November 13, 2013

[EVENT]: Majolica Majorca X MaCherie "Forbidden Beauty" Event

(yes, that brown little furry thing, is Vicky LOL!)

Last Tuesday I had the honour to be invited to the "Forbidden Beauty" Event by Majolica Majorca X Ma Cherie. A HUGEEEE thank you to Tricia! for getting me invited to this event! She's such a sweetie!

Thanks to her, I got to experience my first rather huge event :) There were so many other famous bloggers invited too! Was soo glad to meet almost all of them.. But no, unfortunately Xiaxue, BongQiuQiu and Miyake weren't there :( Wish to see them in real life!! Hahah if I keep believing I will, I will!

So back to the event, I also have to thank DSPG Media for organizing this event and of course Shiseido SG for hosting us and allowing us into your gorgeous Beauty Studio! 

So, us bloggers were invited to the event to experience and capture the new product launches from both Majolica Majorca and Ma Cherie, both sister companies under Shiseido.

The venue was very well decorated. In a super wintery-themed atmosphere, matching the theme of the new product launch where Majolica Majorca unveiled its winter collection, "Chapter 39 'Pure Play' and in accordance to their 10TH ANNIVERSARY launched it's limited edition "The Little Humming Book IV"; and Ma Cherie unveiled its limited edition "Winter Floral Hair Fragrance".

All those words must have left you confused... lol so here are some pictures of the event.

Isn't this super cute?! It's like in a little golden bathtub! haha

With the sweetie pie Fiona :) 

With the popular Evalee and Fiona :) 

Whilst waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive, there were 2game stations to entertain us. Pretty creative I must say haha and it was fun too! I only had the chance to try one game, the other one was just too popular! haha

The 'Winter Floral Shoot' where we were required to knock down as many ingredients on the board as possible. And the one with the highest points would win a grand prize! I wasn't too bad myself haha!

Proof I did play this ok! lol! Look how serious I am :D

This was called the 'Edge Meister Golf' and as the name states, it's more like a golf game where you have to hit the ball through 5holes. And the one with the least number of putts would also win a grand prize! I didn't try this game, because the event was about to start and I decided I would be the one with the MOST number of putts and so.. haha I gave up even without trying.. 

Met the gorgeous Cynthia again!! Haha soo cute la she!! 

And this is Christina!! The girl with the rainbow hair! Absolutely love it!

So the event started and the presenter, Yi Feng, the Brand Executive of Shiseido Singapore, gave a very informative presentation of the new products and what it does. Well I'm not gonna be giving you a presentation or a regurgitation of the event, so here are some key points taken away from it. You're welcome:)

Firstly, the upcoming trend and the 'in-thing' picked up by the experts from Shiseido is this:

Bright, Clear skin with Bright RED Glossy lips! 
And hence, they unveiled products that will give you this trend! 

And all these are available in Watsons Singapore now! 

The next item for unveiling was the legendary popular Ma Cherie hair fragrance! You know how you'd sometimes try to avoid those hawker stalls for fear it will leave a stench on your hair?? And like you just showered and stuff?

Well, Ma Cherie's Hair Fragrance guarantees nice smelling, odor-free hair!

In comparison with their original Hair Fragrance! These are the ingredients used to give that really sweet florally smell that magically masks the odours caught in our hair. 

And this LIMITED EDITION Winter Floral Hair Fragrance will only be available in Watsons from the 5TH DEC onwards..

After the presentation was over, bloggers were then left to roam about the room to snap more pictures, and even get a taste of the products itself by their experts on standby to test on the products on the bloggers :) 

If I knew, I would've gone makeup-less, but we all know that is impossible for me hahaha! 

SO more pictures :) 

L - R: Fiona, Desiree, Evalee, me and Audrey
(click on their names for their blogs :D)

Desiree, she has incredibly artistic photos on her instagram

Audrey, I super want her body!!! :( 

More Audrey :)

And more Desiree :D

Us girls happy with our goodie bags! 

Each blogger was given a goodie bag with a few of the newly introduced products and we are sooo lucky!! We got the Winter Floral Hair Fragrance even before it's out in stores!! :D

I was sooo happy the rest must think I'm crazy or in a slang term "sua ku" hahah!

Am very glad to have met these girls! All so pretty and all soo nice!! Invite me to more events please! hahaha I wanna meet more of these gorgeous people!!! 

One more last group shot of the day :) 

Our Goodies!! I'm sooo glad to get to try these products :) I am unable to let you smell the hair fragrance, haha you just gotta go get it yourself! But I have tried their lip rouge :)

The color I got was in Pure Apple, a pure red lippie that glides on really easily and gives the lips a subtle stain. Apply more layers to adjust the intensity of the redness on your lips :) Here's my take on the Pure Apple.

I put a really light application of it in the middle of my lips to give it a sorta gradient finish :) 

Will do a much more detailed review on the products :)
especially the mascara!! :D

Once again,
THANK YOU for having me there!
Thank you Tricia!
Thank you DSPG!
Thank you Shiseido!
Thank you everybody :) 
I'm very thankful and grateful!!