December 20, 2014

1028 Visual Therapy Collaboration and GIVEAWAY! :D

New YouTube Video Up! :D

I was very kindly given these 3 amazing products from 1028VisualTherapy and the people from TheSampleStore. Talk about an awesome start to Xmas. I've received so many presents and I can't wait to share all of them!

But first, a quick introduction to this brand that is originally from Taiwan and has finally landed in Singapore! You can find their products sold at SaSa and Watsons. The reason for their name Visual Therapy, it comes from the fact that all their products are infused with skincare essence, caring for your skin as you apply your makeup, hence the word Therapy. Genius! 

The products I received are:
  • Miracle Extension Mascara
  • Brownie Eyes Eyeshadow Palette
  • Ultimate Eyeliner
Head on over to 1028Singapore Official Facebook Page for more details on each product. 

Do watch my video where I use only these products to create 2 very simple festive looks for any occasion, let's say, maybe a few Xmas parties? Birthdays? First Dates? Anything really :) 

I have to say that I absolutely love their Miracle Extension Mascara! It really does give extraordinary length and the curl holds and it's water-resistant and lasts all day! Honestly, everything you would look for in a mascara. 

Now, if you too would like to try their products, here's an awesome chance :D

Join in on my GIVEAWAY!

You get to win 2 SETS of products from 1028VisualTherapy. Only ONE LUCKY WINNER will get chosen. 


1. Classic Brownie Kit - (Inclusive of Brownie kit Eyeshadow + Endless Lengthening Mascara + Eye and Lip Makeup remover) Total worth $61.70

2. Deep Cleansing Set - (Inclusive of Deep Cleansing Foam + Eye and Lip Makeup Remover + Hydrating Cleansing Toner) Total worth $37.70

Here's how to take part in the giveaway:

I've posted TWO PHOTOS on my Instagram.



And, all you gotta do is to:

  1. Simply vote by re-posting/re-gramming your favourite Christmas look!
  2. Hashtag your favourite look, either #‎Look1Day‬ or #Look2Night and #‎1028VisualTherapy‬ ‪#‎1028Singapore‬
  3. Remember to tag & follow @1028SINGAPORE on Instagram in your repost!
Contest ends 30th December.
Winners will be announced on 31st December at

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Good luck everyone! I'll see you soon :)
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

November 20, 2014

Rejuvenating Spa Session at Masego: The Safari Spa

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Top || HNM
Bottom ||

I was very kindly invited by Masego: The Safari Spa for a body treat. They were very kind to extend the offer to my awesome momsy as well :D Thank you so much Shawn for hooking me up with Shu Juan and thanks for all the awesome service and preparation and also being able to accommodate so quickly to our schedules! I apologize that it had to be so rushed. 

Masego: The Safari Spa
SAFRA Jurong 333 Boon Lay Way
Level 3, Singapore
+65 6790 1661 

As the name suggests, this spa boasts a super safari-themed interior. Everything is just so in touch with nature it really made my mom and I feel like we were somewhere in the wild, lol but definitely not as hot as how it would have been outside. The whole place is air-conditioned which is a HUGE plus for me. I loveeee that it's so cooling, despite feeling like you're outdoors. You know what I mean? 

Upon entering, this is what you will see. The reception area and waiting area where an attendant will attend to you almost immediately upon entering the doors. The display shows really tribal decorations and a few of their body oils that they use for the various treatments that they offer. Please check out their website for a full list of what they offer :)

Like I've said, the whole spa is themed around the wild, jungle, safari-like, so instead of rooms, you get tents! How unique and cool is that? They have about 10-15 huge tents (I didn't really count all of them, I was too engrossed in getting a good shot lol). 

Kerrie served my mom and I with some warm water upon greeting us and a form for us to fill in. It's just for them to know if you have any allergies or health problems that they should know of. Once that was done, we were introduced to our masseurs of the day :D I had Kinki and momsy had Stella, both Malaysians! HAHAHA what a conincidence! Or was it? LOL.

We were given our robes and disposable underwear to change into. 


