March 26, 2014

[EVENT]: Bloggers' Appreciation Event by SHISEIDO(SG)

22nd March 2014
Bloggers' Appreciation Event by SHISEIDO 
at The Oasia Hotel8 Sinaran Dr, Singapore 307470

Last Saturday, I attended a Bloggers' Appreciation Event, courtesy of SHISEIDO Singapore to thank us bloggers for all our support and blogger reviews :) I was super super stoked to receive this invitation!! Mainly because I absolutely LOVEE SHISEIDO and ALL of its sister brands that falls under the same company. 

This event was held after my #CNOS3 Briefing Session, hence the same outfit lol! 

Back to the event...

It was a very cosy and private event with all the beauty bloggers gathered together, enjoying a selection of pastries and cakes accompanied with their choice of tea/coffee. 

The entire bathtub was filled with a bubble bath and heart-shaped cutouts all over the bathtub. It was just sooooo prettty and girly!!! I wanted to literally just lay there and take a #selfie, but haha I resisted the urge to as there were many other people there haha!

Also I did not want to let all their efforts go to waste :P

With the glamorous Kiyora (@xkiyora) I love her smooth silky hair!
Wish I had healthy hair :( 

And I was super happy to meet up with my awesome, gorgeous babes at the event as well!! Desiree and Audrey!!

Desiree (@decadentdrama) and Audrey (@audt)
Standing beside the, I look sooo tired and chann (terrible and dishevelled)

Ok, in my defence, I had a long day before the event ok! LOL. Got up super early to drive into Singapore to attend the Briefing Session and then got caught in the jam :( Then had to find my way over to the hotel which I highly underestimated the time it needed to get there so I was slightly late. But luckily Clinton (@clintonlonsie) brought me to the hotel, otherwise I would've been sooo lost! haha Thanks Clinton! :D 

So, we all know how famous SHISEIDO is right, but are you all aware of their sister brands and just how popular and well-known their products are doing? Well, look at the pictures below, EACH and EVERY single product shown has won an award or two for their specific category.

Click on the links below to find out more of the brands and their products :D

They even had a beauty station where you can have professionals attending to your hair!

And of course, the delicious selection of pastries and pies! Couldn't wait to eat, I was feeling a little hungry...but wait, let me take a #selfie (LOL!!!I am sooo addicted to that song T_T)

The gorgoues Chloe! (@chloetwl)
She won one of the games and walked away with an awesome prize of ALL the products mentioned above! So luckkyyy, I never ever get to win in these kind of games :( 

But, I wasn't depressed because, each blogger walked home with an AWESOMELY PACKED GOODIE BAG!!! I have to admit that the perks of attending these events, apart from making new friends and enjoying the experience, is definitely receiving the goodie bags at the end! hahaha I'm super cheapo and anything FREEE I likeeee! *thumbs up* 

Every time, their goodie bags never disappoint me, this time round. OMG! IT IS JUST PURE LOVEEEE!

(accessories, not included, I added that in just to make the picture look more atas hahaha)

Thank you so much once again Wendy from TheWhiteSpace for inviting me :D

Have an awesome week (mid week already! so fast!)

March 24, 2014

[CNOS3]: Cathay Cineleisure Next Online Sensation V3.0 Briefing Session

HELLOO! Guess who's been successfully shortlisted as one of the contestants for the Cineleisure Next Online Sensation 3?! (CNOS3)

ME!! ME!! ME!! 
hahahaha thank youuu!!

The shortlisted contestants were invited to the Briefing Session down at the newly opened Charlie Brown Cafe in Cathay Cineleisure. And yes, it IS that cafe where it's fully decorated with the SNOOPY theme!! Super adorable concept. A definite new place for me to hang out once I settle down in Singapore haha :D 

So first, #letmetakeaselfie (I actually am super annoyed with this song, yet I'm singing it everyday =.=). 

Quick 2selfie shots before leaving my house. I was already running late so I had to rush the selfies haha! Not a very good idea to be later on your first day of the competition no? PLUS!! One of my super super FAVEEE BLOGGER was gonna be attending the briefing as well!

And who is she you might ask??

None other than: BONG QIU QIU!!!! 

If you do not yet know her, click on her name! or HERE!

And not only did I get to see her in real life! I actually talked to her!! Like omg! Felt sooo surrealll.. I've always just seen her over the monitor screen, listening to her talk in her BudgetBarbie videos and on her own YouTube channel.

She's super nice and friendly in real life, totally no 'airs' about her. You know, like those kind of snobby personalities you'd get from famous people that think you're beneath them? yea, she DOESN'T HAVE that! Sooo cool!

