February 24, 2014

[TRAVEL]: Travel to the U.S 3! Las Vegas; In-N-Out Burger, The Bellagio, The Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam

I could write like an entire long entry about the reasons as to why I have been on such a long hiatus, but I don't wish to bore you nor dwell in the past, I just basically wanna spare you guys from my whining of the LACK OF INTERNET that seems to befall upon me WHEREVER I AM!

[Picture Entry]

Finally some exciting pictures, LAS VEGAS and THE GRAND CANYON.

We left MONTEREY/CARMEL in the early hours of the morning.


The infamous IN-N-OUT BURGER I have to say didn't really impress me very very much. I do admit that the crowd was crazzyy, the queue was long and anywhere you could practically sit to eat, people were already there. But, in terms of the taste, I actually prefer the SuperDuperBurger I had back in San Francisco

Isn't this sign the cutest?! Didn't manage to have enough time to try this out though :( 

Finally arrived VEGAS! And it was already nightfall...

At the Old Vegas Strip, FREMONT STRIP

hahahahaha I managed to capture this!! Just like 9gag's posts

Our Hotel for the next 3nights: Hotel Monte Carlo

Out of all the hotels we were booked in, this is by far the best hotel we stayed in throughout the entire US trip. It was soo convenient and it was located right along The Strip, or maybe more of being behind it. haha! So since we were sooo like near THE STRIP, didn't want to waste the rest of the night spending it in the hotel room aye? Even though we were friggin' tired from the whole day of travelling.. So me and ma brothers had a quick change and headed out to explore the night! 

And I do not regret it one bit! The city is beautiful in the day, but boy is it B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L in the night!! 


That is THE MOST GLITTZIEST McDonald's sign I've ever seen! 

A super bright/blurry/pinkish/yet still nice shot of the Bellagio in the faar background :D

Next day, woke up even earlier than on other days because we were making our way down to the GRAND CANYON!! 

Actually, right before we left for the US, my family and I happened to watch this real-life story of a lady-hiker that got lost in the Grand Canyon for 29DAYS! and how she survived the place. lol! It was actually pretty traumatizing and lol we were gonna head there ourselves? hahah. 

Angmoh la! They always do these kinds of dangerous activites! Why the HELL would you go on a hiking/expedition ALONE?!! I tell you, no asian will ever do these sorts of activities, let alone do it alone! lol. Or atleast, I WOULDN'T! 



First stop point, EAGLE POINT
Can you spot the eagle?

The rock right in the middle, the one that looks like the eagle, is what gave that spot its name like..haha duh, obviously la.. haha 



Don't let the pictures fool you. It may look sunny and warm but no way, it was friggin' cold up there! I was wearing thermal pants, jeans, a sweater inside, a fur vest, and another Anarac jacket on top and I was STILL freezing slightly.

TIP: If you ever intend on visiting the Grand Canyon during winter, NEVER UNDERSTIMATE the weather because it can really get very chilly up there. Layer on, so if you feel slightly warmer towards the afternoon, then you can relieve yourself from the heavier outer layer, but still keep yourself warm.

The Native Hualapai Tribe's traditional food. It was a sort of minced beef that tasted sweet?
But it really tasted delicious! Plus it was piping hot, perfect for the cold weather up there. 

See. LAYERING. Layering super important! Cuz it did get warmer towards the afternoon when the sun was like DIRECTLY ABOVE us! Me with my 2nd brother, we were actually trying to take the Colorado River that's behind us. But, haha as you can see, it's all dried up! So it looks like we're just taking rocks and cliffs. 

We spent a total of 3hours there at the Canyon. The time really went by pretty quickly. Utilize the time you have there the best you can. Walk as far as you can so you can really experience the canyon and oh another tip,

TIP: Wear COMFORTABLE shoes, preferrably those that are made/meant for such rough terrain. You really need a good pair of shoes that can give you a good grip on surfaces. You do NOT want to be slipping and falling around this area lol! It can and will lead to extreme devastating outcomes, i.e:DEATH! lol not kidding!

After the Canyon, on the way back we stopped by at this super interesting and impressive structure.

Find this place very very familiar??

LOL! YUP! This was where the FIRST installment of the TRANSFORMERS FRANCHISE was filmed! haha like one of the scenes la. No wonder I found it soo familiar when we were stopping by this place haha.

HISTORY/STORY: Our tour guide told us a super long and interesting story regarding the history and purpose of this dam, but I forgot most of it, only remembered that this dam was the reason why Vegas could survive and be as vibrant as it is cuz back then, I mean Vegas is basically built upon a desert and water, as you know, is scarce in desert areas. So yea, long story short, this dam was their main water source, back in the days. 

Back to Vegas we went, and we manage to catch a few of the Vegas Hotel shows that goes off at different periods of time. For example, the super super famous BELLAGIO FOUNTAIN, that goes off every 10-15 minutes if I'm not mistaken. And the amazing Volcano Show at The Mirage is another show not to be missed! 



I finally get to see it with my OWN EYES!!! NO more just YouTube videos, but really right infront of me! It was soo surreal! However, the only let down was the music selection. Unfortunately we were there on Christmas Day itself, so the songs that they were performing to were all Christmas-related songs, so none of the classical songs like "Timee toooo, sayy Gooddbyeeeee" lol did anyone else sing to the lyrics of the song as you read? haha! I sooo wanted to see the fountain perform to that! It would definitely bring tears to my eyes! Haha!

The Inside of the Bellagio is not any less impressive than its exterior. They have this room called the CONSERVATORY and it's decorated to suit a certain theme every month. So depending on which month you're going to visit, the decorations would be different! So no matter what, do check out the Bellagio's CONSERVATORY room cuz it is fucking beautiful!! 

Signing off here :) 
Internet is finally back up and running normally in my house now so yay! I can get back to blogging more regularly now :D 

Stay Beautifulll
:) M