November 17, 2012

[BEAUTY]: Nose Enhancers

For many many many years of my life, ever since I started caring about how I look and feeling conscious of my nose I've always wanted a nose job! Although I started to try to dress up at the end of my high school years, (see my "TRANSFORMATION" entry) before leaving for Melbourne (so I'd say roughly around the age of 16 going on 17), I was never really conscious of my nose.. till I got more exposed to beauty and fashion. And you know the drift, what and how do you define beauty? 

Huge eyes, Straight small noses, Small lips, Sharp V-face shapes, Thin Long legs, Perfect bust size, Tiny Waistline. 

Basically everything I didn't have.. I may come off as really confident about how I look but inside, I'm actually the most insecure and low self-esteemed person ever! That's why I never, for the life of me, will I ever head out without make up on, or my colored contact lens on.

...But I can post pictures up because.. heck why not? lol through the lens you can always angle yourself to look waaay better than how you actually look in real life.. so yes, here are photos of me makeup-less that I find pretty decent-looking..
(haha I lie. I actually really think I look okay in these photos thats why I even dare to post them up.. lol!)

Bulbous nose or what?! sooo huge!

I know people will start saying like embrace your beauty or God made you the way you are, but fuck that.. I'm not happy with my bulbous nose or my beady small eyes so I try my best in whatever way to enhance them features. lol! Bodywise, well I can't really do much about growing taller,  so maybe just go on a diet and lose some weight.. Boob-size, well.. haha I'd probably opt for a boob job down the road, who knows? lol! or I could just wear tonnes of padding inside my bra? haha but I'm ok with my size, thought not proud of it, but for now I can still live with it and it doesn't really bother me that much..

So, huge eyes and straight small nose is basically the easiest thing for me to achieve or strive to make it appear so.. For huge looking eyes? Wear coloured contact lenses.. BOOM! Instant huge-dolly-looking eyes. Add to that, eyeliner, mascara, and abit of eyeshadow would do the trick.

Straight Small Noses? Well, I use contouring powder to contour my nose. To change the shape of my nose.. Making it appear slimmer and taller, unlike the round bulbous shape that I inherited from my father :( It looks good and okay on him but definitely not the best shape to have for a girl..

Contouring, to a certain extent it helps, but its not permanent or gives a very defined shape... so the solution? other than deciding to go under the knife and making a life changing decision... I decided to go and get NOSE ENHANCERS from

Their promise is that you'd get instant results.. "Nose Correction without Surgey"

I saw the famous YouTube Guru Michelle Phan using this in her Zombie Barbie Tutorial and I thought "HOLY SHIT I NEED TO GET THESE!!" and I did. LOL! I googled search for it and found the website where they sell and ship internationally. I haven't received them yet cuz I just bought them today but am SOOOO EXCITED to receive them.. Hopefully it will give me the enhancement I need in my nose.. lol! If it works then OMG!! But if it doesn't then, oh well, I'll stick to contour powders then...for now.. heehee^^

I'm definitely pro plastic surgery, not against it at all.. If you're not happy with the way you look and KNOW that plastic surgery can help you and that you've understood all the consequences then by all means go for it! I know if I could I would.. But I'm too scared to go under the knife or how society will look at me to consider it now.. So, this is my solution to a better looking nose.. haha!

Let me know, what would you do to enhance your beauty? Plastic surgery? or Other gimmicks that promise to deliver results? (like me. lol!)

last paper on Monday but I feel like I'm already on my holidays =.= 
procrastination is a serious disease :(