November 30, 2012

[FOOD] + [OUTFIT]: Chez Dre South Melbourne


285-287 Coventry Street,
South Melbourne, VIC, 3205

Here's also the link to the cafe's menu.. 

Headed over to this little cafe for brunch after recommendations from friends to go there. It received a rather high rating on urbanspoon so yea, it couldn't be wrong.. 

Ordered my favourite....Peppermint Tea..LOL! I know like almost everyone goes to brunch for the coffees and friends who have gone back home all miss the Melbourne Coffee..I'm unfortunately not really a coffee person and can't ever for the life of me appreciate coffee.. haha. They all taste the same...BITTER! 

Sister ordered the Poached Eggs on Sourdough with extra sides of Mushrooms.

I can't really remember the name of this.. Mom ordered something with a side of mushrooms. lol! Pardon me for my lack of memory of what she ordered. Pictures tell a thousand words anyway right? haha!

As for me, I ordered the Duck Sandwich :D 

Overall, the ambience of the cafe was extremely beautiful. It was peaceful and felt really vintage. They had an outdoor area where you could sit and bask under the sun in all its glory. But being asians, we decided to just sit inside, under the shade, where not an ounce of skin was touched by the sun. LOL!! I can't stand being under the sun. It's sooooo hot! Moreover, I DO NOT LIKE being TANNED! Or should I say, I've NEVER been tanned. haha!

Food on the other hand, I loved my Duck Sandwich and it was really super tasty. Mom didn't like her bread though, said it was too soggy.. But I actually found it pretty good. lol! So I would say, to each its own? 

My mom did, however, enjoyed the coffee..So did my sister and my aunty.. 

Overall, I would recommend this place for good coffee and I read they're actually good for their cakes and desserts, all the sweet stuff that we didn't order =.= So yea, go to Chez Dre for good coffee and the ambience.

The laneway outside of the cafe was really beautiful too. I liked the brick walls and the cobbled stoned floors. haha and so I got my mom to be my photographer :D Training her into taking beautiful shots so I can have more Outfit posts.. since she's gonna be staying here till January.. haha! Might as well :D 


Retro Pattern Printed Black Dress from Romwe
Brown Back Pack from Taiwan
Zipped Ankle Boots in Tan from Rubi

A change of hairstyle later, as we headed out for Korean BBQ for dinner :D
But that will have to wait as I am off to get ready for work today at LV and Hilton! 

For those who don't already know, I gotten the CASUAL SALES position at the LOUIS VUITTON Store on Collins Street, Melbourne. I am sooo thankful and grateful! I feel so much positive things are happening to me I can't even express how grateful I am :D

The year 2013 seems to be turning out great for me! Thank You Universe!

[to be continued...]