  1. NEVER wear expensive jewellery to any spas/massage places. Lost items are not the responsibility of the facility. It is best to keep all expensive and valuable items at home.
  2. Wear comfortable clothing that's easy to change in and out of. This saves alot of time in the changing room. 
  3. Always remember to tie your hair up (if you have long hair) to prevent your hair getting soaked with the oils/treatments that would be applied to your body during your session. Or in this situation, they provided us with shower caps, which my adorable mom is sporting on her head. LOL!
Once we got changed, we were greeted by our masseurs outside the toilets and to our own private tent/room :) 

The tent that we had was the COUPLE ROOM. So couples, if you're worried you'd be in separate rooms do not fret, just inform them upon booking that you wish to be in the same room, and upon availability, you will be slotted into the couple room :) 

The massage that I had was the:
1 x 90-min Mandi Lulur Body Massage
What exactly is it? Let the description from the experts inform you:
"Mandi Lulur is one of the favourite traditional beauty remedies originated from the royalties in Java as a prenuptial ceremony. Essential ingredients like turmeric, sandalwood, rice and milk powder, lemon and yoghurt are used as natural exfoliant and have whitening, detoxifying and clarifying properties for the body. They are au-natural and is recommended for even sensitive skin type. Therapy is followed by a pampering 60-min full body massage." (Masego Spa) 

To me, this was the perfect scrub because I've been having super dry skin lately till it's actually flaking. EEwww! Disgusting I know. But this was super good. I could feel the exfoliating effects and I honestly must say, my whole body felt really SMOOTH and SOFT after the session :) The body massage was awesome too! Although slightly too hard at the start (I have very low tolerance to pain), I told Kinki, my masseur, to go lighter and she did and it was soooo comfortable after that! 

The massage that my Mom had was the:
1 x 90-min Cappu Detox Body Massage
What it actually is?:
"Cappu Detox Spa Therapy includes a 60-min full body massage with a 30-min invigorating Arabica coffee spa polish. Coffee is widely known for its effectiveness to break down cellulite and reduce the unsightly “orange peel” effect. This unique treatment uses pure Arabica coffee beans as spa polish base to slough away dead skin cells and detoxify the body for overall wellness." (Masego Spa)

In the opinions from my mom, this coffee scrub was just right for her! She loves coffee and the treatment smelt like coffee and that was good. My mom enjoyed the scrub and the body massage. She fell asleep during her massage session. I must let you know that this is the first time my mom has had a body massage, or even, her first spa visit! My mom has never learnt to relax and just go for body massages. But I guess it is also because she's like me, our tolerance levels to pain are rather low, so if we can avoid, we will avoid as we can. LOL. But she told me, she really did enjoy her first spa session and said if she has the time, she will definitely go again in the future! 

So, once your session or treatment is up, you are then guided to the toilets once again for you to shower and change back into your own clothes. Towels are provided so you don't have to bring your own. Took a few selfies before I headed off for the shower. 

It's super awesome that they have HOT water too! I hateeee it if I was forced to have a shower under cold running water, unless it was absolutely beneficial to the treatment, otherwise NO I will not shower in cold water thank you. SO yes, sooo happy with their shower!

After the shower and back into my own clothes :) 
As I said, safari-themed, they had murals of animals all over their walls.

The next most awesomest thing? They served us with HOT GINGER TEA and HOT DESSERT for us to rejuvenate ourselves after the treatment. And it wasn't like some shit-tasting shit. It was real legit! It tasted goood! Especially the ginger tea! On weekends, they even make their own red-bean soup to be served to their clients :D How awesome is that?

A happy momsy and I :D 

Thank you so much, Masego Spa, for giving both me and my mom such an amazing opportunity to enjoy such an awesome and relaxing treatment! Truly thankful for all your patience and help in getting us the best service ever! Thank you!! :D

So, head on down to the Masego Spa Website for your treatment now! Call them and book now! 

Thank you!

[REVIEW] Liese Bubble Hair Colour in Raspberry Brown

HELLOOOO! :D I hoped you've watched my latest video on my new hair color and how I got it. If not, please do watch it now! LOL! 

