November 7, 2012

[LIFESTYLE]: Rainbow Karaoke Night

Officially finished my first paper for this semester. Marketing Management! I think I did fairly well :D I could answer the questions and hopefully my writing is readable and I manage to get down as much points as needed to score my H1!!

Taking a break before tackling two more papers next week and so here I am updating my blog. Watched newly re-elected President Barack Obama's speech LIVE! just now and OMG! I was sooo excited I don't even know why.. I just loved how he delivered his Thank You speech with such confidence and power in his voice. It's no wonder he won again :D Serving his 2nd term. Amazing stuff! "Four more years." 

It's been exactly a week since another 2 of my good friends left Melbourne :( Although they did say they were coming back, but it wasn't definite! One by one, my friends are slowly leaving me. Now I wish I had just stuck with my Architecture undergrad degree and go find work instead of pursuing this Masters in Marketing. But on the other hand, I'm absolutely having an amazing time with my course and loving every bit of it and this is what I can actually see myself doing down the road, long-term!

So anyways, here's just a couple of snaps of the group before Yinn and Ashley flew back home to Malaysia :( Miss them already..

Headed over to Rainbow Karaoke to have like our final Karaoke session before they flew off, and also to hand our belated birthday present to Kelly :D

Gorgeous Kelly!

Tory Burch bangle and earrings :D 

YINN and I
I love blurry pics, haha cuz I look better in all the bluriness glory :D 
Miss this little ball of fire. HAHAHA! her hot-headedness (in a really cute & hilarious way),
her rants, her complaints and her won't-take-your-crap attitude, all that adds to her charm and 
exceptionally bubbly and adorable personality. haha please come back to Melbourne!! 

Randy and HuaYu
(the remaining guys in our group..lolz! & Jayson too, but he's too busy trying to
take over the world to come out. LOLZ! I keed, I keed :D)

The first friend I made in Trinity, and friends till now :D
haha gawd I love this girl from all her bimboness (it runs in our entire circle of friends),
to her fiesty strong character, and straight down to her gorgeous LONG LEGS!!!
IMY :( 

Yinn is too chio, so thank god for me it's all blurred! hahaha :D

hahaha what I always and really am, HUNGRY!
lolz :D

Pushing all these emo-moments aside, I'm working on a new "project" on my hair. LOLZ! I've decided to go back to my dip-dyed trend! wahahahaha! I will do a post on my history of hair color next. I'm known amongst my friends as a notorious hair-color-changing freak, with my color changing to as many as 2times in 3days. LOLZ! The amount of damage my hair has taken, and still surviving till now is a wonder and surprise to all my friends, and even to me :D But i'm super grateful my hair isn't like dying and falling off, it's still relatively healthy and still growing long! The only reason why I dyed my hair back to being normal-colored is because of the of job interviews that I was attending for and obviously to look professional, I couldn't keep my hair color :( And I miss it sooo much! 

Anyways, stay tuned to find out what my hair color will be next :D

And as always, once more I'd like to thank everyone who has watched and subscribed to my YouTube channel and videos! I'm truly grateful and thankful for all the support I've received and suggestions thrown at me for new upcoming videos :D I'm just blown away and loving every minute of this attention I'm getting. Be it full of love, or laughter or critically judging my videos, I'm still grateful and loving it :) Thank you so much! 

Till next time, 
Goodnight Beautifuls!