December 10, 2012



I'm realllly excited to share this with all of you..

You know how I LOVEE really unique pieces of accessories and anything's that's really edgy and not really easy to find anywhere in shops?

Well, first world problems, I CAN NEVER FIND anything like that! It's always really very rare. Like if I go onto online websites and then if I'm lucky enough, I'd chance upon a piece that I really really like... annnd it's either too expensive or they don't ship to Australia T_T NOOOOO!

Well now, there is a solution to all of that.. Or should I say a new shopping website that I am lucky enough to be in contact with! It's set up by my deaar friend and the pieces available are SOOOO beautiful and unique. You HAVE to look at their collection! It's too pretty NOT to..

Visit them on their FACEBOOK PAGE or on their official SMESH WEBSTORE. was created with the goal and aim of bringing uniqueness and "one-of-a-kind" fashion pieces to their customers. It promotes EXCLUSIVITY!! Their pieces are all chosen with care and love to bring you the finest collections.

I can't express just how lucky and happy I feel that I am able to write this blog entry for SmeshStyle. I received the Baroque Collar Tips by Jogema to feature in this post.

Look how pretty they are!!!

These collar tips are super easy to clip-on to any collared-shirts that you may have. It doesn't even have to be an actual hard collared shirt as seen on their website. I wore this on a CHIFFON material shirt and it held the collar very very well, with no sudden slip-offs or any dangling business.

The built of this piece is really sturdy and I would say it has an "expensive-feel" to it? Like you know, it doesn't feel plasticky or cheap!

See how boring my normal Leopard Print shirt is??
Let's jazz it up a little :D


And no, I did not cut my fringe.. LOL! It was just a wig :)

I do seem to notice a trend forming, everyone's getting bangs now..

I loveeee the collar tips!!
Don't you??

Head on over to and get SHOPPING!! 

Best thing is? They're providing FREE SHIPPING to
till the 31st December 2012!


Christmas season is finally here! Everywhere in Melbourne I see Xmas decorations and I feel so happy and festive? haha! I just wish the cold weather will prevail all throughout summer.. Am soo NOT looking forward for a hot summer :( I swear if I can't stand the heat, I'd get on the next flight out back to Malaysia.. haha! Atleast Malaysia I can turn on the A/C and NOT feel that much of a pinch in the electricity bill than I would here in Melbourne T_T