November 15, 2012

[OUTFIT]: Black on White

Black and White Color-Block Long-Sleeved Jumper
(unfortunately they no longer stock this)

Gun Metal Collar White Blouse 

(not pictured)

Paired with:
Leigh Black Jeans

Combat Boots
- Big W
(lol! do NOT look down on BigW's stuff. they're actually really good! this pair of boots lasted me a good whole 18months now. haha. absolutely love it!)

Wore this outfit to my exam. Who says you should look like how you feel? I felt like shit and dead tired with extremely zombie coloured dark circles..but that doesn't mean that you HAVE to look like it. I find it just as a basic human courtesy to make yourself look presentable, you know? To show that you atleast care a liittle bit about how you are presenting yourself. I'm not saying you should ALWAYS dress up to the nines or go all out in dressing up if you're the kind that just prefers laidback styles. But at least don't come out looking like a zombie or a homeless hobo..both girls and guys included..  Just easy steps like, combing your hair, washing your face before coming out, if your hair is in a mess, tie it up in a bun or a pony tail.. For guys, just comb your hair.. the comb was invented for a reason, so make it fulfil its purpose!! I'm not saying that I am a fashionista or that I look good always but I DO TRY! haha and if I still don't look good then I'll just accept it towards my genes. haha! But yeah, TRY!! TRY!! TRY!! 

So, with that rant out and clear off my chest....

If you've read my entry on my Chocolate Strawberries hair color post, this is the color it has now faded to. I absolutely love it!! It's more of a cherry red and pink now with purple undertones. haha! Absolutely loving the outcome.. what do you think?

FYI: This is about a WEEK AFTER so it's been through a couple of washes and I do tend to wash my hair TWICE a day.. atleast minimum ONCE a day..

Under natural lighting

with flash you can see the purplish-pink undertones :D

 [MAKE of the day]

Kept my makeup to the minimum.. Just lined my waterline with Maybeline's Waterproof 24hr Gel Liner and applied some peachy shadow and mascara. Quite similar to the video I made on YouTube about my Daily Eye Makeup Routine but just minus a few other steps..

For the face, I kept it simple with just applying on a sunscreen lotion and my Pink Powder Water to keep my face matte looking and applied a pink blusher. I absolutely LOVE the Pink Powder Water and have given a brief review of it here in my Skincare Regime (Morning) post, so go check that out if you havent :)

And only used concealer under my eyes and around my nose to cover up any redness.

Mom will be arriving this Sunday, bringing up goodies and my RING LIGHT!! :D Excitedddd!! Hopefully once I'm finished with my exams I could film more videos and take more pictures (of myself) more professionally! haha.. I know I mentioned before that I made my own RingLight but that was an epic fail. HAHA! So... just decided to get one from Singapore's Funan IT Mall. It was pretty cheap too I think around SGD$50-$70 I think.. I'm sure that's not the cheapest out there but it was good enough for me :D

Thank you for reading!
Goodnight Beautifuls!

Thanks to everyone who's given me support and encouragement with my YouTube channel and Twitter and my Instagram followers. Thank you all so much! I know I'm still at the beginning of my professional blogging career, but I'm getting there.. slowly and steadily.. I will continue to keep improving and to bring more exciting content to you guys soon! So please be patient and stay with me.. Be a part of my journey as I will be, to being a part of yours too. 
 Let us grow and mature together.

Love you all from the bottom of my heart!
T H A N K Y O U !