Here are a few pictures of my "before" hair colour. Really yellow, brassy and a whole lotta black regrowth! Couldn't stand the roots and I just haaddd to dye it! I didn't have enough time to head down to the salon either to dye my hair, so what was my next best alternative? D.I.Y Hair Colour

So, even back when I was still studying in Melbourne, I have always preferred to DIY my own hair colour. And have had multiple crazy episodes of crazy coloured hair

And one of my favourite brands for hair dyes would definitely have to be LIESE BUBBLE HAIR COLOUR! It is just soooo easy to use and the results are really good as well! The colour is very true to what is shown on the box, and it has always given me a good perfect non-patchy hair colour! It also covers up the greys really good. So yes, I have nothing but love love love for this product!

I have tried almost every single colour that they have in their series, but this time, I'm trying a new hair colour, RASPBERRY BROWN!

So below are pictures showing my new hair color under different lightings. I absolutely love the slight tinge of purple within my hair, and the fact that it's darker, but not that dark!

Wore this whole black ensemble to a wedding luncheon. And I cannot believe how beautiful the scenery was! Still really shocked that JB could have such a beautiful place. LOL.

Thank you so much for reading and watching my videos :) 
Do subscribe for more videos! Thank you for all the encouragements!

Lastly, I am heading off for a family trip in a couple of hours!! And I am super excited!!!
Will reveal where I'm heading up on my Instagram so do follow me there!

Till next time, 

November 10, 2014

[REVIEW]: SANA Honeyshca Cleansing Gel

Today, I will be reviewing the Honeyshca Cleansing Gel by SANA. I was kindly sent these products by and I can't express just how thankful I am to receive these. They sent me the Honeyshca Cleansing Gel, S$28.90 (which I will be reviewing here) and Honeyshca All-In-One Gel, S$33.90 (which I have yet to use long enough to see the benefits).

What's the selling point of this Honeyshca Cleansing Gel? As the name and packaging presents a large clue for the product, the revolutionary ingredient that can be found in all Honeyshca products are these: ROSE HONEY and FRESH ROYAL JELLY

Benefits from these ingredients? MOISTURIZING!!

Rose Honey
  • Honey that has been extracted from roses
  • It is super moisturizing and ensures long-lasting moist skin
  • Read that as, super moisturizing ingredient

Fresh Royal Jelly
  • Fresh Royal Jelly is known as the special food that only queen bees get to eat (lucky bee)
  • And it is also known over the years as an important must-have for beautiful skin.

So what does the Cleansing Gel do? Not only does it cleanse the skin, it also acts as a Makeup Remover and a Massage Gel. This product is a 3-IN-1 CLEANSING GEL. Talk about saving time! 

I got this product at the most awesomest timing ever. I was to go travelling for about two weeks, and you know how annoying it is to sacrifice so much of your clothes weight just so you could bring along your tonne of skincare products? No? Maybe that's just me.... But I honestly felt this product was a life saver! I didn't have to bring a facial cleanser AND a make-up remover, I only had to bring this one: Honeyshca Cleansing Gel :D 

How to use? Well, it's really simple. It is as easy as just washing your face like how you would with a normal facial cleanser :) No need for different products, no more the need for double cleansing. Just one product to do the trick :) 

See my picture-demonstration below. 

Before Selfie shot. I have on my BB Cream, Blusher and Contouring as usual. 

I squeeze out the product onto my fingers and instantly I'm hit with the amazing smell of HONEY! It really smells soooo goood, I was almost tempted to taste it (not recommended). That amount really is all you need. The gel-like consistency is perfect as it helps reduce any risk of damaging your skin, it is super gentle for the skin. 

But if the gel-like consistency is worrying you, "How is that gonna cleanse my face?" "It's sooo thick!" No worries! The gel-like texture will gently melt into a lightweight texture, almost oil-like, to remove any impurities, sebum and of course, lifting off all the makeup on your skin. 

Once applied and massaged, the gel texture gently melts into a lighter texture as shown in this picture and the subsequent pictures. It is really lightweight and feels moisturizing and nourishing as well. Doesn't tug on the skin and just feels really gentle on the skin.

