October 12, 2012

My Mid-Break in Malaysia :) Pt 1

Had my mid-semester break few weeks ago and decided to head back to Malaysia. Bought my tickets waay before I got my job at Hilton, so I was super psyched and lucky that my supervisor was kind enough to let me get my "annual leave" straight away! LOL! I only started working there for I think about 2weeks, and I took all of my annual leave.. hahaha.. I'm so blessed to have such an amazing workplace and supervisor :D Do visit me if you're ever near Hilton South Wharf. It's directly beside DFO South Wharf.. I'm working as a Hostess at the Sotano Wine & Tapas Bar.

Headed back to Malaysia for a total of 18 days, managed to get 3weekends out of my 2weeks break :) Helps that I don't have classes on Fridays and Mondays too. It felt sooo good to be back home! Away from all the stresses of uni and just being really homesick. Although I seriously hate the weather back home, I just missed my family and my house so much! Back to the days where I DON'T have to constantly pick up after myself, where I don't have to do my own laundry.. lol! And finally, HOME COOKED FOOD!!

Blogged about my trip up to KL in my previous post, which you can read again here. I'm sooo happy and grateful for being so loved by my mom! She bought me my new camera! The Sony Nex F3!! I cannot believe how lucky and blessed I am :D Have been using it eversince and I have NO REGRETS at all in getting this camera. It takes such beautiful shots even under low light conditions, plus the functionality and color of the photos are just so beautiful! Little to no editing needed to be done to any of my photos :)) I do tend to prefer adjusting my exposure maybe a little toooo high, hence some photos may appear too bright! lol! I will decrease my exposure from now after some solid professional advice from HuaYu.

heh! exposure cranked up too high. I look like I'm in Heaven! All white and bright. lol!  

At Marriot Hotel Kuala Lumpur 


Me with my favourite plate of Kon Lo Mee! From JB's famous Ho Seng Kee!
they're well known and I would say almost every JB person would know this place.

My family and I then went into Singapore to stay for a couple of nights to enjoy the Formula One Grand Prix. We were lucky enough to be able to join the Ferrari Association Club Malaysia to experience the race with. We weren't as lucky as the Ferrari Association Club Singapore where they actually got to go down to the tracks, we Malaysians got to see it from our hotel room. We were booked into the Marina Mandarin hotel located just beside the track. They booked out 5rooms overlooking the race track just for us to view. Couldn't get to see the starting/pit area, but our view was pretty neat, cuz the sharp turn was where we were viewing. haha so in a way, lucky us still :D

I need to tone down on my bronzer =.=

The new Ferrari F12 I think..On display at the Marina Bay Sands

Me and my brother :D

I loveeee my camera!!! It made the scones look soo delicious, when in fact it actually tastes like shit!

My two awesome brothers :)

Pops and Momsy

Love and miss my family so much right now :( 

Part of our view. The cars were really just toooo fast! This was one of the better shots. 

We stayed in Singapore for 3days, 2nights. The next morning on the 2nd day, we headed over to have lunch with the Singapore Ferrari Association. Here you can see the huge parking lot just filled with Ferraris and their owners. Seriously I have never seen that many Ferraris in my life! Imagine how much that whole area was worth! Mind-blowing!

At night, the Finals starts..

It was truly the most exciting experience ever. I used to watch these F1 races together with my dad as I was growing up. But eversince I moved to Melbourne, I rarely watch them and have slowly gone out of touch completely. However, watching it live, hearing the sounds of the cars as they whisk by is just seriously such a wonderful experience. The sound is soo loud and piercing you need to have ear plugs in otherwise you can't take it. I stood there without ear plugs for maybe about 10minutes and my ears were starting to hurt.. That is seriously how loud they were. I took a video of parts of the qualifying race. I'll try to upload it here. But, nothing beats watching and listening to race live! I definitely am gonna go back and enjoy F1 again in Singapore next time if I get the chance :D 

This is a rather lengthy post and it's already 2:20AM! I'm gonna head off to bed now and continue this in another post :D Goodnight!

|| I tried uploading the video, but it caused my whole server to crash.. lol! I'll try again another day.. goodnight peeps :) ||