November 10, 2013

[OUTFIT]: Birthday Dinner for Papa Cheng! :D

Had a play around with this gif making website! haha it's awesome balls! Cute Vicky licking my neck hahaha

Suffered an allergic reaction towards it right after though T_T 
Yes I am allergic to dogs but toy poodles are hypoallergenic and so I'm less prone to allergy attacks with her :) 

It is amazing how pictures can come to life just by making a GIF out of it. haha! 

It also makes for more interesting posts with moving images. Don't you think so too? 

Celebrated Papa Cheng's (my father) birthday last night at Peking Sutera JB! haha I friggin lovee that place! The food there is amaze balls! (lol I don't know why I keep using that term...) 

Any JB peeps would know that Peking is super famous and basically the only really popular place for weddings!

Almost every single time I go there, there'll definitely be a wedding dinner held there. I heard, the waiting list for that place needs to be at least 1-3years! 

First, few selfies whilst waiting for the rest to get ready :)

Lime Green Playsuit || TopShop
Collared Necklace || ForeverNew

Haha as much as I love the GIFs, they do reduce the quality of my photos greatly! 
So here are some stills..

Did a braided updo and I totally forgot to take a photo of it from the back!! :(
Try imagining two dutch braids on the sides, joining into one in the back lol! 

Alright, enough selfies haha! Time for the food :) 

As usual, Peking was packed with people, plus it was on a Saturday surprise there! 

Waited a fair bit for the food to arrive too. Good business = Slow food but, worth the wait! :D

We had Salted Egg Crab || Lobster Noodles || Bamboo Clam || Black Hair Pig Pork ||
And others not pictured and unnamed cuz I forgot haha! 

"Happy Birthday to the Greatest Dad!"

Family Photo :)

Popo, Papa Cheng and me :D

No matter how many times I say it to you or write it to you and or in this case, type, it will
NEVER be able to truly express just how grateful and thankful I am to have you as my father.
To have a strong and solid shoulder for me to lean on, and an ever caring and loving guardian that
will always be there for me whenever I need it. You are an INSPIRATION for me and the family.
The struggles you have to go through to provide for us and the whole family will never be forgotten.
You are a strong leader, and a loving father. 
Hope you love the present from us!

Have a great week ahead!