Once you've massaged the product all over your face (I've only done on one half of my face) you can then rinse it off. It is super easy to rinse off as well. The moment it comes into contact with water, the lightweight texture almost immediately becomes foamy, and becomes a Foaming Cleanser. Such amazing! LOL!

So, yes. This is me with half my face washed off. 

DISCLAIMER: I did not wash off my eye-makeup as I still am against the idea of using facial washes to wash off my eye makeup. I have a phobia and lol will always stick to my own eye-makeup remover where I know no product or residue will get in my eye. But, if you're okay with washing off your eye-makeup with like oils or facial cleansers, this product will do just that as well! I have tried washing off my eyeliner (that I drew on my hand) and it worked perfectly! So yes, this product can  and is gentle enough to be used to wash off your eye makeup! 

To show you how well the make-up is cleansed off the face, here I am using a cotton pad drenched in Biore Micellar Water (which is what I normally use to wipe off my make up) to see if there has been any leftover makeup residue. And the result is amazing! See below picture! 

Absolutely CLEAN! :D

I am absolutely loving this product and I brought it with me on my travels to Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur :D Now, I will also bring it with me to my next travel. Will not reveal where yet, but I have bought an action cam to record my trip, so I can bring you along with me too :D Am soooo excited!!! 

Now, if you want to try this product before getting it, do head on over to the to redeem samples for this product. Once you try it you will believe in the amazingness of the cleanser! 
If you're already sold on this product, after reading my review :), you can purchase this at selected SASA Outlets, and all John Little and BHG Stores

So good, even my dog wants to eat it lol! 

Thank you for reading :) Remember to head on over to the where you get to redeem samples of this amazing product and alot of other products as well! Till next time, byeee.

November 8, 2014

[YOUTUBE]: 5 Minute Make-Up Challenge ft. CLIO Gelpresso Waterproof Pastel Upper Liner

As the title goes, I finally challenged myself to the 5 MINUTE MAKE-UP CHALLENGE. Have always wanted to have a go at it, but was always afraid I wouldn't be able to succeed in the challenge. HAHA! However, I have gained more confidence now because I have a SECRET WEAPON :D 

Want to know what my SECRET WEAPON is to getting ready faster? Stay tuned to the end of the video to find out :D 

Products used in this video (chronologically):

  1. Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion
  2. L'Oreal Mat Magique All-In-One Powder 
  3. 3CE Face Blush in Cotton Candy
  4. Bobbi Brown Eyebrow Pencil in Grey
  5. Heavy Rotation Eyebrow Mascara in 03 
  6. CLIO Gelpresso Waterproof Pasterl Upper Liner in NO. 02 R.O.C.K
  7. CLIO Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner in Golden Black
  8. CLIO Waterproof Pen Liner Kill Black in Kill Black
  9. Maybelline Volum Express The Falsies Mascara in Black
  10. PERIPERA Love Fairy Tint Glow Stick in NO.3 Wind Love

Thank you for watching till the end of the video. For those too lazy to reach the end (I'm super hurt btw), lol, my ultimate SECRET WEAPON in succeeding this challenge will definitely have to be my current most fave product:

CLIO Gelpresso Waterproof Pastel Upper Liner in NO. 02 R.O.C.K

There you go, my secret. Haha! I will definitely be collecting more colours of the collection :)

Once again, thank you so much for watching! I am truly thankful and grateful for all the support and encouragement.

Just a heads up for my next video, which I've already filmed, it will be on the Liese Bubble Hair Colour! Screaaammm if you're as excited as I am to share that with you! Haha. Do subscribe for more videos and to keep updated on when I drop new videos.

Have a lovely weekend!

November 6, 2014

[TRAVEL] Short Trip to Kuala Lumpur

It's been a while since I've updated my blog with things happening around me. I actually received a comment from a reader that I had made her lost interest in my blog because everything on it was just pure advertisement or advertorials, and even if I want to deny it, I can't :( So unfortunately, yes, I do admit that I had lost myself amongst the adverts and also my lack of motivation to blog. I do apologize sincerely, and thank everyone that still reads this super boring blog. Even my mom says she doesn't read my blog anymore *shockerrr* like, if even my mom doesn't read, then that's a serious problem! LOL! 

