November 4, 2012

[FOOD]: Izakaya Chuji


Izakaya Chuji
165 Londsdale Street Melbourne
(03) 9663 8118

This has got the be one of my FAVOURITE-EST Japanese restaurant here in Melbourne. It's located just along the corner of Russel and Londsdale Street (opposite from Stalactites). The price of the food, albeit pricey, but it delivers in everything else, taste, ambience and even the service. All their staff are Japanese, giving a more authentic Japanese-styled service as they take your order in super Japanese-accented english. Although sometimes it is quite hard to understand, but don't you just love anything Japanese related? I know I do :D 

So headed over there for dinner to "celebrate" (i put the "" there cuz I don't know if you can actually call it a celebration, it was a farewell dinner, but also to celebrate her birthday. lolz..we'll just categorize it as a celebration then :D) Annie's belated birthday.. Had dinner with uni-mates and it was such an awesome night. Filled with laughter and chit chat.. I seriously laughed too much till I suffered a headache =.= 

I think I actually fail as a food blogger cuz firstly, although I'm introducing this extremely delicious restaurant, I do not have any pictures of the food. LOLZ! Nevertheless, I will mention some of my favourites from the menu. Check out their website for their full online menu :) 

  • Gyutan Butter Yaki
    This dish is ABSOLUTELY DIVINE! It's ox tongue drizzled with garlic butter sauce *drools* Fell in love with ox tongue the moment I tried it here. I never used to like ox tongue but my tastebuds has changed and will never go back. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 
  • Yukke
    It stands for chopped beef tartare mixed in sauce & served with raw egg. It's practically RAW BEEF but it tastes sooo sinfully good! There is absolutely NO raw taste at all. Unless you're allergic to raw eggs, which you should totally stay clear away from this dish..but if not, this too is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED dish! 
  • Japanese Style Steak
    The description for this dish, lol, sort of cracked us into laughter. haha here's what it says on the menu. Direct quote: "beef steak with beautiful teriyaki sauce" hahahah! We wondered how beautiful it'd be. Turns out, it was exceptionally beautiful both in taste and in presentation! It was served in a hot plate with its beautiiiful sauce drizzled all over the top and spilling out on the sides. It was soo tender and juicy, and the sauce, you could eat a whole bowl of rice with just the sauce on its own. 
  • Nasu Dengaku
    This is normal eggplant but with a delicious miso paste. This tastes almost as good as the eggplant I always order back home at my favourite Japanese restaurant, Nijyumaru. I would say this is as close as I can get to the delicious taste of eggplant back home. Try this and you won't regret it. It's a vegetable so, keeps the meal healthy? lol! I rarely eat vegetables so...yeah..haha this would be a good source of vege for me :) 

Not saying that these are the only dishes that are good, these are just the ones that I absolutely love! and would recommend to anyone to order if they intend on going there. I must warn you though that booking is ESSENTIAL! This restaurant is sooo popular that don't even bother trying to get a table if you wanna eat during weekends without a booking! I repeat, BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL! 

And now, pictures from the night :D 

Gorgeous Annie!

We all chipped in for her presents :D It was quite an ingenious gift idea by Morny and Kai. She has this crazy fan-girl phase going on with Taylor Swift. haha nothing wrong with that but yeah, we decided to give her something music related. lolz! Hope you like our present Annie!! 

A Spotify Premium 3-Month Subscription!
So she can listen to as much of Taylor Swift as she wants.

Deliciously sponsored (stolen from his shop) by Justin!

And finally, our Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume to Annie!
haha, told you it was sorta Taylor Swift-themed XD!

Now, for some weird reason, we just couldn't stop laughing when us 3 girls wanted to take a photo together. I seriously blame Justin.. he kept making us laugh. haha! But we managed to get finally after numerous shots of us laughing our asses off. LOLZ!

Myself, Annie and Morny!


Finally a good shot.
(mind you, there were many candid shots, but I chose the good ones to show. haha)

The boys.. L>R: Ryan, Justin, Kai and Poom

Headed for frozen yoghurt after that and our group slowly dispersed as we all went home. Really good to hang out with them. Takes the mind away from all the stress of the exams. Am really glad I met such awesome people who will be studying the same course as me through the rest of my uni. Love them and couldn't ask for a better bunch.. looking forward to our MSN! hahahah (inside joke :D)

|| This was the dinner that I was rushing to while filming my hair tutorial, which you can watch, if you haven't, HERE
Thank you all so much for the kind comments and encouragement. It is because of all these support that motivates me to record even more videos for you. I may be laughed at a couple of times, but once I get past that I know I can improve. It takes both criticism and complements to push you to strive to be your best. Thank you all so much! ||

Goodnight Beautifuls!