January 20, 2014

[TRAVEL]: Travel to the U.S 2! Monterey, Carmel Town, The Lone Cypress Tree

[Picture Entry]

Day 3: Monterey & Carmel 


Hotel Abrego, our hotel for the 2nd night. 
Really pretty resort-type hotel, room even has its own fireplace. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the room because by the time we arrived at the hotel, I was super tired and zonked out right after a nice hot shower :) 

In the previous post, I showed pictures of the NEW Fisherman's Wharf, here we headed over to the OLD Fisherman's Wharf. A super opposite environment/experience to what we experienced the day before. It was totally SILENT and NOBODY was there haha. Also maybe cuz it was pretty early in the morning... 

Next up, back on the bus again and onwards we went to venture through the scenic road where we stopped at a super normal looking rock....from afar! But... up close, it's actually a rock filled with SEALS just lying there and making hella lot of noise lol!

The Seal Rock

The next scenic thing we had to see along the scenic drive was The Lone Cypress tree. Apparently, according to the tour leader, Veron, she said this was THE MOST PHOTOGRAPHED tree in the world? LOL!

I just googled it, and it's true! OMG! hahaha

The Lone Cypress Tree

The beauuuutifulll Carmel Town

Everything here in this town felt so atas (atas means very very high class). Like everybody had their very well-groomed dogs walking beside them, with or without leashes. It's like Paris Hilton and her Tinkerbell, walking around the town lol! Their everyday shopping consisted of Tiffany&Co, Kate Spade, Michael Kors and just basically really expensive shopping brands that aren't really the typical everyday shops, you know like 7-Eleven, Safeway, Cold Storage.. you get what i mean.


This is seriously longer than I thought..lol! And I'm still only on Day 3?! Holy hell..

Haha, next entry I promise you it'll be good, cuz I'll be updating on my experience in the ever famous SIN CITY, LAS VEGAS!!! 

Happy Week Ahead Peeps :)

January 15, 2014

[TRAVEL]: Travel to the U.S 1! San Francisco; Super Duper Burger, Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf

Happy 2014 everybody :D First post of the year and I'm gonna start it off with a picture-loaded entry with minimal writing as possible :) As the title suggests, I spent my Christmas Holidays with the family touring the Western part of America. It was a rather short and rushed trip cuz our original tour was for the Eastern side of America but that tour got cancelled :( boohoo* but anyway, over a 10day period, we toured over San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. If only it was longerrr we could've explored those places more in depth! But it was good enough and I genuinely enjoyed every moment of it :) Am so grateful and thankful!! 

So let's start: DAY 1 - Singapore & San Francisco

Our first hotel, Marriott Marquis. Really comfortable room and very good location. Shoppings were just around the corner and not to mention, the famous Super Duper Burger fast food-chain was just opposite the hotel. We arrived pretty late in San Fran and were pretty hungry.

Unfortunately, cuz we did arrive so late, shops had all closed for the day so..no shopping :(

Introducing SUPER DUPER BURGER! It was recommended to us to try by a local San Franciscan guy who sat beside us on the plane. He was really helpful and he was right! This place was delicious! It's like grilled burgers but reallly tasty grilled burgers! 

Cheddar-cheese fries!! 
Sooooo sinful, but soooo tasty! 

Lol! The above picture was when I decided to go all out and have a huge bite of the burger and my sister snapped this shot of me. Pretty ugly but you get to see how big the burger is! 

The streets of San Fran was sooo beautiful! Exactly like how I've seen in movies and shows! The steam coming up from the streets due to condensation from the sewers (lol i had to get my brother explain it to me haha! ) It was a wonderful place to walk around and it wasn't even thaaat freezing! Just cooling weather, something like Melbourne's spring. Anyway, it was late and we called it a night after eating. Cuz the next day, we were off to another place, leaving San Fran :( I know, only spent a night there, not even a day! 


Got up bright and early and headed to San Fran's Chinatown for dimsum breakfast. lol! I know right? Fly all the way to America and we had dimsum for breakfast. But seriously, it was a good decision cuz the many days after that, we've been having the same western buffet breakfast every single morning! Bacon, eggs, sausages and toast... lol! 

On the way to Chinatown, we stopped by at the San Francisco's City Hall just to grab a few pictures. 

Me and my siblings :D 

I literally didn't take pictures at the dimsum place because it was a very very normal looking chinese restaurant. And the food was so so, had tasted better.. so onwards to our next tourist destination!


Lol, my sister is very very unskilled at taking photos facing the sunlight...
and also cuz she doesn't have any sunglasses haha! 

After a very short stop at the Golden Gate Bridge, we then headed off to the Fisherman's Wharf.
And we heard good reviews about this Clam Chowder place at Boudin..


My awesome awesome parents. Dad's hair's are all turning white :( 
But he is still nevertheless young at heart and as strong as a bull!!

Just around the corner where the docks are, there are many many floating platforms fillleeedddd with SEALS!! And no, they are not bred there, they're actually real life wild seals! And as an avid reader of 9gag, yes I read this almost every single night before I sleep LOL!!, I saw this picture sooo super apt to my last picture haha! 

I'm about to die in this hot weather so I'm gonna turn on the airconditioner + my fan and head to bed. 

Stay Cool people!!