So yes, here's me hoping to get back my blogging spirit, is a quick update on my most recent travel. I made the short trip up north to Kuala Lumpur to visit my Melbourne-familia :D And it was such an awesome timing because it was HALLOWEEEEN! Headed up from the 31st Oct - 3rd Nov. It was a short but very fulfilling trip. 

I know that I actually filmed a rather successfully-frightening halloween look but I didn't actually end up going full-on dressed up for Halloween, which is rather sad. lol! 

I went as, what I thought, was a regular-vampirey-fangless look. I even had the red contact lens going for me, but my friends didn't think I was even dressed up LOL! What a disaster haha! I helped Katrina (crashed her place throughout my stay) with her makeup and I think I did hers better than I did mine LOL! She looked more vampirey/witchy than me. 

Awesome skeleton looks! Super cute couple! Won't mention who they are, you can guess LOL! 

Overall, the night was fantastic, better than I expected actually. If smoking was actually banned in Malaysian clubs, i would seriously thoroughly enjoy my experience even more. Smoke in an enclosed space is just too much to bear. 

The next day, we headed over to Strangers at 47 for tea. Really an awesome place to go. They serve everything on crepes. I would say you should definitely give this place a try. We ordered the Red Velvet Crepe and it was very, very good! 

Red Velvet Crepe with Salted Caramel Filling

Matcha Latte

Photo with the adorable couple that I intro-ed :D 

After that, Bak Ku Teh at someplace near Mont Kiara. I don't remeber the shop's name, and I know this isn't the best place for BKT but it was still delicious nonetheless :) 

Headed over to Stratosphere after dinner, but not gonna talk too much about it. Firstly, I did not take any photos there because the weather made the atmosphere shit. It was a rooftop bar, with actual real grass as their flooring, and it was raining heavily in the evening, and obviously water and soil don't go too well together. The floor was moist and soggy and just very uncomfortable. Secondly, service was shit as hell! They really were not helpful and at one point even made snide remarks at us. Couldn't stand them, we wanted to leave but we'd already paid our entry by buying a bottle (which the lady promised us unlimited mixers, which we did NOT get) so we had to stay put. Really very very bad service. The only consolation? Their FRENCH FRIES were good, so yea, they got that going for them. 

Went to Metal Box, Empire Damansara the next day for brunch with the girls :) It was no where near Melbourne's standard of a good brunch, but it was pretty decent. The French Toast is a MUST-HAVE that's for sure.  

Hemmingway - eggs benedict with smoked ham and hollandaise sauce

French Toast - with raspberry and gula melaka sauce

With my girls. Am really glad to meet up with them after so long!! 
Yinn, myself, Ashley and Katrina :D

Random (not) OOTD shot taken by Katrina at Publika. You have no idea how many shots we had to take for me to finally choose these 2 pictures that I am sort of happy with. LOL, not that I blame the photographer, she was doing an awesome job. I just wasn't happy with my poses, because I looked fat in all of them :( 

Top || GIVENCHY Bambi Tee in White
Bottom || H&M High-waisted Shorts
Bag || Balenciaga City Bag in Royal Blue
Necklace || DIVA Statement Necklace

Thank you so much guys for taking the time out of your busy schedule to spend time with me (I say this, but I know they don't read my blog :( LOL) and thank you Katrina for hosting me and taking leave from work! So touchedddd :D 

I'd just like to say, for those that don't yet already know, I have left my job in Singapore. I am no longer working as a media planner, it wasn't the job for me and I made the decision to quit. No, I am not employed right now, and NO, I am not looking for a job right now. I have, however, decided which industry I am venturing into next, but will not be starting a job anytime soon. I will be travelling and blogging and filming more videos during this period of unemployment and yes, I am very happy :D 

Glad I got that off my chest. LOL so many people been asking me why the hell do I have so much time to travel here and there. Well, here's your answer haha! 

I just filmed a new video that I will be dropping by the end of this week, so do look out for it! In the meantime, you can head over to my YouTube channel for more videos. Do subscribe to be updated with my latest videos, I truly appreciate each and everyone's support and encouragement! 

Thank you!