July 15, 2013

[REVIEW + GIVEAWAY] Clearasil Vitamins & Extracts Wash and Mask

:D I'm finally back on my blog and I'm super eternally grateful for those that have stuck with me and patiently waited for my return! lol! Been busy with a lot of uni-related stuffs like my finals and assignments but I'll let the updates be in another entry.

This entry is brought to you by NUFFNANG'S PRODUCT TALK. And after so many ideas of having a giveaway, it's finally here! My first ever PRODUCT GIVEAWAY and it's all thanks to the people from Nuffnang. Do stay tuned till the end of this post to find out more on the giveaway :)

First off, I'm pretty sure the CLEARASIL brand needs no further introduction. To me, when I think of pimple/acne clearing, I'll think of CLEARASIL. I have been using their acne gel every single time I get a huge zit, those red and annoyingly large kinds with all that pus. DISGUSTING I knowww... But CLEARASIL comes to the rescue every single time without fail. 

And this time, with their new range of a fruity formation, it combines the goodness of some very healthy and delicious fruits to help combat the enemies of the skin (dryness, dullness and of course, acne & pimples). 


It is formulated with avocado extracts and Vitamin E that is nourishing for the skin. It also contains glycerine that is known to have hydration properties. Pomegranate fruit extract is an anti-oxidant known to help keep skin looking and feeling healthy. 

Soo many delicious and healthy fruits, sounds good enough to eat. :D 

Healthy and clearer looking skin. Skin thats hydrated is good skin. And with its formula containing less salicylic acid than other CLEARASIL products, it is gentle enough to be used every day, while remaining effective at removing impurities and helping prevent breakouts. 

"In a trial conducted by Clearasil, over 74% of people said they loved the way the Daily Clear Vitamins & Extracts products made their skin look and feel; with 71% claiming that it made their skin feel clearer and healthier.* "

*results of 135 users in beautyhaven blind test Australia, 2012.

Now, with all that factual stuff out of the way. Here's what I think of this product. I received it a few weeks ago and have been using it for almost 2weeks now. This wash can be used as a gentle daily cleanser, or a weekly deep cleansing mask. I personally like to use it alternately as a cleanser and as a wash. 

What that means is, as a cleanser, just wash your face as usual with the product. And when it is used as a mask, smother a whole lot of product all over your face and leave it on for 3-5 minutes and then rinse off.


This claims to prevent breakouts and provide hydration, which both I have felt after using this facial wash. I love how this wash does not have much of a strong scent and no squeaky clean feeling to the skin. I personally do not like to feel my skin being too squeaky as I feel its drying my skin. However, with this wash, eventhough it does not have the squeaky tight feeling, I know all make-up and dirt is taken off. I used a toner after cleansing to test if any makeup product was left on my face and none at all. The only thing I'm taking off from a perfect 5 is the color, I just really do not like the color green. haha! 

My face after 2weeks use of the wash. No visible breakouts noticed and my face feels hydrated.
No photoshop or anything done on this photo!  

Here's just showing you how thick the product is. It has a rich and creamy consistency that can easily be applied on your whole face. 

I really do NOT like the color green so I rate this packaging rather low. However, it does give the feeling of cleanliness and the looks of a healthy product due to the fact that its green. I just rated it low cuz as I've mentioned, I really do not like green. lol :D 


My skin is looking clean and fresh and most importantly HYDRATED! It's even making my face seem  like its glowing! And not that oily-kind of glowing, haha, but more to the healthy-looking glow :) 

Loving this product so far?? Head on over to CLEARASIL's official FACEBOOK page and their WEBSITE for more information.

And now, here comes the awesome awesome bit :D


CLEARASIL will be giving away 5 FULL SIZED of the CLEARASIL Vitamins & Extracts Wash and Mask to 5 of my lucky readers!!! (AUSTRALIAN readers only) Sorry my international readers, I will definitely hold a worldwide giveaway very soon!!! 

so, HOW to win this product?? SIMPLE:

Just leave a comment on this entry answering this question:
"What skin concerns do you think Clearasil Vitamins and Extracts could help you with?"
Terms and Conditions of the contest can be found here.

  • This contest runs till JULY 22ND
  • Please do remember to leave your email address in your comments so I can contact you if you are the chosen winner :) 

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Love all of you!