November 12, 2013

[DAYRE]:New platform? Why am I called Missmcmuffin?

Something that's quite hot right now, or let's say, trending in the blogosphere..
Have you heard of it yet?

Click on it! And follow me! :D

Haha, ever since I started blogging, back when I was still in high school, I think 15years of age, I've been platform-hopping all around, from blogger to xanga to wordpress to tumblr to wretch and then finally back to blogger and staying on blogger officially since 2009..

No matter what, this blog will remain here forever. Unless it undergoes some legal issues with Mcdonald's in the future because of my name Missmcmuffin! LOL! 

I'll say it again! My name is the way it is NOT because I love the Sausage Egg McMuffins or whatever it is from Mcdonalds.. 

The reason is ... haha click HERE to read the rest of my story on my Dayre Page :) 

Atleast giving you abit of incentive to go there right? lol! And since you've already clicked on my page, why not click the FOLLOW button as well :) *shameless man wtf! haha*

So anyways, Dayre is a new app available both on Android and the iPhone, where you can update your blog on the go and follow your favourite bloggers.

I sorta describe it as an Extended Twitter + Instagram + Line = Dayre. 

Look at how cute the stickers are?!!
They practically look like the stickers on LINE don't they?

So this is how your "Home" page would look like. 
Each icon representing what it really means. simple and easy yes?
Text Only || Snap a Picture || Record a Video
Use a Sticker || Share Location

Layout for the blogs you're following can't be any more neater!

Haha screenshots of my entry post. The thing about Dayre is, it's really smart! 

No matter how many times you update your Dayre IN A DAY it will merge it into ONE SEAMLESS ENTRY. SO it wouldn't look like you're spamming with multiple entries in a day, like how Twitter/Instagram would appear to be.

Interested to use Dayre too?? Go download it now from you App Store or PlayStore! And jump on the bandwagon with me! :) 

Take care!