November 1, 2013



Happy Halloween everybody! How is everyone celebrating Halloween this year?? For me, this year I will not be celebrating Halloween at any events or going anywhere today. I did however had an early celebration with my awesome babe Kimberly. We initially had tonnes of costumes/get ups prepared for the day, wanting to make up and all but... I'll get to that part later.

Anyway, as I mentioned we had initially planned to dress up/make up for Halloween and so I went ahead in practising a few makeup looks just as a trial test. lol! I bet it isn't even thaat scary yet cuz halfway I got too tired as it was late at night and I just headed to bed. lol!

So here are my trials...

So, here is or was our plan for the Halloween. The plan was to dress up and head on over to Universal Studios Singapore for their Halloween Horror Nights but upon purchasing the ticket, there was a huge warning sign that said "NO MAKEUP/COSTUMES! GUESTS WITH MAKEUP/COSTUMES WILL BE TURNED AWAY AT THE DOOR!" and just like that, our dress up idea was thrown right into the bin... hahaha! But then we decided to head over to Clark Quay later on for their 987DJ Halloween event too so we thought we could dress up then, so I went ahead and practised my trials.. haha! 

SO the theme park was to be opened from 7pm-1am :O sooo late!! Never imagined USS to be opened till sooo late.. We arrived at 6:45pm and there were already SOOO many people queuing up to get in... 

My OOTD and HOTD (Hair Of The Day)
I'll be blogging about this haircolor soon :) I dyed it few days ago with a vivid purple hairdye and now it's faded to this really pretty violet pink-ish hue :) Look out for the entry! 

Us on the way to USS! :D Happy and Excited!!! 

I must mention that it was pouring sooo heavily as we drove there and we were soo worried we were gonna be walking under the rain in the theme park.. THANK GOD the rain stopped the moment we were arriving Sentosa! heehee yayy! Lucky us :D

So as I was saying, there were tonnes of people queuing up to go into USS. Once we were in there, everyone gathered at the center, like we were waiting for something to happen. The atmosphere there was absolutely amazing! They had like loud music blasting from all corners and the decor of the place was soooo Halloween-ish haha can't think of a better word to describe but it was honestly soo beautiful and it just added up to the exciting feeling we already had.

Everyone staring at that stage thing at the center.. waiting for something to happen..

Then all of a sudden, huge mists started forming and the music got louder and turned creepier! Then suddenly in the middle of the crowd, a cage-like thingy started glowing and the THREE EVIL SISTERS were in it and they were soon levitating up in the air!

Then POOF!!! They disappeared from the cage and appeared up on stage at the center!! It was AMAZING!! Anyone that turned up late to the USS then, this is what you missed. haha! After that, everyone was allowed into the theme park, to explore and go through their 3scare zones and 3haunted houses..

Everyone rushed to the first haunted house, Adrift, and the line was forming, luckily Kimberly suggested for us to go to the 2nd haunted house first instead of queuing for the first one. and so yeap, luckily we did cuz for us, we did not even queue for the 2nd house and entered immediately! There was sooo few people there cuz everyone else was at the first house. haha! This 2nd house was called Songs of Death. Unfortunately not much pictures of the house cuz we weren't allowed to snap any pictures. 

It wasn't thaattt scary, it was just super hot! And we were sweating like shit the moment we got out of that house. I recommend not going there. lol! It really wasn't scary at all.. 

Then onto the next house, by that time more people were coming into USS and the line was forming. We queued for almost 45minutes for the 3rd haunted house called, Possessions. This was relatively more frightening than the 2nd one, but still it wasn't as scary as I hoped it'd be. I did get shocked a couple of times haha but not thaattt scared till I was literally screaming my lungs off. I'll admit, I did squeal more times than Kim. hahahah guess she's braver than me!! 

While queuing :D 

And finally, after going through the 2haunted houses at the end, we decided it was time to slowly walk back through the scare zones to take some pictures. I must say their scare zones were more interesting than the haunted house itself. haha! 

Words can't really describe anything from here on, so I'm just gonna upload pictures :D 

LOL I do not know how the hell did my leopard print pants look like some sorta army camouflage pants =.= ultimate fail! hahaha

And obviously these people aren't my friends.. haha I just took it cuz that actress looked amazing!! 

SO was their werewolf!! It was soo big and huge! But the actor inside must've been sweating like shit. haha it was soo hot!

Haha I didn't find this lady scary at all, but I just HAD to take a picture with her cuz she looks almost 80% like my sister!! HAHAHAHA!! Melissaaa what the hell you doing there??!! 

And then, there was this super handsome vampire! He was walking around all Edward Cullen-ish and I could tell tonnes of people wanted to take a photo with him. The funny thing is, he looks so serious walking around, then the moment you take a photo with him, he pulls this funny face or pose with you.. haha it's so cute and funny cuz like u know, he's supposed to be a vampire hahaha! 
Kim and I were like following him around just trying to snap a photo with him, cuz he keeps walking around!! He doesn't stop there for you, he has to be in character. haha! 

A selfie with a vampie.. hahahah! 

My camera takes really bad bckground shots at night, so :( Couldn't capture the beauty of the place. it was decorated so well with like tombstones and everything.. 

After all the picture taking with the scare-actors, we finally headed over to queue for the last and final haunted house, Adrift, and mind you, by the time we got there, the queue was estimated to be exactly 2HOURS LONG!!! We didn't want to waste our ticket so we queued anyway.. 

TOTAL QUEUE TIME: 1HR 35MINS (around there)

It wasn't thaaat bad the queue, we just kept talking and talking during the whole way so the queue didn't feel as long as it actually was. haha! This haunted house I must say is pretty impressive! No wonder it's the first haunted house that I think everyone would queue for. It has alot of water features in it and moving platforms and slanted walkways. It was very very well done! Still not scaryy, but it was good! Worth the long wait for it :D

After that, we left USS around 12 plus, seriously did not expect us to stay there for soooo long!! hahaha it was really so much fun, but we were tired as hell! And remember I mentioned in the start that we were gonna dress up after USS? hahahah we totally scrapped that idea and just didn't bother with making up anymore.. WE were SOOO TIRED!!! 

So we just proceeded straight to Clarke Quay (after dinner at ToastBox) to meet up with our friends. Here are some mandatory pictures by the Universal Ball. haha~ 

Upon arriving Clarke Quay, we had a quick change of clothes and both of us were wearing a black lace dress with our horns we bought from USS haha! So we then decided to say that we were dressing up for Halloween, as TWIN SISTERS!! hahahah like that also can? lol!

Met up with the rest, soo sorry for making you guys wait so long!! 
Ah Lai, Dennis, me, Kim, JiaLe and Kai Xun
It was an awesome catch up! 

Haha us as TWIN SISTERS! lol!

And after all that, Kim and I drove back to JB. What a super tiring day but was super super fun! haha! I must say I had an awesome and an enjoyable time with friends!! 

Lastly, a photo with the 3sisters, haha both of us posing like we couldn't give a damn!

Have a SCAREEE-tastic day :D

Take care!