January 6, 2013

[OUTFIT] + [HAUL]: Striped Neons + Creamy Nudes

 Neon Yellow Blazer from Portmans
Striped Dress from Wholesale7
Platform Rivet Shoes from Wholesale7

Introducing my new P r a d a bag! Bought for me as a present by my most beloved momsy!! I love it sooo much! I initially wanted to get it in the pinkish-nude color, but then it would get dirty really easily. Hence, the black! Which is just as gorgeous. I love how it's sooo easy to match with anything! 


Received my very belated Birthday Present from my sister :D She bought me this absolutely gorgeous C H A N E L cuff. It's GORGEOUS!!! Really easy to match with anything too! omg! Thank you thank you soooo much!

Creamy Nude Dress from Wholesale7
Platform Rivet Shoes from Wholesale7
Gold Collar-Tips from SmeshStyle

I just loveee how the collar-tips add so much more to my outfit. If you click on the link for my dress, you can see how plain it actually looks WITHOUT the collar tips. I wrote an entry on my COLLAR-TIPS before, do check it out :D 

Wore this to my movie night with Momsy and Amy :D We watched THE HOBBIT and I absolutely loveeeeed it! (realised how much I actually loveee alot of things.. lol!) no no, but in all seriousness, the movie was really very goooood!

I loved Smeagol sooo much it's like, unbelievably strange to like an evil character but he is just too adorable. The way it talks. haha! Super cute! 

Anyway, before the movie, we headed out for dinner at The Oriental Tea House in Melbourne Central. Ordered the dinner package. Dearest Amy paid dinner for us :') she's tooooo kind! She didn't have to, but she's soo cheeky! Haha, actually ordered and paid before we even arrived. Too smart this girl! haha! Dentist-in-the-making!! 

On a totally unrelated note..

This is my FIRST COSMETICS/FACIAL HAUL of the year 2013 :D

Bought all of these at the little shop that sells all the Japanese/Korean cosmetic products. But at a super jacked-up price T_T Unfortunately cuz I won't be going back to Malaysia this time, I just gotta fork out that extra money...

I'm reaaaaly excited to try those new pair of false lashes and the Dolly Wink eyelash glue. I'm currently using the BIODERMA AND KOSE MEDICATED WASHING CREAM and it seems to be producing good results for my face :) Will do a more detailed review about them later on in the year..

Just a few more random selcas of myself just because I do not know where else to place them in and I kinda like my eye makeup in the selcas. LOL!!

A tutorial on this perhaps?

Anyway, my NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO is currently being uploaded right now! Do check back for it :)

Thank you and stay healthy! 
Good Luck Beautifuls