November 6, 2013

[EVENT]: Nuffnang Lovin' X Bartini Kitchen Singapore

I'm back again with another blog entry! Haha! That's 2entries now for this month! LOL! I am slowly getting there alright.. Having a puppy takes up alot of time, more than you think.. Her absolute adorable-ness makes me compelled to play with her, and any abandonment is absolutely not an option. haha!

Just look at that face! 

Alright, so before I make this post full of Vicky's pictures (she's definitely become the model of the house! haha! I take lesser selfies now so I can take her photos! Amazing! loll) I'll get back to my main point of this entry, the exciting Nuffnang Lovin' X Bartini Kitchen Event held last Tuesday organized by NuffnangSG

The Venue:
29 Boon Tat Street, Singapore
+65 6220 0629

It was an amazing experience to have attended the event. I met soo many wonderful bloggers there and they're all so friendly. Although I am pretty almost certain that I was the only Malaysian blogger there. Haha, the event was to be a bar-tending workshop where us bloggers will have a chance to learn from their resident bartender to create a cocktail, and by the end of the workshop, the group with the Best Tasting and the Best Looking cocktail will get to win vouchers for themselves AND their readers :)

So I was the third to arrive at the venue and met the lovely Tricia and Joanna (click on their names for their lovely blogs). They were super friendly and had both just knocked off from work, I guess I was also the only one unemployed haha! Oh well, the event was to go from 6:30 till 9:30pm but due to the rain, almost everyone else was delayed and the event only started roughly close to 7pm I think. 

More and more bloggers arrived and we each introduced ourselves and took pictures. haha what do a group of bloggers do when they're gathered together? Take tonnes and tonnes of photos together of course! 

With the lovely Ally

With Ais, AngmohChick and Tricia
And noo, I did not call her AngmohChick haha that is
literally her blogname and instagram, u can go check her out!

Once everyone arrived, bloggers were divided into groups of 4 and each group had a chance to see the master do his work! Biggg shoutout and Hugeee Thanks to the Creative Cocktail Mixmaster BARNABY MURDOCH! What a cool name!

Whilst waiting for our turn, we other bloggers again took even more photos! haha!

With the sweetie Kaman :) 

With the energetic Amanda and Kaman

And since this was a sorta alcoholic event, of course they didn't let us go starving.. Bartini Kitchen also prepares and serve delicious modern, fuss-free EUROPEAN STAPLES from BREAKFAST - DINNER, specially created by their Executive Chef Akhil Prabhu And they so kindly prepared a range of their famous chef specials!

And I must say, I didn't expect the food to taste that good, it isn't like super super delicious, but it was waaay better than what I expected it to taste. And yes, I can't be a food blogger cuz that is all I can do to describe food hahaha! I'll let the food pictures do all the talking :)

Beetroot, Spinach & Goat Cheese Salad

The Retrospective Legendary Mac & Cheese

Escalope of Pork Parmigiana served w Creamy Mash

Mussels in White Wine &Creamy Sauce

Tomato & Fresh Mozzarella Pizza

And just to mention, this wasn't all that was prepared for the bloggers, these 5dishes was prepared for each table for each group of bloggers!! How very very generous :D We were, needless to say, very very full! hahaha! SO whilst other groups were learning from the master, the rest of us were snapping photos and eating away :) 

This was one of the cocktails made by one of the groups
"Bartini Espress"
This had a really delicious coffee taste to it. Although I don't particularly love coffee, this cocktail had a balanced taste to it and it was really pretty don't you think so? I guess that's why this cocktail won the BEST LOOKING COCKTAIL!! :D

Taken through the mirror with the lovable Joanna and Triciaa :)
We were in a group together with another guy blogger (the ONLY guy blogger of the evening haha! and yes he was also the ONLY blogger that did not go around snapping photos lol!)

More of us..

They're really super sweet and super friendly! Never imagined that I could meet such awesome people!
I guess that's why we all have awesome blogs heehee^^ Self-praise**

This is another cocktail, if I'm not mistaken, this is called
"Elderflower Collins"
This looks superrrr pretty with its Starfruit by the side of the glass, however this didn't win best looking,
instead, this won the "BEST TASTING COCKTAIL"!! 

Ally elegantly eating her mussels haha! 

A classic Mojito :)

With the super sweet Charlene!

:) And this xiaomeimei haha cutie pie Cynthia!

Gorgeous Stephanie!

Adorable Akemi

Finally it was time for the last 2blogger groups to have a go at learning some bar-tending skills..haha! And lucky us we get to choose which drink we'd like to create. I told Barnaby that I'd like to create something pretty and girly-looking and he said he knew exactly which drink, albeit it didn't really look very girly hahaha but it did come from a very girly show, The Sex & The City, lol...
I partnered with Tricia to create our cocktail :)

So here, we go!

Barnaby Murdoch!!

To be honest, I don't really remember the steps in making this drink anymore nor the ingredients hahaha! I only know that it includes the above pictured alcohol, Lime Juice, Pineapple Juice and Vanilla Syrup (or was it sugar syrup?) 

And tadahhhh!!

Introducing me and Tricia's cocktail of the night!
"HUNK" as featured in the Sex&TheCity movie!

Not being biased or anything, but our cocktail tasted really not too bad! 
haha it was sweet and tasty, I liked it! And so did some of the other bloggers that tried too!
That's why our drink was one of the Top 3 runners for Best Tasting Cocktail :D

And lastly, a group photo! Taken off the official NuffnangSG Facebook page :) More pictures can be seen on their Facebook page so do check them out! :D

Once again, thank you sooo much NuffnangSG for having us and of course Bartini Kitchen for being such awesome hosts and creating so many delicious cocktails and dishes for us :) I truly enjoyed my time there and it is a really chilling place to hang out with friends! Do go and check them out when you have the chance! :) 

Have a lovely week ahead :D
Take Care!