October 16, 2012

My Mid-Sem Break Part 2! :)

Continuation from my previous post...

The next best thing being back hom apart from having my family with me, is getting to meet up with my BFF! Everytime I'm back in Melbourne, I wish and wish and wish she would be with me too. It's always great to have her around, no one understands me better than she does, maybe apart from my sister. Met up with her close friends too and I'm happy to know that they're really awesome and nice!


The very next day upon arriving back home, I headed into Singapore to find my babe! :D Tonnes of gossips and news to update each other on. haha! I'm sooo amazed by her hectic work schedule and super eventful lifestyle! I'm like so lifeless and boring :( Haha it was awesome to hear her stories. shared tonnes of laughter and she brought me to soo many events in JB. I could never imagine JB being that happening or eventful. I couldn't believe how much it has changed since the last time I was back home. 

JB recently opened their new club which is probably the hippest and most happening club now called Aruku @ The Walk Plaza Sentosa. I've seen so many of my friends tagged in that club with photos being tagged and popping up all over my facebook feed. I also heard it's pretty expensive to get in, so thanks to her, I too get to go in. haha! 

Pictures taken at 8Lido before I headed home to change and get ready for the Heineken Event @ Lost Malaya. KitYan had a few invite passes and brought me along with her :) Told you she's super happening! haha.

Me, KitYan and Halin

The official photo taken and can be found on Heineken's official Facebook page. Grabbed this off Facebook. Thanks to KitYan and Halin that I was able to experience this back in JB. I was pretty amazed at how well they actually organized the event. I never would have expected something so cool to happen in JB. It was an open-aired event with really cool dj-sets and lightings and everything was just cool. 


After the event, we headed off to Aruku@Plaza Sentosa where we joined her friends who were celebrating HuiHui's birthday :) Awesome and really fun bunch of friends. haha! Gangnam styled played multiple times in the club. Was pretty funny. hahaha

JiaJia, Me and PeiWen

Eve Me and KitYan!

The bunch! :D

The only downside to Aruku is, apart from the fact that people are smoking indoors, is the fact that cameras aren't allowed! T_T so all I had was my shitty iPhone camera which doesn't actually take fantastic shots under extremely low light conditions..so yea, I do apologize for extremely shitty quality photos. 

Then there are days where I just hang out with my Momsy, heading to our face yumcha places and then just lounging around at home. It was awesome too that my brother had to take care of his and his girlfriend's dog, Marshmallow (we call her Mallow though) who stayed in our house! I'm pretty highly allergic to dogs, but thank god my brother bathes her (Mallow) every 2 days. And plus it's a toy poodle, which is hypoallergnic so yeah, i didn't get that much of an allergic reaction to her. She is friggin' cute and obedient! I miss her sooo much! 

Lighting in my brother's room is too good to not take an obligatory selca :D 

 *Note: the difference in picture quality, all the "noisy" ones are from my iPhone and the super clear ones are from my Sony Nex F3, I didn't have the camera till the 2nd week I was back home, hence all the blur pictures still..Should have got the camera sooner :( anyways...

More shitty quality pictures from here... I think I'm gonna have to have a part 3! I still have so many photos to talk about that I'm too lazy to elaborate now. I'm supposed to be dyeing my hair but...lol!


Lynn, KitYan and Me :)

Lydia, KitYan, Lynn 


The next weekend, we headed over to Aruku yet again for another friend's birthday. LOL! I told you, Aruku is really popular and hip. I saw so many of my high school friends there it almost felt like a high school reunion. lolz! Am super grateful to my babe for always sending me home and ensuring that I get home safe cuz she knows my family is like super protective and strict. lol! she definitely doesn't want to hear from Mr. Alan, no no. haha! Love her to bits! haha :D

During weekdays, when I am lifeless again cuz KitYan will be working in Singapore, I like to hang out in the office with my Momsy. haha! I tend to help her get some work done, but I'm not really that helpful anyways so I just take tonnes of selca cuz amazingly, her room gets really good lighting. :)


Super glad when this arrived in my mail. My double eyelid tape that I've seen alot of famous bloggers like Chuckei and Nana use or have featured on their blogs. The Amour Double Eyelid Tape. What's amazing about this is that it is DOUBLE-SIDED!! So it sticks really well and this is by far the ONLY eyelid tape that can actually hold my double eyelid. The rest just makes my fold even smaller or it doesn't last the whole day. Plus it is so invisible that you don't even notice that I'm wearing it. I LOVE IT!

You can't see the double eyelid tape, can you?

The last night I could meet up with KitYan before I crazily went to queue up for BigBang (that will be in another entry), we headed for a karaoke session :)

Lydia, KitYan and Me.

JiaJia and me :)

JiaJia, Lynn and Me

Miss my babe loadsss**