March 24, 2014

[CNOS3]: Cathay Cineleisure Next Online Sensation V3.0 Briefing Session

HELLOO! Guess who's been successfully shortlisted as one of the contestants for the Cineleisure Next Online Sensation 3?! (CNOS3)

ME!! ME!! ME!! 
hahahaha thank youuu!!

The shortlisted contestants were invited to the Briefing Session down at the newly opened Charlie Brown Cafe in Cathay Cineleisure. And yes, it IS that cafe where it's fully decorated with the SNOOPY theme!! Super adorable concept. A definite new place for me to hang out once I settle down in Singapore haha :D 

So first, #letmetakeaselfie (I actually am super annoyed with this song, yet I'm singing it everyday =.=). 

Quick 2selfie shots before leaving my house. I was already running late so I had to rush the selfies haha! Not a very good idea to be later on your first day of the competition no? PLUS!! One of my super super FAVEEE BLOGGER was gonna be attending the briefing as well!

And who is she you might ask??

None other than: BONG QIU QIU!!!! 

If you do not yet know her, click on her name! or HERE!

And not only did I get to see her in real life! I actually talked to her!! Like omg! Felt sooo surrealll.. I've always just seen her over the monitor screen, listening to her talk in her BudgetBarbie videos and on her own YouTube channel.

She's super nice and friendly in real life, totally no 'airs' about her. You know, like those kind of snobby personalities you'd get from famous people that think you're beneath them? yea, she DOESN'T HAVE that! Sooo cool!

So, we were briefed on our rules and challenges and quick run-through of all the sponsors for the competition. All very entertainingly and succinctly presented by the lovely host of the day, Soo Wei!

It was sooo early in the morning and yet, she had a tonne of energy and made us felt energetic and excited for the competition as well (not that I needed any push to make me excited, I already super excited for my 2s of fame, being featured in the Cathay Cineleisure Facebook Page haha)

Spot me! LOL! 

And without boring you with words, here's me with my FAVE BLOGGER!

QIUQIU!! With SooWei photobombing at the back haha! So cute! 

Soo Wei's so pretty! And I really like her style of presenting things.
Really very non-boring and non-draggy! Good thing to learn from her.

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I leave you with this selfie that I superrrr like! Our take on the #oscarselfie with the contestants from CNOS2 and 3 :D (credits to @UncleTehPeng


(p/s: if you notice my photos are waay larger, is cuz i listen to bongqiuqiu's advice of posting up SUPER LARGE photos to attract more attention. hahaha indeed!)