December 23, 2012

[SPECIAL]: My 22nd Birthday :D Part 2

As I was working on my official birthday, momsy celebrated with me the next day, Sunday 9th December. The day was officially Michelle's Day :D I felt super special and just really blessed to have my mom here with me. Feeling super special, even if we were doing really simple things like walking around the city and snapping lots of photos. haha. #simplepleasuresoflife :D

A really beautifully decorated walkway in between Little Collins and Bourke Street. So festively decorated and it just lifts everyone spirits I would think so. I felt so Christmas-y whilst walking through. haha really love that place, especially that macaroon stall right in the middle. Do check it out while you're around Melbourne!

Beautiful Momsy!! :D 

Yours Truly :D

Had bfast/lunch at this little cafe at the end of the walkway. It's really small and pretty cramped. Food wasn't exceptionally great but still, the ambience and company made up for it :) 

Orange Block Colored Blazer from
Leopard Chiffon Shirt from TopShop
Collared Tips from
Black Flared Skater Skirt from Bardot

So after lunch, proceeded to walk along Collins Street and this is where you will come across this HUGE WATER WALL where if you stick leaves onto it, it will remain stuck there. haha Pretty cool and really beautiful. 

Here's me trying to form an M.. The I *love* shape was left there by another person. So it looked like I formed the words " I *love* M " hahaha

My pretty M :) 

Sister finally finished work, and came to join us at Laurent. Location of this cafe is the best! It's situated in between shops and the lane is always sheltered, so we never get the sun. PERFECT place from hiding away from the blazing hot Australia sun.

Went into David Jones and got myself my birthday present :D Momsy purchased for me my YSL ARTY RING!!!!


A quick change of Jacket and Shoes later, then off to my Birthday dinner with momsy and sister at TAKUMI!!! The last time I went there was a couple of years ago and I absolutely missed their food. So we just HAD to go there this year :D

Ordered the set package where you get a tonnes of stuff for $65pp. I find that pretty reasonable, considering you get tonnes of meat, and it's all the different cuts of Wagyu Beef! Seriously super delicious and too worth the price! haha GOOD DEAL!

Finally, got home and cut my final last birthday cake of the year :D It was purchased for me by my sister's boyfie. Super sweet la can! I mean, he couldn't make it for dinner with us so he bought a cake for me.. awwww T_T

I'm sad and happy at the same time.. Sad that I'm really getting sooo old!!!
But happy that I am loved and just so grateful for the many people that love me..
I cherish each and every one of you!

My present from the Melbourne Family *lovesss*
Although we have almost all moved on towards our new chapters of our life,
the bond we have created and memories we have shared will forever remain everstrong
and shall be eternally etched in my heart. I love you guys! 

Gorgeous Meeeee I LOVE YOU!!!
Your heartwarming birthday card (can't be!) and this awesomely thoughtful gift
is truly appreciated and I really love it so much! Haha these were her exact words, more or less,
"Michiee! This is for you, use it in your next YouTube video! Now that you're a YouTube Guru"
hahahahahaha seriously super hilarious!! Thank you so much for your support and always being
there for me Meee!! To our 18years of friendship, I LOVE YOU!!

Hahahaha! Was totally surprised when you said you bought a present for me! Thanks so much!
Although we hardly meet up, and you still bought a gift for me. I appreciate very much and all your
support, I deeply deeply am grateful. haha I wish you good luck in your future plans and your business!
And if you do decide to continue with your PHD, (seriously u need to stop studying bro), I wish you
the BEST OF LUCK TOO!! Take Care back in Malaysia ya :D It has been my pleasure to know you. 

And finally, thank you to EVERY SINGLE PERSON that had wished me on my Facebook,
Instagram, Twitter, Texts, Blog comments, Calls.. THANK YOU! Though some of you probably
only remembered cuz Facebook reminded you (lol!), but I still appreciate that you even took the
time to type out a birthday greeting to me. haha!

SO, the end of the world didn't happen and we're on to Christmas very very soon! Christmas Eve tomorrow and I've got an early day. Starting with our LV XMAS BFAST at 8am!! right before we go on and start selling like crazy.. Thinking of getting a last minute Xmas gift? Head on down to LOUIS VUITTON ON COLLINS STREET tomorrow! 

We're open from 9am - 5pm!