January 13, 2013

[UPDATES]: First weeks of 2013

Momsy and sister have flown back to Malaysia today :'(

Came home to an empty apartment, which is pretty depressing. I have NO idea why the hell I chose NOT to fly back this time. Me and my crazy mind T_T

Anyways, had time to film a few videos just cuz I was too bored. haha! So stay tuned for more videos coming soon!! :D

With momsy here, there were a couple of days where we would take her around Melbourne. To like interesting places. We did plan to go to Brighton Beach so that we could take photos of the colorful bright beach houses. Unfortunately, we got lost and couldn't find the houses =.=

We DID manage to take a few shots of the beach.. not the houses, but the beach.. Better than nothing I guess. LOL!

Headed out for yumcha first before heading to the beach. To the usual place, Shark Fin Inn down in Chinatown. It serves the best yumcha that's nearest to our place so we ALWAYS go there. haha! I love the one in Docklands, but couldn't be bothered driving there. Parking is a bitch!

Mommyyy :'( 

Hahaha. Momsy here holding a fast-melting ice-cream cone.
lol! She looks so funny with that stupid hat. hahaha! 

That's my sister :D Love her long legs!!!

We practically drove all the way there, gave up trying to find the stupid beach houses and ended up getting ice-creams and taking 3pictures and headed back to St Kilda Beach for our dinner. hahaha! I think that must be the shortest amount of time anyone has spent at the beach. NOT EVEN 30MINS! 

We headed back to St Kilda for our dinner at ICHI NI IZAKAYA.

The food is served as a tapas-style. You order multiple dishes, they're all really small, and then you share it. It's really really filling though! Don't let the size of the plate deceive you. Or maybe it's cuz we did order like a hell lot! hahah!

Feast your eyes....

Few days ago, I brought momsy to have her final "big breakfast" Aussy Brunch style before she flies back to Malaysia. Took her to PROUD MARY and she loved it :) She still prefers Three Bags Full though, just because they serve bigger portions of bacons and mushrooms. hahaha!

Mom ordered Potato Hash

I ordered my all-time favourite Pork Belly Sandwich
(my gymming all went down the drain thanks to this..)

And then last night, for her last dinner, I really wanted her to try this really really good Korean BBQ place, near the RMIT Bookshop on Lt. Latrobe Street. It's called ChangGo! It's famous for its 8SPICED PORK BELLY set.

(yess... pork belly again.. I am in serious need of an intense workout T_T)

I literally said, screw the dieting.. This is too good to be dieting on.

I seriously hate my left profile :( my bad side!

And finally, pictures taken today before momsy and sister flies off :'( 


I still can't believe that I didn't fly back together with them. It felt sooo weird, like me sending them off. If it was just momsy flying back, that would be normal cuz Mel and I, we're always sending her off. But today, I was sending momsy and Mel off :'(

I came home and the whole house was sooo quiet :'( I miss them sooo much! I wanna go homeeeee~


Time for me to go drink my protein shake for dinner :( 
No more delicious mom's cooking tonight...