So, we were briefed on our rules and challenges and quick run-through of all the sponsors for the competition. All very entertainingly and succinctly presented by the lovely host of the day, Soo Wei!

It was sooo early in the morning and yet, she had a tonne of energy and made us felt energetic and excited for the competition as well (not that I needed any push to make me excited, I already super excited for my 2s of fame, being featured in the Cathay Cineleisure Facebook Page haha)

Spot me! LOL! 

And without boring you with words, here's me with my FAVE BLOGGER!

QIUQIU!! With SooWei photobombing at the back haha! So cute! 

Soo Wei's so pretty! And I really like her style of presenting things.
Really very non-boring and non-draggy! Good thing to learn from her.

If ever I need your help to LIKE/FAVOURITE/SHARE/VOTE for me, please do support me!!! hahaha I will be forever thankful and grateful for all your help and love!! 

Must support me ah! Thank you! :D

I leave you with this selfie that I superrrr like! Our take on the #oscarselfie with the contestants from CNOS2 and 3 :D (credits to @UncleTehPeng


(p/s: if you notice my photos are waay larger, is cuz i listen to bongqiuqiu's advice of posting up SUPER LARGE photos to attract more attention. hahaha indeed!)

March 20, 2014


Robot Draft Top || Julien
Asymmetrical Long Dress || TopShop
Metal-Chained Hat || Bardot
Double Headed Tiger Belt || TopShop 

Had the amazing opportunity to be sponsored and blog for the gorgeous owner of SHOPJULIEN, Audrey! She is one hella amazing person, pretty, kind, friendly and super entrepreneuring! Check out her blogshop and you'll see why.

I got sponsored 2items from her shop. 

One: the Robot Draft Top featured above

This top is just too cute! Look at all the robot drawings on it. It's cute yet classy at the same time. Depending how you style it up. I went for a more edgier look. And as you can see from the pictures, you can go for a more chic and sleek look by adding a belt at the waist. OR go without the belt and you'd look more relaxed and laid back. 

TOO EASY!! No more excuse for not having anything stylish to wear. Just a simple top can do wonders! Comfortable and affordable too! 

Two: Pale Pastel Dress

Pale Pastel Dress || Julien
Black Statement Necklace || EMODA
Brown Fluff at the Bottom-Left Corner || Vicky the Toy Poodle

I absolutely LOVEEE this dress!! It is so comfortable and cooling and the colour is just so sweet! Perfect for a first-date outfit, or even for work! It's just perfect for any occasion! Dress it up with heavier and chunkier accessories, or dress it down with simple, dainty accessories.

Such a versatile dress! A definite staple in my wardrobe now :D

Head on over to SHOPJULIEN.NET now! They've just launched their latest spring collection and all are so pretttyyy!!

☆Quote "MICHELLE" to enjoy 
15% off STOREWIDE till JUNE 2014!☆

ME and my brown fluff :D

Follow my instagram for more shots of this brown fluff. LOL

March 16, 2014

[YOUTUBE]: NEW Hair Tutorial is LIVE :D

Like, Favourite and Subscribe :D

Thank you for all the endless support! I'm finally back with a proper hair tutorial!
Will be filming more before I get real busy with real life. lol!

Stay Beautiful!


March 7, 2014

[CNOS3]: Cineleisure Next Online Sensation 3!

Ever wondered how a life of a celebrity blogger really is? Well, I've always wanted to know how it'd be like to solely base your career on blogging and practically earning money whilst doing the things you love!!! 

And so, I've decided to take my blogging to a whole new level! HAHA LEVEL UP! And join the CINELEISURE NEXT ONLINE SENSATION 3! 

The online submission into this competition requires a blog entry about Cineleisure and a vlog entry just on a short intro of yourself and why would you want to join the CNOS3. 

I've already did my VLOG which you can view here or for convenience sake, I'm just gonna embed the YouTube video in this entry! LOL DO NOT LAUGH AT ME PLEASE!! It's been a while since I've been in front of the camera, and I'm re-experiencing my camera shyness! 

8 Grange Road
Singapore 239695

Cathay Cineleisure is like a ONE-STOP GO-TO place for everything hip and trendy. You can always see like clusters of extremely fashionable people hanging around the place, and it's no wondering why. The entire building is occupied by fashionable things like their shopping brands, the people attending to the stalls, and even their food selection is hip and trendy. lol!

There is just so much I can talk about at this place but since there's a word limit on the blog submission, I will have to talk about one of the many delicious restaurants that are in the mall. 


