November 9, 2013


Who here does NOT love to shop???

I know I loveee shopping, sometimes even if I don't end up buying anything, just browsing and looking at all the pretty things makes me feel happy inside. Of course being able to buy it will be a HUGE BONUS :D

And most oftenly, I do my shopping in my pjs, very unglamly on my bed, on my laptop. hahaha! ONLINE SHOPPING FTW!!

And I am very happy to introduce this new shopping site I've been affiliated with :) 

Do you see the magical magical words on the page??

Don't you just hate it when you see a piece of clothing and it seems affordable only to find that it INCREASES the price right after you've calculated in the shipping fees?!!! 

I know I do not :( Almost every single time I see something online and I like it, only to get my feelings cheated by the price. haha! You won't get that feeling on this website because all you have to pay is what you see on the website :)

And plus! every new member that signs up gets 15% OFF immediately :D hurry up go and register now now now!

I love the layout of their design too..they have categorized their items into a really simple and user-friendly grid-like design. Of course if you're not used to this, they have their tabs up top too :)

What Aupie has that interests me other than the super affordable prices is that it has this page dedicated to its DAILY NEW styles/items that are added onto their shopping website. 

100 styles added onto their website EVERYDAY!!
(which is kinda bad for me, cuz it's already adding onto my already long hours of net surfing haha)

Would be sooo perfect for when I'm in the US :D


Here are a few items that I'm thinking of getting from them! Which is your favourite??

Click on the images to be linked to the item page :) 
(all prices are in $USD)

haha this is sooo pretty! 
but no way do I have the body to wear this :(
But maybe you guys might like it

And you're welcome! hahaha