March 26, 2014

[EVENT]: Bloggers' Appreciation Event by SHISEIDO(SG)

22nd March 2014
Bloggers' Appreciation Event by SHISEIDO 
at The Oasia Hotel8 Sinaran Dr, Singapore 307470

Last Saturday, I attended a Bloggers' Appreciation Event, courtesy of SHISEIDO Singapore to thank us bloggers for all our support and blogger reviews :) I was super super stoked to receive this invitation!! Mainly because I absolutely LOVEE SHISEIDO and ALL of its sister brands that falls under the same company. 

This event was held after my #CNOS3 Briefing Session, hence the same outfit lol! 

Back to the event...

It was a very cosy and private event with all the beauty bloggers gathered together, enjoying a selection of pastries and cakes accompanied with their choice of tea/coffee. 

The entire bathtub was filled with a bubble bath and heart-shaped cutouts all over the bathtub. It was just sooooo prettty and girly!!! I wanted to literally just lay there and take a #selfie, but haha I resisted the urge to as there were many other people there haha!

Also I did not want to let all their efforts go to waste :P

With the glamorous Kiyora (@xkiyora) I love her smooth silky hair!
Wish I had healthy hair :( 

And I was super happy to meet up with my awesome, gorgeous babes at the event as well!! Desiree and Audrey!!

Desiree (@decadentdrama) and Audrey (@audt)
Standing beside the, I look sooo tired and chann (terrible and dishevelled)

Ok, in my defence, I had a long day before the event ok! LOL. Got up super early to drive into Singapore to attend the Briefing Session and then got caught in the jam :( Then had to find my way over to the hotel which I highly underestimated the time it needed to get there so I was slightly late. But luckily Clinton (@clintonlonsie) brought me to the hotel, otherwise I would've been sooo lost! haha Thanks Clinton! :D 

So, we all know how famous SHISEIDO is right, but are you all aware of their sister brands and just how popular and well-known their products are doing? Well, look at the pictures below, EACH and EVERY single product shown has won an award or two for their specific category.

Click on the links below to find out more of the brands and their products :D

They even had a beauty station where you can have professionals attending to your hair!

And of course, the delicious selection of pastries and pies! Couldn't wait to eat, I was feeling a little hungry...but wait, let me take a #selfie (LOL!!!I am sooo addicted to that song T_T)

The gorgoues Chloe! (@chloetwl)
She won one of the games and walked away with an awesome prize of ALL the products mentioned above! So luckkyyy, I never ever get to win in these kind of games :( 

But, I wasn't depressed because, each blogger walked home with an AWESOMELY PACKED GOODIE BAG!!! I have to admit that the perks of attending these events, apart from making new friends and enjoying the experience, is definitely receiving the goodie bags at the end! hahaha I'm super cheapo and anything FREEE I likeeee! *thumbs up* 

Every time, their goodie bags never disappoint me, this time round. OMG! IT IS JUST PURE LOVEEEE!

(accessories, not included, I added that in just to make the picture look more atas hahaha)

Thank you so much once again Wendy from TheWhiteSpace for inviting me :D

Have an awesome week (mid week already! so fast!)