December 15, 2012

[OUTFIT] Spring/Summer Fashions

These outfits are compiled throughout the two weeks when I took both momsy and my aunty out on multiple brunch dates and countless eatings at different places where I urbanspooned! haha as mentioned before in previous entries, I have seriously been on a super eating frenzy the moment my aunty arrived. Now that she's gone back to Malaysia, lol momsy finally has to succumb to me and my sister's cravings for homecooked meals :D

I'm soooo happy momsy's here! House always looks sooo clean and I just feel so glad to come back home to a warm and comfy home :D

[22nd November] Lindt Cafe@Myers

Denim-Chiffon Floral Sleeved Shirt by CottonOn
Paired this with simple Black Skinnies

[23rd November] Auction Room

Yellow Blazer by Portmans
Pink T-Shirt by CottonOn
Floral Balloon Skirt by TopShop

[26th November] Three Bags Full

(lol! I did not intend for that car to be in the bckground...Blame momsy!)

Pink Cropped Blazer by Portmans
Yellow Collared Shirt by TopShop
Black Leigh Jeans by TopShop
Beret by Ojay
Tawny Sunglasses by

Recently Ive been receiving a mix of good and bad things. The bad things aren't really all that bad, it's more heartbreaking than it actually really is bad..if you get what I'm trying to say?? I received so many birthday messages and wishes that I feel so touched and grateful for. However, one stood out particularly so..which was from my past..

I don't know.. It has already been so long, but somehow..only he has that capability to stir up my emotions that much. I felt happy for a moment, but realised, yet again, I put too much thought into that one small gesture.. It's just me.. I'm always the one that thinks too much or hold on to things too tightly.. 

I need to let go...

However, I guess the Universe is still kind to me for I have a super kind and understanding boss and I am so super super lucky! I can't imagine how lucky I am to have found such an awesome job and awesome employer, and what better, from such a highly renown brand like Hilton.

I am thankful and grateful for every single thing that I have received. No matter what the outcomes will be, I am still happy :) Everything is good! And I believe that only more good things will come my way!

Oh! and also, my next YouTube video will be up soon :D 

I've done all the editing for it. It's sort of like a combination of a skincare routine, makeup tutorial and a hair tutorial.. Basically, a GET READY WITH ME sort of video :D

Be excited for it ok!! haha :)