January 17, 2013

[YOUTUBE]: Bobbi Brown Haul

Yet another week has gone by and soon, before you even realize, it'll be the end of January and BOOM! Here comes February... CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! lol!

With that 'mind-blowing' piece of information, I'm back with another video :D (you excited yet? hahaha)

Products used for this look:
Bobbi Brown's BB Cream 
Beauties Factory 12 Blusher Palette in Coral
Bobbi Brown's Brow Pencil in Grey
K-Palette Eyebrow Mascara in Ash Brown
Maybelline's 24hr Gel Liner in Black
Maybelline's Falsies Mascara in Black

Yes, this time it's not gonna be a tutorial since I haven't had any inspirations lately... YET... So here's a short video of my recent cosmetics haul. I stepped into Mecca Maxima in Melbourne Central the other day with my mom and got bombarded with brands!

Brands I didn't even know existed, or were sold in Melbourne. I did however became increasingly interested in the B O B B I  B R O W N cosmetics so, onwards I went to their counter.. And I feel sorry towards my momsy for the damage I caused.. hahaha!

It is a well-known fact that Bobbi Brown products are pretty on a slightly higher price range. But I wasn't the only one purchasing them, momsy was going crazy too.. which is really weird since Singapore and Malaysia both have Bobbi Brown. hahaha!

So yep, this is what I got.

1. Creamy Concealer Kit in Porcelain
2. BB Cream SPF 35 in Extra Light
3. Brow Pencil in Grey

(you can click on the names and it will bring you straight to their website,
linked for your convenience :D)

In my video I talk a lot... maybe too much =| 

Let me know what you think :D If you like this kind of videos cuz I personally enjoy watching them. haha! I literally go out and get whatever the YouTube guru says is a MUST BUY! hahah I'm a sucker for advertising. 

It's like, if she's super pretty, and she says she uses this, I'm like OMG! MUST BUY! hahaha :D
(not saying that I'd have that affect on you...but if I do then... oh! stop it you! :P)
((no, but seriously, I'm not implying myself...serious!))

Without further adue, here's my video :D 

I don't know why does my video quality appear so shitty on YouTube, but when I edit it on iMovie, it's really really really (again....) clear!
Does it have anything to do with my upload or export settings??? Any help would be greatly appreciated :D

Thanks for all the views and good comments that I've received :) I'm loving every bit of this attention and am happy this type of video is being received positively! haha

Thank you to all my subbies and blog readers! I love you ALL!

Till next time,
Take care & Stay Beautiful :)

heehee, one last camho shot..
don't waste la, picture already taken :) 


January 13, 2013

[UPDATES]: First weeks of 2013

Momsy and sister have flown back to Malaysia today :'(

Came home to an empty apartment, which is pretty depressing. I have NO idea why the hell I chose NOT to fly back this time. Me and my crazy mind T_T

Anyways, had time to film a few videos just cuz I was too bored. haha! So stay tuned for more videos coming soon!! :D

With momsy here, there were a couple of days where we would take her around Melbourne. To like interesting places. We did plan to go to Brighton Beach so that we could take photos of the colorful bright beach houses. Unfortunately, we got lost and couldn't find the houses =.=

We DID manage to take a few shots of the beach.. not the houses, but the beach.. Better than nothing I guess. LOL!

Headed out for yumcha first before heading to the beach. To the usual place, Shark Fin Inn down in Chinatown. It serves the best yumcha that's nearest to our place so we ALWAYS go there. haha! I love the one in Docklands, but couldn't be bothered driving there. Parking is a bitch!

Mommyyy :'( 

Hahaha. Momsy here holding a fast-melting ice-cream cone.
lol! She looks so funny with that stupid hat. hahaha! 

That's my sister :D Love her long legs!!!

We practically drove all the way there, gave up trying to find the stupid beach houses and ended up getting ice-creams and taking 3pictures and headed back to St Kilda Beach for our dinner. hahaha! I think that must be the shortest amount of time anyone has spent at the beach. NOT EVEN 30MINS! 

We headed back to St Kilda for our dinner at ICHI NI IZAKAYA.

The food is served as a tapas-style. You order multiple dishes, they're all really small, and then you share it. It's really really filling though! Don't let the size of the plate deceive you. Or maybe it's cuz we did order like a hell lot! hahah!