SEOUL GARDEN has like been around for super long, like as long as I can remember.. When I was young, I'd used to go with my family to have long lunches there. They're always having like a lunch buffet special or something like that, and it's really good price for all the food you can eat! 

Well, this one here in the CINELEISURE branch, it's their hotpot version. 

If you're looking to satisfy your KOREAN FOOD cravings, look no further! This is THE PLACE to go! 

Their bibimbap, hot pot and ji gae sets are all delicious and well-priced! Next time you're looking for a place to eat and are unsure where to go, give Seoul Garden Hot Pot a try! It won't disappoint :D


Interested in joining this blogging competition as well and to possibly become a famous celebrity blogger? Join HERE :D Don't say I don't share good things. haha!

Have a lovely week!

March 2, 2014

[TRAVEL]: Travel to the U.S 4! Las Vegas; Vegas Factor Outlet, Boxing Day Shopping

The 4th installment of my US Trip lol this is turning out to be one hell of a super long continuation man. Probably good I didn't spend any longer than 10 days in US. haha!

For these next 2days, I was still in Vegas, but the tour was more towards the best part of the trip...SHOPPING!!! They brought us to the Factory Outlets and omg it was BOXING DAY SALES!!

Bring an EMPTY luggage along with you, preferably the rollable ones cuz trust me, it will save your day! The sales are CRAZILY CHEAP and there's like MASSIVE PRICE SLASHES in every shop! Carrying all that shopping around would tire and slow you down! So, BRING AN EMPTY LUGGAGE WITH YOU to stuff all your shopping in.

I saw sooo many people stuffing their shoppings into their luggages. Really smart~ I should've listened to the tour guide when she advised us to do so.. We stupidly did not bring any luggage so we were so tired from caryying all the shopping T_T


I was busy shopping so didn't take alot of photos of the place but yes, look at the crowd! Especially if it's during the BOXING DAY sales, the queues are MASSIVE! And almost all the popular shops had lines formed waaay across the corner. Like Burberry, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Michael Khors, Juicy Couture and many many more..

It was reaallly hot too, despite it being winter. So I'd advise to not wear too thick whilst shopping cuz all the adrenaline from looking at how cheap the items are, haha trust me, you'd be really hot really quickly.

The sales went up to 70% DISCOUNT!

Mine and my sister's shopping! 
Juicy Couture Velour Tracksuits were going at 50% OFF!
Juicy Couture Accecories were only USD15-20! Like wth?! 

 After a whole long day of shopping, headed back to the hotel and it was free-n-easy- time again so we went off exploring the area and we were staying relatively close to Caesar's Palace.


Then at the Forum Shops, we walked past the Balenciaga store and I've always always always wanted one and my dearest momsy was being super generous and bought the GIANT CITY BAG in blue for my graduation present!!! SUPER happpyyy!!! You can tell it's my favourite bag right now. I'm carrying it in almost all of my OOTD's on my instagram lol!

It's just sooo easy to match with anything!! It can match a casual outfit, making it look chic, it can also match a more dressy outfit, making it look sleek! I just love the design sooo much! Thank you mommmmy!!!

The other bag that I got from the Factory Outlet is this gorgeous KATE SPADE "ostrich skin" leather-looking grey bag that I got as my office working bag. It's always better to have a super huge working bag that's not so branded and expensive, but still good quality and can last long and handle all the shit you're gonna throw into it. 

The whole store had 60% OFF and because we came with a tour group, we had an additional 10% OFF! Which means, I had a whopping 70% OFF THE RRP! I paid USD120 for this bag! The RRP USD400!!!

My Juicy Couture purchases :) 
I can tell you that I spent less than USD200 for all these!



Left Vegas and stopped at the last shopping destination slotted in our itinerary. This was a much smaller shopping outlet so the crowd wasn't as huge as the one we went before and the prices weren't as cheap too. But still, I managed to find some good bargains :D

My second shopping haul! These items were actually from the shopping outlet and Target US! Like, the Target in Australia, but this is waaaay bigger! Stocked up on my travel-sized HOLY GRAIL go to for perfume, Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture. I think everyone that's hung out with me before knows this scent, is me! haha

My second Kate Spade bag. KS are known for their lovely pastel and colorful colored bags. I just couldn't pass off the chance of owning atleast ONE colorful KS bag. I chose this lime-green colored box bag. It's really cute and relatively light.

Got this for USD100, a 60% OFF RRP! Good deal or what!

SONIA KASHUK!! Through YouTube Gurus, I've heard this brand soooo many times! Especially their eye make-up removers and OMG! I can only say, I wish I stocked up on more!!! 

Do you wanna build a snowman~!!
Key Chain = USD10