November 21, 2012

[BEAUTY]: Hair Removal

Ever felt conscious or insecure about the hairs on your body?

Or have hairy arms and legs that you just can't stand but feel too afraid to shave it?

There's always this myth about how the hair gets thicker, or how you'd actually grow out more hairs by shaving but that is absolutely NOT TRUE.

The amount of hairs you have on your arms or legs or any parts of your body, it's all down to the number of pores or hair follicles that you genetically possess.. Shaving does NOT miraculously cause your skin to grow more pores or stimulate more hair follicles to pop up under your skin.

The reason why people have come up with that thought or have chosen to believe that it's true is because of the way the hair follicles grow back after shaving. The reason why it seems thicker or fuller is because, when you shave, the hair follicles are cut bluntly across, leaving the tip of your hair follicle to be flat and hence when it grows out, it tends to feel thicker and fuller.

Hair follicles originally and naturally grow out with the tips being sharp and fine, you know like those we always see being portrayed in hair advertisements? And that's why it doesn't look as prominent as after it's been shaved off and grown back out.

Therefore, the solution to this if you do NOT want to shave, is to either wax or a less painful and less messy way, by using an EPILATOR.

I bought this waaaaay back when Target was having a sale and got it just for the fun of it. Used it once and never again because I just got lazy and my arms were always covered anyway by the amount of layers I'd have to wear over the winter periods to keep warm..

But, now, however, since it's getting much warmer and my arms and legs get to see more sunlight, I decided to use it again. haha! The pain I must admit it's rather painful but nothing you can't bear.
Beauty knows no pain! 
Remember that phrase whenever you're doing something to make yourself look better, the pain will INSTANTLY decrease by alot. haha.

So, the way an epilator works, its sort of like having hundres of tweezers plucking out the hair follicles right from the roots! At the same time! So it's not cutting or shaving it bluntly flat across the top of the hair, but it actually holds and grabs onto your hair follicles and removes it from the root! So you'd get a clean, smooth finish and longer, lasting results.

And because it is pulled out from the roots, the hair would grow back out as it would have naturally, with the tips being sharp and fine, instead of growing out blunt. Here's a before and after shot..

WARNING: I have really hairy arms.. T_T

Clean, smooth arms :D

If you are used to plucking your eyebrows or moustache (yes I do pluck my moustache, no shame there) or threading, I'm pretty sure you can stand the pain level of using the epilator. For newbies, just test out small areas first to assess the level of pain you can stand. If it is too much to bear for you, then just opt for waxing or shaving.

FYI!!! Epilators are produced for different functions. The one that I have which is the Braun Silk Epil 1 can only be used on the arms, legs, body and NOT on the underarms or your bikini line.. There are other models out there that specialise in that area. So PLEASE read your user's manual carefully and make sure the epilator is ONLY USED on the areas that it is specified for..

So, how do you remove unwanted hair? Do you just leave them be or have other methods of removing hair? Let me know :)