December 17, 2012

[FOOD] + [ADVENTURE]: Multiple Brunch Places and Melbourne Aquarium :D

Decided to compile every place I've eaten at into one entry (lengthy post ahead) instead of doing it per entry.. Cuz if I do, it's gonna be entry after entry of food-related posts and nobody's really interested in thaat.. Well I know I'm not.. I don't really go onto food blogs very often, mainly cuz I'm not really picky or into food.. I mean I looveee EATING, but not to the extent that I must read up on every good food entry.. U know what I mean??

I eat anything that I find tasty..Period..

First stop:

103-107 Errol Street, North Melbourne
VIC 3051

(03) 9326 7749

:) my favourite! Peppermint tea.. it can never go wrong

lol absolutely nothing to do with the food, but I just find this shot really artistic :D
Pretty good photographer, I am.. Right?

I don't drink coffee, as I've mentioned many times..
Here's a shot of my sister's lattee..

Momsy and aunty ordered poached eggs with bacon.
They're famed for their poached eggs, and I can see why. They're eggs are 
perfectly cooked in the way it should be and the yolks run the moment u crack them.
It oozes out soooo mouth-wateringly (that's the best description I could come up with). 

My sister ordered some potato fritter thingy..
Doesn't look too appetising but it was delicious! 

Annnnd I ordered PORK...
As always, I thought I could never go wrong with ordering pork at brunch...
Turns out, this was soo NOT what I was expecting.. The pork came up minced inside that little
glass bottle that you see in the picture there.. It's mashed up and stuffed in there.. I don't even know
how it's cooked.. Probably braised? or stewed? I don't know.. The taste was alright....
But I would NEVER order that again....

Flinders Street, Melbourne
VIC 3000
(03) 9923 5999

LOL! I don't know why I put this as an adventure.. I didn't know what to label it as.. lol! It certainly was not an event, so I guess adventure is perfectly apt for this.. haha! I could put it as educational? But we spent a total of LESS THAN 1HOUR to go through the entire Aquarium..

It was pretty disappointing, mainly cuz most of their aquariums were closed for, what they call "renovation", preparing their tanks to bring in new species or something like that. They should have informed us though while we were buying the tickets.. 

We still paid the full price of the normal tickets eventhough we only saw like maybe half of what was actually to be on display.. You know?!! But still I've always loved the aquarium and love doing things like this.. Wanted to go to the zoo that day, but it was too hot so we decided to stay indoors. LOL! 

heehee, cute little fish that I forgot what it's even called

these rubbery looking fishies are actually real!! We thought they were just
rubber/plastic figures of the real fish.. omg! these look super creepy!

I am SOOO CONVINCED that aliens do exist! I mean, look at this thing!!

This picture, I literally said: "CRUSH!! FINDING NEMO!! JELLY-MAN!!"


271 Collins Street, Melbourne
VIC 3000
(03) 9667 0900

 After the "adventure" (lol) at the Melbourne Aquarium, we then headed over for the routined "yumcha" at Lindt on Collins Street.

One thing when hanging out with older people, it's that they're time span of walking is really low.. or maybe just momsy, but she gets tired reaaaallly quick and always, always wants to just go somewhere to drink and take pictures. LOL!

She sounds like me actually, snapping photos everywhere we go! haha

Me and Momsy :)

Nothing much to say about this place. Cakes are delicious! Macaroons delicious! Profiteroles delicious! Ambience extremely beautiful and relaxing! I love this place! :D 

(did all this in a day!)

Second stop:

Corner of Nicholson St and Mollison St, 
Abbotsford VIC 3067
(03) 9421 4732

Momsy ordered their "Big Breakfast". 
Can't recall if that's what they call it, but I just call it the Big Breakfast
cuz it has basically everything on a plate.. Bacons, mushrooms, eggs, toast..

I ordered Rashes of bacon, scrambled eggs, mushrooms and an extra side of hollandaise sauce

Sister ordered some Smoked Salmon thingy..
Tasted good too! surprisingly!

Now, this is FRIGGIN GOOD!!!!
I'm like salivating now just typing out this entry.. 
This was, if I'm not mistaken, their FRENCH TOAST? I can't remember
what it's called, but it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO ORDER!!!

The food is EXTREMELY DELICIOUS!!!! Nothing else to say!! No words better to describe just how delicious the food was.. Out of all the brunch places I've been to, this is definitely top on my list! Followed my Mart130.. 

Few more days till December 21st...Is the world really going to end? Are we all gonna die?! Part of me really wants to see what it would be like to experience the end of the world.. But in all seriousness, if the world really were to end so soon, I would die filled with so many things and goals that I have yet to achieve! And so many regrets too! 

Tried telling myself to live everyday like it's my last.. Unfortunately, that's harder to achieve since you know, I don't actually really believe that the world's gonna end. But I do strive to atleast accomplish small little things every single day. Be it to the smallest thing like waking up early so that I can accompany my mom. Haha! Even that makes me feel better about my day. lol! 

Uploading my YOUTUBE video tomorrow!! 

Stay Tuned and look out for it :D

Stay Beautiful