October 17, 2013

[UPDATES]: Home is Where I Belong :)

I have neglected this blog for far too long and yes I will apologize for the abandonment! Still surprised there are still a few of my readers that have continued coming back to my blog, I am touched, and for that I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart :) Hopefully my passion for blogging reignites once again. Eversince the birth of Instagram, I seem to have really gotten too lazy to update on lengthy posts since most of the time I can just easily update my followers on Instagram..

Follow me on my INSTAGRAM :) (what an obvious sell-out I am..hahaha!)

So now back to my life, I'm currently waiting on my graduation for my Masters (like finallyyy) on the 13th December!! Yayyy! After years and years of studying abroad, I'm finally leaving that place for good and coming back to my home, which is Malaysia and to be more specific, Johor Bahru :) Yes, adjusting back to the weather and not to mention the safety issues back here, has been a little difficult.

For example, within the first few days of returning back to the humid weather, my skin condition worsened AND my skin was dryiingggg out! I had no idea why, precisely cuz Malaysia has such a humid weather, I have no idea why my skin was drying out.. So my mom suggested to use her legendary and revolutionary secret weapon to her youthful looks... SKII!!

So yes, my mom gave me most of her samples and bought me full-sized bottles of SKII products to use on my face. Mainly, the SKII Facial Treatment Essence, Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, Facial Treatment Cleanser. With all these high-sounding-professionally-termed products, and not to mention the hefty price, one would surely assume that it WILL and MUST work.. right??

Unfortunately, my skin took a turn for the WORSEEEE after using SKII. I think I'm just not as lucky as others who have had amazinggg results after using the "Miracle Water"(Facial Treatment Essence). I yearned for my smooth and radiant complexion back again but the product just didn't work at all! My skin became dryer and even started peeling excessivelyy.. I was soooo sad :(

Anyway, I don't know how this has become a sorta skin-related post, but however if you're interested in finding out what I used to regain back (sorta) my rather smooth complexion, I might talk about it in the next couple of entries.

Back to the main stuff, I've been back for almost a month plus now and having gotten so used to my lazing days, I find it superrrr hard to wake up so early every single morninggg :( Momsy wants me to get up every morning to exercise with her and follow her to the office. I obviously have troubles waking up.. sorry momm! But I still however manage to make it and head to office. And yes, that is how my life is now every single day...

BUT!! There is a new addition to my family now :D

Introducing my puppy, VICKYYYY!!

Isn't she justttt adorable?!!!! She just turned 3months old on 12th October! and she's still a littleee puppy with very severe biting tendencies, mainly cuz she's teething, but she's able to pull off one or two tricks I'm happy to say :) Definitely would prefer her mastering the skill of peeing at designated spots, but I'll be patient.. haha! She is after all still a puppy and demands alot of attention and patience. 
She has really brought happiness and joy in my life and I cannot imagine how I'd be right now if I hadn't gotten her to pull me through everything. 

And to further update on stuff, since I've been back, I have been accompanying my parents to quite a few functions that I don't even know the purpose for haha I just tag along :) I've got nothing better to do anyway so this makes up for all the time I've not spent with them whilst overseas. I'm glad I get to do more things with them now.. You can never turn back the clock, and it is always the most important thing to spend valuable time with your family as much as possible! So please!! Do spend time with family!!

Firstly, LEGOLAND! 

Didn't take tonnes of photos cuz it was just toooo friggin' hot! The place was a lot bigger than I expected but I think by now they should have opened their new Water Themed section of Legoland. Those that bought the annual pass for it should be super excited and feel super worth-it in buying the ticket. LOL! The price to get in isn't cheap man.. It's like few hundreds of dollars (RM) to get in.. really too high priced... I wouldn't go back there again.

Next: GRANDMA'S 90TH BIRTHDAY (actually she's 89, but everyone says its 90 in chinese years?)

Initially wore this dress, but ended up changing since this was a litttlleee toooo tight for a dinner.. haha! If I had to suck in my stomach the whole night, can you imagine how it'd be like at the END of the dinner?? Holy shit.. haha! So I changed to the dress in the following pictures. 

Actually you can't even really see cuz I did not take an OOTD shot =.= how stupid! 

Happy Birthday Popo!!


Attended my childhood friend, Vanessa's, WEDDING!!! I felt sooo happy for her that she found the right one for her. To Vanessa and David, or should I say, Mr and Mrs Tay, CONGRATULATIONS and tonnes of love and blessings for the beautiful future ahead!

With the radiant bride, Vanessa! :) 

(picture quality varies as taken via different cameras..)

And finally, whilst I'm not attending any important or big events, I'm just with my mom everyday and whilst she's driving, i'll be camwhoring in the car seat next to her.. sometimes, camwhoring together WITH her too.. haha!

heehee hello momsy :D

And there is still sooo much more to update on that this entry can't fit anymore. As i'm writing this, I'm actually sitting right infront of my momsy in her office. lol! Whilst she's busy doing her work, I'm chilling here writing my blog.. ahh, simple pleasures of life. haha!

Till next time :)

Stay Beautiful people! Inside and Out! :D

p.s: do hashtags work on blog entries?? lemme try, haha! #malaysia #makeup #blogger #makeup