Feast your eyes....

Few days ago, I brought momsy to have her final "big breakfast" Aussy Brunch style before she flies back to Malaysia. Took her to PROUD MARY and she loved it :) She still prefers Three Bags Full though, just because they serve bigger portions of bacons and mushrooms. hahaha!

Mom ordered Potato Hash

I ordered my all-time favourite Pork Belly Sandwich
(my gymming all went down the drain thanks to this..)

And then last night, for her last dinner, I really wanted her to try this really really good Korean BBQ place, near the RMIT Bookshop on Lt. Latrobe Street. It's called ChangGo! It's famous for its 8SPICED PORK BELLY set.

(yess... pork belly again.. I am in serious need of an intense workout T_T)

I literally said, screw the dieting.. This is too good to be dieting on.

I seriously hate my left profile :( my bad side!

And finally, pictures taken today before momsy and sister flies off :'( 


I still can't believe that I didn't fly back together with them. It felt sooo weird, like me sending them off. If it was just momsy flying back, that would be normal cuz Mel and I, we're always sending her off. But today, I was sending momsy and Mel off :'(

I came home and the whole house was sooo quiet :'( I miss them sooo much! I wanna go homeeeee~


Time for me to go drink my protein shake for dinner :( 
No more delicious mom's cooking tonight...


January 12, 2013

[BEAUTY]: Make-up Remover (Neutrogena)

A couple of my readers have been requesting or asking me about how or what do I use to remove my makeup. I'm not really using anything fancy. Just the usual eye make-up remover and another facial cleanser/toner to wipe off my face makeup.

These are the products I'm using everyday to wipe off my make-up:

1. L'Oreal - Gentle Make-Up Remover for EYES & LIPS
This is seriously the BEST eye make-up remover for me. I've tried countless of cleansing oils that have been advertised to easily take off waterproof mascara... but all that oil just gets into my eyes and OMG! what an uncomfortable feeling. So this I find works out the best for me.

With a few wipes, my eye-makeup is completely removed! There will tend to be a biiit of an oily feeling but it's soo minimal that it doesn't bother me. Most of it comes off anyway after I wipe my face with the following step. 

 2. BIODERMA - Micelle Solution for SENSITIVE SKIN
This BIODERMA solution is a miracle worker!! It's sooo gentle on the skin, and yet it removes every single trace of makeup from my face! It's unbelievable! My face feels sooo clean and fresh after using this and the BEST PART IS, my face doesn't feel TIGHT or DRY or that it's "TOO CLEAN".

Just using two cotton pads, I first remove my eye makeup with the L'Oreal makeup remover and then another cotton pad soaked with a few drops of the BIODERMA solution to cleanse my face.

But recently, I purchased a new makeup-remover wipes. It's for me to bring along for AFTER my gym workouts. I tend to shower after my gym classes and I'd need something CONVENIENT and EFFICIENT to wipe off all the excess dirt and makeup from my face before heading into the showers.

And so, I decided to go ahead and try this.....

NEUTROGENA Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes NIGHT CALMING

These sheets are just your average pre-moistened towelettes but claims to be strong enough to remove even WATERPROOF MASCARA. So I put it to the test. (well as best of a test as I could do..lol!)

(I had very minimal make-up on. but I had on Waterproof mascara so it should be tough enough for a test)



Here, I'm eyebrow-less on one side of my face. LOL!! 


I find the towelettes VERY VERY MOISTURIZING! And the swipes on my face weren't tugging or felt like it was scratching my face. The makeup came off clean as well! 

But then again, this was because I had VERY MINIMAL make up on.. So I decided to RE-TEST IT! 

This time, with much more eyeshadow on and more coats of mascara

 Now, I tested it again with the Neutrogena wipes and after a total of 4WIPES, my eye makeup was completely removed!!! AMAZING!!!

That's the amount of eye makeup that was removed from ONE EYE only!
And no, the sheet isn't THAT small, I folded it a couple of times for ease of wiping. 
The sheet I would say would be about a size of an A4 or slightly smaller than an A4. 

And that's the amount of face makeup it removed from my ENTIRE face! 
That seems legit, since I only wear very light application of BB Cream. 

So, the verdict?

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! It's soooo compact and sooo light and soooo easy to use. I can just chuck it in my gym bag and now everytime after a workout I can just whip them out and cleanse my whole face!!! AWESOME!! 

