!! Thank you! 

Wanna know what I get from being the Champion of the #CNOS3?

  1. SGD1,000 cash
  2. An Olympus Pen Lite EPL5 camera
  3. 1 year worth of movie tickets (52weeks for 2people = 104tickets)
  4. $100 Nets YONOFLASHPAY Cashcard 
  5. Editorial feature with lxedit.com
  6. $300 voucher for Luxola.com 
  7. Larger-than-life poster at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard for 3MONTHS! 
If that isn't enough to encourage you to join NEXT YEAR, I don't know what is! 

Can't wait to fully use this camera!!!


I am NOT SORRY for this extremely long post!
I wanna write down as much detail as I possibly can to commemorate this moment! To be immortalized on the internet FOREVER! Gonna have so many more exciting events to share about next time :D Do look out for me and keep checking back to my blog for more updates! Or you can follow me on my INSTAGRAM OR TWITTER :D 

Till next time,
Have a lovely Easter!