December 10, 2012

[FOOD] + [OUTFIT]: Mart130@Albert Park


107a Canterbury Road,
Middle Park, VIC
03 9690 8831

Took momsy and aunty to Mart130 couple a weeks ago for brunch. Honestly I have sooo many photos of me having brunch you can literally see my face getting rounder in each photo day by day T_T Seriously, the amount of times I've been having large and heavy breakfasts within the two weeks my aunty was here could equate to the number of times I've been to brunch for the past 2years! 

Regardless, food here is AWESOME! I loveee having brunch at Mart130. Not only is the ambience great and really peaceful, the food is good too! What an added bonus! :D

My fave, peppermint tea.

Me and momsy :)

Corn Fritters with Bacon and extra sides of Mushrooms.
This was yumzzz!!!
*Double thumbs up!*
Definitely recommend this!

Momsy ordered the usual, Poached eggs with Sausages, Bacon and extra sides of Mushroom.

Nothing much can be said of this place, other than it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you should go and try this little cute cafe if you haven't already. The place is soo cutely placed right next to the tram station or isit a train station? I can never get it right. I see trams stopping there.. oh wait, ok then it's a tram station. LOL! 

It's named MART130 because it's T-R-A-M spelt backwards, and it's stop number 130! INGENIOUS! haha

Tawny Rounded Sunglasses from Romwe
Pearl Embellished Collar (Black) from
Asymmetric Grey Skirt from Taiwan
Black & Gold Cross Necklace from Forever21
Tiger Heads Black Belt from TopShop
Back Pack from Taiwan
Yellow Loafers from Taiwan

Stupid wind made my face look extra round! T_T


I'd like to thank each and everyone of you that wished me Happy Birthday! :D All your wishes and blessings!! No matter how you wished me, through texts, whatsapp, facebook message, instagram and those who took the extra time to call me, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! I am soooo happy and feel really loved!! 

I didn't organize or celebrate my birthday in any special way this year but my friends still surprised me and family made me feel special, even when it wasn't my official birthday (cause I was working on my actual birthday T_T). 

All in all, I just wanted to say: THANK YOU!!! and I am so grateful and thankful and blessed and proud to have known each and every one of you..