Now I don't have to bring along the bulky bottles or pour them into little tiny contact lens cases that are filmsy and tend to spill out. So this is a definite MUST BUY for me :D What with my sticking to my NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS and all..LOL!!! 

And just cuz it's a relevant outfit entry, I leave you with my Outfit of the day :D

Denim Jacket (worn as a top) from Portmans
Laced High-Waist Shorts from Taiwan
Rivet Platform Shoes from Wholesale7
haha i've been wearing this pair of shoes in almost ALL of my recent OOTD..

Last but not least, 
I've SUCCESSFULLY linked my blog to my OFFICIAL DOMAIN!!
My blog is now officially:

(and because of that, my comments section/NuffnangX/followers may appear wonky for a couple of days.. but I'm working to fix that out. bear with me! =] )

Thank you!
Stay Beautiful :)

January 10, 2013

[SPECIAL]: New Year's Eve

It's almost the second week of the new year, but still it's never too late to talk about New Year's Eve... yes? lol! In any case, this year I didn't have any celebration planned. All I had planned for the day was work.

Yes. Work..

Worked in the day at LV and had work at Hilton later in the night. However, as circumstances or how fate played out, I didn't go into work later for Hilton (which I still feel terrible about). But every grey cloud, there's a rainbow after it ( or however the saying goes...) Cuz, if I had gone to work, I wouldn't have been able to celebrate the New Year with my family and friends..

The moment Amy knew I didn't have work, she called me to ask me out to join her in celebration. She was gonna go walk down to the Yarra River or Flagstaff Gardens to catch the fireworks. I didn't want to cuz I was too tired to walk there and quite frankly, rather scared cuz I just knew there were gonna be TONNES and TONNES of people roaming the streets.

So, had dinner with momsy, sister and her boyf at ShangHai Dynasty. Really random place cuz everywhere else was full and it was last minute again...

But the food was delicious!!

The LOBSTER NOODLES areee exceptionalllly tasty!! I'm getting hungry now just looking at it T_T

After dinner, headed home and Amy was just below my apartment having drinks with her friends. So I decided to join. It was roughly 11:00pm when I met up with them.. It was really good to see her and her friends. Felt a little anti-social since momsy came. haha! Cuz all I ever wanna do is just stay home and spend time with her. Not that she forces me, but I genuinely really want to..

R>L: Mimi, MichelleZhu, Me, Amy and Chu
:) Really sweet and very nice girls! haha had a nice time

And don't ask me why the following pictures are blurry. I don't know why too :( I'm guessing cuz the place was really dark, and the flash focused on the back more than us for some reason..

They were initially planning on walking down to catch the fireworks, but I told them I'd be catching it from my balcony or just at home with my family on the TV. haha they got lazy and decided to crash
my house too.

They were more than welcomed to of course. But I did warn them though cuz I've never actually spent new year's here before so I didn't know if my balcony could even see the fireworks. Cuz there's so many buildings around me that it might be blocking the view.. but fingers crossed we'd get to see even slightly of the fireworks..

When the clock struck midnight, OH MY GOD!!! The view was F A N T A S T I C!!!!

At the same time, the whole sky was lit up with fireworks. Fireworks emitting from all corners, from tops of buildings! and the best part, you could see EVERYTHING from my balcony!! wooohoooo! :D

Here's a short video I took of the fireworks.

The most awesomest view I could ever ask for! And plus I get to see it with momsy, (also her first time celebrating NYE here) and she was sooo happy too! haha! In Chu's video, you can actually hear all of us going crazy and just so excited with the fireworks. We were constantly going "waaaahhhhh" "omgggg" hahaha it's hilarious!

I can't remember who said this but I felt it was really true and a good positive thing too. She said,
"With such a fantastic start to the New Year, 2013 is bound to be good to us." 
(or somewhere along the lines). And I couldn't agree more.

With every closed door, a new one opens for you, and it is up to you to decide if you'd take the plunge and go for it. I do believe 2013 will be a good year for me :) What more I'll be graduating from my Masters degree at the end of this year!! I'm super excited :D

So, have an AWESOME 2013 everyone! And T H A N K Y O U for being on this journey with me :)

Many more awesome things I've planned for this year and I really hope I can make them come true.

Take Care and Stay Beautiful