January 17, 2013

[YOUTUBE]: Bobbi Brown Haul

Yet another week has gone by and soon, before you even realize, it'll be the end of January and BOOM! Here comes February... CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! lol!

With that 'mind-blowing' piece of information, I'm back with another video :D (you excited yet? hahaha)

Products used for this look:
Bobbi Brown's BB Cream 
Beauties Factory 12 Blusher Palette in Coral
Bobbi Brown's Brow Pencil in Grey
K-Palette Eyebrow Mascara in Ash Brown
Maybelline's 24hr Gel Liner in Black
Maybelline's Falsies Mascara in Black

Yes, this time it's not gonna be a tutorial since I haven't had any inspirations lately... YET... So here's a short video of my recent cosmetics haul. I stepped into Mecca Maxima in Melbourne Central the other day with my mom and got bombarded with brands!

Brands I didn't even know existed, or were sold in Melbourne. I did however became increasingly interested in the B O B B I  B R O W N cosmetics so, onwards I went to their counter.. And I feel sorry towards my momsy for the damage I caused.. hahaha!

It is a well-known fact that Bobbi Brown products are pretty on a slightly higher price range. But I wasn't the only one purchasing them, momsy was going crazy too.. which is really weird since Singapore and Malaysia both have Bobbi Brown. hahaha!

So yep, this is what I got.

1. Creamy Concealer Kit in Porcelain
2. BB Cream SPF 35 in Extra Light
3. Brow Pencil in Grey

(you can click on the names and it will bring you straight to their website,
linked for your convenience :D)

In my video I talk a lot... maybe too much =| 

Let me know what you think :D If you like this kind of videos cuz I personally enjoy watching them. haha! I literally go out and get whatever the YouTube guru says is a MUST BUY! hahah I'm a sucker for advertising. 

It's like, if she's super pretty, and she says she uses this, I'm like OMG! MUST BUY! hahaha :D
(not saying that I'd have that affect on you...but if I do then... oh! stop it you! :P)
((no, but seriously, I'm not implying myself...serious!))

Without further adue, here's my video :D 

I don't know why does my video quality appear so shitty on YouTube, but when I edit it on iMovie, it's really really really (again....) clear!
Does it have anything to do with my upload or export settings??? Any help would be greatly appreciated :D

Thanks for all the views and good comments that I've received :) I'm loving every bit of this attention and am happy this type of video is being received positively! haha

Thank you to all my subbies and blog readers! I love you ALL!

Till next time,
Take care & Stay Beautiful :)

heehee, one last camho shot..
don't waste la, picture already taken :)