April 4, 2014

[CNOS3]: Challenge 2 - The NomNom Challenge

#CNOS3 Challenge 2: NOM NOM Challenge

As the challenge title states, this challenge is all about FOOD! With a super lovely guest judge, MissTamChiak! She is a famous food blogger in Singapore and otherwise known as the go-to person for food photography/blogging or the FOOD BLOGGER GURU! HAHA got such thing or not? If there is, she's the one! 

Criteria for this challenge:
  1. PREPARE and RE-CREATE Charlie Brown's Signature Fruity Pancake.
  2. CAPTURE the moments (lol! as in the before/during/after cooking process)
  3. VLOG!
  4. PHOTOGRAPH your BEST SHOT of the finished product! 

So, super lucky for us to have MissTamChiak as our judge and mentor. She was so nice and bubbly, going around the cafe giving teams tips and advice on how to get THE (dee) BEST SHOT! I hope I do her proud :') Cuz she's really so lovely and even allowed for #selfies :D

Seeee! Told you she so adorable one! 

My teammates of the day! MichelleA and EmilyO (lol yes, another Michelle!) haha what are the odds!
Seriously Michelle got so nice meh?? EEVERYBODY wanna be called Michelle LOL!!! 

Me, MichelleA, and EmilyO

And as with all teams, there comes roles and responsibilities (=.= sounded like I just ripped off a rather famous quote...lol!)

  1. CHEF: EmilyO
  2. VIDEOGRAPHER: MichelleA
  3. CAMERAMAN(Woman): Me

Let the teaching begin... 

We were taught by the super skilled Chef Nicole who has been working in Charlie Brown for around 3-4months and is sooo skillful! I think she must be a super fast learner! Cuz trust me, flippin pancakes is NOT EASY!

And here are the steps, I am a total failure at describing the steps. Tried and tried to phrase it clearly but...my lack of sleep is killing my brain cells hahaha so I shall let the pictures do the talking. Besides, I don't even think if I write a WHOLE paragraph you would even read it. *depressionnn*

Haha actually this already considered the summarized version cuz I skipped the whole front part of pouring the batter and "frying" it lol! Do you use frying?? on a hotplate?? I don't know.. Luckily I wasn't the chef...

But, stay tuned to the end, there'll be a SPECIAL VIDEO of chef Emily (w cameo appearances by the Michelles :D).

Wonder how to get the perfect Snoopy Character on the pancake??? EASY! (not)

:D Pictures are pretty self-explanatory! 
Those pictures above are the pancakes cooked by the lovely Chef Nicole by the way. HAHAHAHA! NO WAY EMILY'S ONE THAT NICE LOL!!!!! KIDDDINGGGG :P I LOVE YOU AND YOUR PANCAKE LA! hahahahha

No but seriously, Emily is THE(dee) HAPPIEST CHEF I've ever seen cooking, somemore she's under like SOOO MUCH stress and pressure. Cuz you are getting graded as you are cooking and she's cooking on behalf of us as a team. So if she gets marked low, we get low marks too haha! Talk about pressure! 

You cooking at home got so happy as her or not?! hahaha

Her laughter so contagious, we (on the outside) also cannot tahan and laugh PLUS not forgetting to pose for a #selfie WHILE we laugh LOL!! Talk about multi-tasking! 

(Emily on the inside. haha!)

Anndd we're done! hahaha ready for my BEST SHOT?!
(aiya don't think anyone care for the suspense. lol. but I suspense anywayyy)

:D This is my BEST SHOT!!
(Not bad right?!)

I'm no expert, but here's my tips on how to get the perfect shot everytime! 
  1. LIGHTING!!!
    This is like THE(dee) MOST IMPORTANT aspect of your photo! If you do not have a proper lighting, no matter how awesome/expensive your camera is, confirm photos turn out like shit (I don't know if this word is supposed to be censored, but supposed to be myself right?lol!) ALWAYS, ALWAYS find good ligthing to take your photos! Never compensate with just a built in flash! Unless you wanna make your photos look SUPER HARSH and OVER EXPOSED! Which is a huge NO NO in my book of photography (which is very small and thin btw haha)
    As important as lighting. The way you present and decorate your food shows how well you know your food? haha I don't know, I guess this is sort of subjective to each individual's own preference. But I personally like mine to look super 'atas' and clean! haha which brings me to my next point.
  3. ANGLES!!!
    IF you don't know how to present or decorate nicely, then just angle the shit out of your photos and choose the one that BEST showcases the nice aspects of your food! You know, like if one side of your pancake looks burnt/not brown enough (not saying that our pancake is that ah) then angle your camera till can't see la! hahah SIMPLE!
    To anything, if it looks dirty, means the photo wouldn't turn out nice (shit) haha! so, CLEAN YOUR PLATE LA!before taking any sort of photos!

There were sooo many shots to choose from, like, it's my photography ma so I love all of the pictures. SUPER hard to choose best shot! Why need best shot and not best GALLERY of shots hahaha.

See. See. I photograph not bad la right? 

was actually considering this as well for Best Shot, but the pancakes were too blurry...

GROUP SHOT with MissTamChiak :D

And FINALLY! Watch our video! HAHAHAHA my face at the ending is priceless! Like seriously! LOL! Intrigued to watch it now? Good! 

Watch awayyy~

And on a super random note,


Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing about it. The day was absolutely "lovely,lovely,lovely" HAHAHAH If you watched the video, you'd understand what I'm referencing to. hahaha. 

Till next time, BYEEEE~!